Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

Geez, how time flies.
It is already 24th, a day before Christmas Day. Normally, at this hour, my cousins, sister & 1 would spend times together, decorating the house, cleaning the front door - dusk were everywhere - and cam whore! but not this year, Daddy had retired and we moved to a temporary gov house now. Guess it will takes quite awhile to wait for the house to finally rebuild. So, we will stay at kk only. I miss those days :( Raining in December has been a favorite for ages.

I wanna experience SNOW! but hopefully, some day.

Anyway, some things have changed since i am a mother now. More commitments, more responsibilities, more to think and more to experience. 2014 has been a great journey for me. Thank God, Our little company has slowly grown & earned more. Husby really did work hard. Our kids makes the journey more worth to ride, i learn alot from them indeed. How i see the world through their eyes & how they see things differently. you see, i cant described it in words and you'll only get what i means if you become a parent yourself :)

what else 2014?
Experienced winter in Hong Kong :D Im so in love with the place. I am making my second plan to visit HK again. but this time, im tagging my kids along. Traveled to kl & Kuching with my family in law. Of course, my kids enjoyed it d most more than mummy did. Anddd for the first time, i got to see the real maple foliage right in front my eyes! and it's in JAPAN. It was so amazingly beautiful. I am more than in love with Kyoto. Luckily, we survived in japan. Eventho we had a difficult in communication esp asking for direction :p And i got advanced birthday giftss, loveeee everything he surprised me esp the iphone6+ :)

alright, im signing off now.
i will see you again xx

Thursday, November 27, 2014


Ohaiyo gozaimas! Ogenki desuka?
Justtt came back from d land of d rising sun and we are so in love wt the place. I am surely going to blog it soon, i wished i still have my laptop (of which i havent used for quite some times and causing it to merely broken) writing would be awesome with it to be straight.

Anywayyyy, i unofficially a nano white user now. I just bought the trial set, hoping it could give me some changes on my face - aging is never an easy job. I would write a review.

Alright. Guess i'll be seeing you guys anytime soon.
Cheers xx 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Maigaddd. 6 more days and it's going to be October. Yes. October. The last three months before we bid goodbye to this year. Time flies, indeed. I am so excited counting the days actually. For november and of course, december.

As for october, my baby son is going to turn 1 this coming 11th. I know right? It felt like yesterday i gave him birth. Cepat masa berjalan. Or, berlalu. In a blink of an eye, he finally learn how to walk & hampas2 bdn d katil suda (he grown alot)

For november itself, i'll be backpacking over the sea with my buddies for d 2nd time. (Last time was in Kuching) we always wanted to be on d same plane together, this time it's going to take us for more than a week together & yes, We are so looking foward for it. We are going to experience Ryokan & Kimono!! The ryokan i choose is in d heart of Gion, the traditional place of Kyoto. basically it is a place where u can see many of Geisha and Maiko strolling around. ☺😊 i need to work harder on learning their train system. Gambate! 

& december. Everybody loves december. But i havent plan my leave yet. Grr. Family n i planning for gathering &  exchanging gifts and all. It has been a family tradition to buy gifts on december. Excited.

Alright. I am going to stop by now but surely will be back soon. Cheers! Xx

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


The world was terribly shocked by d crashing mh17. Sadly it was shot down killing everyone inside d plane :( it took me awhile to believe. I had to refrain myself a sec until d news was all over d papers & medias.

I look through d name list and its such a heartache. So many families. Some even travelled wt d whole family and now only names & memories remain. & theres Babies too :( hope those angels didnt feel d pain during d crashed. My sincere deepest condolences to d affected families & friends. It must be harder. The pain & lost they have to bear. But please stay strong.

My symphaty to malaysia airlines. Ive travelled wt u guys for d countless times and still, you are d best. Sorry for having another hard time. But again, pls stay strong.

Rest in peace mh17 ( and everyone on board)
Our prayers and thoughts are always with you.
Sleep well.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Life is full of surprise.

Indeed... indeed
I remembered few years ago (so many years ago to be exact) dr ravi discovered that a small lump was found on 'me' (to be general) with d medications and everything, thank God that dr confirmed i was healthy and okay.

Now. After having a severe headache (and thing this and that) dr edmund suggested i should take a blood test which i did. The result was out and.... one good news. One bad news. Haha so d good news is, i dont have a serious cardiac problem. Only a slightly loose. :) D bad news is.. jeng jeng jeng! Haha

For now, dr gave me pills for 30 days. Which i need to take every day and we'll take another test to see if everything's back to normal after a month. Hopefully la. But im trying to positive. It's not that bad anyhow. Be positive!

And only after that we can decide if i need to go to SMC or not.

Thats it. Lets just pray and wish for d best. Shall we? Cheers!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Gone but not forgotten

we were saddened by the news of my uncle's passing last month. it was truly a heartbreaking moment for everybody who knows my uncle well, too bad i wasnt able to be there to pay my last respect for him :( He's such a great and down to earth man. It's a heartache to see my mum's tears when we had a conversation about him.. it must be even harder for my aunty and cousins going through now, but please be strong! Our prayers and thoughts are always be with you guys. Time will heal. Insyallah.

He may be forever (earthly) gone but i know he's in Allah's good hands now. Sleep well uncle. We all missed you so much. 



God's gift - 14 days

Ive been addicted to Korean dramas for ages. (and my mum too) ESP KIM TAN. YES. KIM TAN. This is my current fav (apart of the Goddess of Marriage) I can relate myself to this maybe because i am a mother already.

To every mummies here : HIGH FIVE.
You should watch this.

Friday, March 7, 2014


I wanted to post about d day 3rd in hong kong but i still cant find any times. As works in d office get a bit busier these days. Plus, with all the activities we need to attend, and course.  Some times i think no one really care about d stuff i shared here anyway, Yet, it's d only way for me to express things i feel or seen. Some things are better to be shared with words than talking. It's going to be almost 4 years i resides in sandakan, which i had never expected before ;) God's plan can be a bit tricky i must say. With d road ahead, we'll never get to expect what is going to happen.

I read this somewhere before
"If u see a dead end ahead, remember there is hope in d corner"

Yes. Hope is a magical word and feeling. If we get lost, whatever d situation it is, hope indeed is a very good buddy to help us get through d day, or days :) if there is hope, there is will. D question is, how long can we keep on hoping?

I have to live with it.
I hope d road im taking now is leading me to d right path...

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Day 2 - Winter In DISNEYLANDDD

"If you can dream it, You can Do It" - Walt Disney


The fact is, the main reason we choose HK is to bring my dearly Son to Disneyland. But too bad the plan changed last minute huhu

Day second, the weather was quite nice because it didnt rained. It's still 7'c. I woke up excitedly because of Disneyland, but husby was too lazy to get up from the bed. He barely cannot stand the cold. Spring or Autumn should be okay with him but not Winter i guess hehe It's so easy to go to Disney from Tsuen Wan. all u have to do is to understand the MTR Map, then you'll know where you're going. You'll never get lost. From Tsuen wan, we took a train to Lai King, changed to Sunny Bay, and finally, to Disneyland Line. We had purchased the entrance ticket earlier, back at home. But there's no special line for online purchaser anyhow, you still have to queue hoho. no worries, they have more than 6 counters, so the waiting line was much quicker than i thought (3 minutes, maybe) Ticket for two cost hkd900  (lebih kurang RM380) for kids below 3, the entrance fee is FREE!

I was over excited to meet all the Disney characters, the games, the songs, the souvenirs etc! Trus macam kanak-kanak riang haha Cinderella and Little Mermaid are my fav :) and they're so amazingly beautiful. i wish i could get close to them and took pictures but the line was just too long. Luckily we managed to catch the Disney Parade. Husby might probably saw my excited face that he help to squeeze myself in the crowd, and managed to be at the front line. Hehe

The Disneyland Resort Train

Cute Overloads!

The Disneyland Tickets
with my the father of my sons, love.

Souvenirs time! I had to buy the Disney bag pack to keep all the souvenirs we bought inside! hehe

Tanitian Terrace,  the Adventure land. the Halal Restaurant. 

Tarzan and JANE



Merry Go Round. Cinderella apa ni., lupa suda nama dia 

Mad Hatter
The Lion King Performance, Superb.


UNTIL NEXT TIME, DISNEY! we'll be back with the kids, soon =)

It was a tiring night, we stopped at Kwai Fong for awhile, before we headed back to Tsuen Wan.

 Good night :D

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day 1: Winter Blossom in Hong Kong

Officially backk to work already. How awesome it is if i can have more days off & spending d evening with d coldness :P  but naahh, as much as i wish for it, it's indeed felt really good to be home. Specifically, I miss my toddlers :) it's good to have my babies around n hugging them to sleep. Babies' smell are d sweetest  :) My son Rayyan supposed to be on board with us, but too bad d influenza (h1n1, h5n9, h7n9) occured at d wrong time :( we seek a doctor hours before we flew and he convinced us not to tag our baby along. Health is #1, for sure we dont want it to happen. Sooo, turned out d trip became a little honeymoon for us *blushing* haha reminiscing d good old times. Yes, HK trip was fun, since husby refused to have a tourist guide, we became one for ourselves d entire journey. I literally did some reading before we flew, u know, the must-see attractions, the HK yan, the weather, the public transportation etc. 

Normally, what i did before book d hotel; i must
1) Check d location
i have to make sure d place accessible to any transportation & its distance from d main attraction.

2) Read the guest's comments
Some times i spend nearly 1 hour just to read d guest's comments. U see, d information given by d hotel might be vary with d experienced guest. take note. 

3) wi fi for free
well, we're living in d world of technologies kunun. Hehehe 

We stayed at d Silka Far East Hotel located in d heart of Tsuen Wan. It's a 3 star hotel, which was just nice for us. If you're planning to spend most of your times at d hotel, then better hotel recommended. cause d room's quite smaller than i expected. Nether less, it was clean, comfy & strategic place. The MTR station is just 2 minutes walking from d hotel, few shopping malls around, a 7-e shop just next to it. so yes, it's just nice for us.

Day first, Feb 13th, we boarded d morning flight and touched down at 9.40am. I was wearing a light cardigan and jeans only, it was a bad choice! hoho we were greeted by d super duper cold weather! i swear to God my hands were all frozen -_-' Yes, seriously. haha U see, the forecast weather expected it to be around 17'c - 13'c, but it was 7'c. so so cold.  The wind makes it even colder! From d airport, we took an Airport Express cost hkd90 for two, took us 28 minutes to Tsing Yi Station. And from Tsing Yi, we headed to Lai King. And finally from Lai King to Tsuen Wan Station. Haha Reached hotel approx 2h30 minutes before check in time, but geez. thanks to d friendly & helpful staff, she gave us d room soon after we registered. *thumbs up* She prob saw my shaking hands, that she gave us two extra blankets. for free. Haha (no room heater provided, too bad)

After we changed to something warmer (and better), we headed to Tsim Sha Tsui, one of d MUST GO place in HK. It's a busy street, guess HK Yan really like to walk fast. You can find many Halal Restaurants here, it was harder to find at first but then it got easier once you got familiar with d place. It's like a magic, suddenly, so many halal restaurants popped in front of our eyes. haha klu cari susa jumpa, tia cari blambak muncul. kan? Food in hk were quite expensive, nasi beriyani cost hkd65 each (RM25+) and in fact, it was d cheapest we had tried. I even found one boutique that sold cheaper winter attires. Lucky caused one was just aint enough. (price range hkd129+) Next, we went to the Avenue Of Stars, Wall of fame. we were amazed by d view! eventho it was raining (makes d weather even more colder), it didnt stopped us from exploring d place! Gosh it was so beautiful, you can actually see d view of Hong Kong City, bet night would be more beautiful with d lights. perhaps,Next time, hopefully. There were many of chinese stars sign here, Jet Li, Andy Lau, Chow Yun Fatt, Jackie Chan, some of d unfamiliar names, oh they even had Michelle Yeoh's sign. It would be more perfect if they had Lee Min Ho's. huhu wait, he's a korean. 

From d Tsim Sha Tsui East, we went to Jordan, walking around then we headed to Mong Kok for d ladies market. You can bargain til d good price, TIPS: Bargain with lowest price. They'll never going to agree with d price but somehow, will came up with a good reasonable price. Hehe By 9pm, we're already at d hotel. Night was much colder 4.6'c .. T.T it is advisable to bring lots of foods from home. Winter makes you hungry every 1 hour haha heres some pics on our day first ;)

my #Dreamcatcher


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy first February guys. Kinda moody actually,

One, heard my buddy's dad passing this morning. Her family has been close to me for centuries and yes, it's such a heartbreaking to hear it. Rest in peace uncle :(

Two, i supposed to be in Ranau since yesterday of which, i am not. I miss home really bad. Husby had been busy with his programmes, he cant drive us home :(

Third, i might be carried away of all the songs in i miss home. I miss my mum & Dad, I miss meeting my sister n my buddies. I miss going shopping - no. Not online shopping ( the real reason why i received many parcels these days) 

Anyways. Good stuff to heal d days.
Passport renewal done. 
Rayyan's ticket done.
Assign hot seats done.
In flight meals done.
Accomodations done.
Winter jackets for husby me n son, checked.

:) baby carl is sleeping already (he's fall asleep in my arms while i was busy blogging) now mummy pun mau tidur juga haha

Til then. Adios

Thursday, January 16, 2014

2014 holiday.

It will be approx 3 weeks left before we go on holidays. I havent booked d hotel yet, every hotels are so pricey when you're looking at how tiny d room is. Im thinking of taking a ground service liasing with China Travel Agent but since husby said we can survive by our own hehe, i have to cancel wt d agent. Sorry miss morning zhou!

So d first thing im going to do is checking on the hotels. I have few hotels in mind but none give me d assurance how strategic the place is. U see, since we are bringing my baby son and we have to be so like amazing race team (only we dont run).

It's still winter in february. Days will be average 17'c and 12'c at night. It can even fall to 10'c most nights. I thought of going with only wearing shorts haha but nahhh, plan changed. I have to find a winter coat for myself, rayyan and husby. Then im going to buy more socks for Rayyan, i hope he can stand the cold! Org ranau ba juga kan. Haha

And next, planning on d itinerary. D main focus for this trip basically is just to go Disneyland and Madame Tussauds. So maybe i should just choose d hotel nearby. Hurm too much to think.

Til next post.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The second day of the year

Oh gosh. It was a super tiring day today. I did expect it would be this tired but, i cant stop from telling everybody im having a hectic day. I wonder ;

Why some people willing to wait in d crowd, for hours, just to update their passbook. Seriously. They can always do it later. It's not like d money will be gone missing somewhere if they didnt updated it. If they wanna do other transactions like withdrawal, saving or such, i get it. But just to update? I dont get it. Hehe Prob seeing the dividend (lots of div maybe) cures d pain of waiting. See, i cant stop telling how tired i was/am.

Anyway, im having a severe headache lately. The last time i checked, the doctor said
1) lack of rest (obviously. I have a 2 months baby)
2) eyes condition (i need to go check up again and re do my spectacle)

Lets see how long will it last.