Monday, December 28, 2009

Hoho! Merry Chritsmas!

* been times. yeah.. didnt updated my blog. At times, i forgot that i own one -_- Anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!! Let's be merry no matter how you celebrate it - whether it's big one or just family - Merry Christmas!!

My sister ordered me the Eclipse & Breaking Dawn [Twilight Saga III & IV] books for chrismas! Yes, we fought alot - but geeez, i started to think of treating her more nicely after this. Dudududu i know im the last person to have these books - but who cares ya. As long i own them. dudududu :P

and my dear bought me a Sony Music Player which ive been wanting for years. ahaha yes, years. Poor little girl that i cannot afford it myself. When he said ' the thing is orange in colour '.. I expected it to be toys or dress or any orange can represent for. hehe but Im soooo glad it's the MP :D

We have a little christmas party at home - it's emm.. nice but something really bad happen in the midnight.. i seriously dont think alcohol is the perfect drink during christmas.

Anyway, Merry Christmas again :D
til then, take care.