Monday, December 31, 2012

well, ALOHA 2013!

 It's exactly 28 minutes before we bid goodbye to the awesome 2012! this year, i am just watching TV, eating mee soup, playing with my sunny son, chit chating with my husband, mum and dad.. no BBQ, no Fireworks, no Wain, no crazy bullshit talk, me and my two dearest loves are just watching TV waiting til the clock strikes 12! 

but i already sing them a New Year song since hours ago! 
Nothing really excites me actually, as long as i am with them, it's enough. complete enough. 

well, HAPPY NEWWWWW YEAR guys!!! wishing you a fabulous days ahead!

mummy rayyan
p/s: belum pun jam 12, mercun sana sini suda. ni kali lah!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tired Sunday

It's the last Sunday of the yearrr!! omg, how fast the time goes. there's sooooo many things happened in 2012! but, let's save the story for tomorrow. i still cant believed it's going to be another NEW year for us. 

ahaha! well, cheers to the days we have gone through so far. 

anyway, it's a super tiring day for us. for me, husby and my dearly sunny son. we went back to Sandakan flying with the earliest flight (7am) to attend my husband's aunt's wedding. (his mum's youngest sister) and flying back to kk yesterday (10pm). buddy Yana fetch us at the airport and went straightly to Upperstar untuk acara lepaking besar besaran. hehehe then, we called it a day exactly at 2am. luckily, my sunny son was sleeping the entire lepaking session. *hugs

we're going to shop later.
update again. 


Friday, December 28, 2012

I love gift, do you?

oh, i really love gifts. anything that wrapped nicely in a box, i seriously love them! =) we had a Christmas exchange gift last two weeks, i bought mine when i was in kl. with the hope, i could get something nicer this year. 

ahaha! but i love what ive get. u see, anything wrapped nicely wt a gift paper, i loveee it ! 

oh, i get a very nice kitchen stuff. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Festive Season

our Head of Branch was invited to a dinner at Four Points by Sheraton Hotel, but since she cannot make it, me and mike had to represent her.the theme and dress code both were executive & office attire. there we were, heading straight to the hotel after work. 

the food was okay. i only loves the prawn and beef, the rest need a little more touch.. esp the dessert.

we had the chance to chat with some of the people from big companies, and looooooking foward for a business dealing with them, i really need to increase my salary deduction's companies! Go ninie!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Now i know ..


my son looked at me this morning, as i was getting ready to work. assuming he understand, i said

'mummy need to go to work now ah, nt we play2 later ah..'
and he replied me wt his baby talk 'oooo'
'but mummy go back home late tonight, mummy need to go four points' 
he replied me again wt his baby talk. 

mcm betul dia faham ni. hehe

His Lunch vs mine

my encik suami tag me a photo with this caption; 

'B, mari makan.. hahaha'

TERsangatlah mintapuji wahai sang suami. 

Random thing happens everyday

well, just in case you wondering why i keep on posting, (kalau lah haha) i have plenty of time to do my own things now. why? basically ASB is closed now and yesss, so do my salary deductions scheme. i am just busy facebooking, blogging and downloading. so, yes, there'll be more post after this. haha

and i seriously love the fact that he's dating Rachel (Lea Michelle) in reality now =D

the break up episode Glee 4 hurts a bit, i admit. 

Found this!! 
it was yearssss ago when i was really SMALL (kecil la sgt!) when i was still at uitm. i really miss those moments. to get back that size, Neeeeed a trillion efforts! 

with Roses, ptot, zie and beat :)

next post!


it's the fruits' season! i ate alot oh when we're in Ranau last week, my dearest encik suami, breakfast durian, lunch durian, dinner durian. 

Thumbs up * haha 
 my mum call me just now, 

mum: tadi mami p beli durian d tmpt anty (lupa nama) 1 bakul RM13 ja o. kmu  dlu brapa tu
me: rm60 oh. 
mum: nantila mami bawa kmu p tmpt tu anty beli, kstau c boy. 
me: ba2, yala. next week blik kmi ari 4. 
mum: ok, love you. 
me: love you too. 

Durian againnnnn, haha 
we had the durian session at the office last two weeks, it was sponsored  100% from my boss. hehe 1 ofis bau gas lepas tu. ahaha! 

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Guns.

Friends and family in Newtown Connecticut, have been mourning the 20 Children and six adults killed by Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday Morning. Among the victims were 12 girls and 8 boys. 16 of the children were born in 2006 - they were 6 years old, four more were sevens. 

This is so sad, they were very young...

 'Three teachers murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School all died heroes trying to save their students from a gun man who they recognized as the son of the kindergarten teacher there (below, inserted picture, Adam Lanza the gun man) - New Street Times, Dec 16 2012 issue '

My deep sympathy and prayer goes to the family and those victims..


Easy Breezy =D

let's start this post wt a wideee smile! =D 
my big boss from KL visited us yesterday, he's in the happy mood, much happier actually than he was before. he said

'waa, sume muke cerie pagi ni.. ni mesti dah cek account'

haha! oh, boss! i love you. i love PNB. 

i received higher than last year, sooo...
i have several plans in mind of how im going to spend my bonus. 

1) settle my credit cards
* but i know i love them too much and i sincerely dont have the heart to cut them off even tho i can. i'll have the tendency to swipe them again, i know. so, im not going to settle them =P

2) charity
* just like last year, we have collected some amount to give to the old folks home here, and this time, we're donating to Gaza also. 

3) buying a new gadget
* but since its value is going to depreciate sooner, more and new model anytime will be gives me nothing in return but yes, maybe a temporary satisfaction, so i have to cancel buying it. im going to buy something which can gives a good return instead, like gold. 

4) saving
well, of course. 

5) a thanksgiving party
* of which going to be held this coming Saturday. 

6) Rayyan's stuff
*any thing for you, baby. 

and more furnitures for my house! hehe i have bought some kitchen furniture, a coffee table, a new shoes rack, bla bla.. oh, i need to buy Rayyan's new rack too. his clothes are getting more and more, and there's no more space left. hehe

okay. let's roll our next post. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

When we started the journey we were mere strangers but today we are the best friends who have shared many moments of life together. May we stay like this forever! Happy anniversary!

Happy belated Anniversary to my dearest bestfriend, encik suami, hubby and husband (to sum it all!) Thanks for everything you've done and still doing, i know we didnt start really well in the beginning.. im just really glad you've never give up on me and being with me all the time.. 

besala klu gaduh sikit2 kan. haha


and thanks for the gift! *Hug

cheers to the old days we have shared and the years that we’ll spend together.


Many of us merely forgot ..

This is so me. Like, seriously.

i cant resist the charms of theseee thing called FOOD.
i mean, who can? haha 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Knock Knock

i change my layout finally, it's running few more days before we bid the year to another year! A little freshen up, i think i havent blog for quite awhile, I am busy working, being a mum and a wife. sometimes, i wish i'll have extra cash to have a maid and do all the cleaning stuff! ahaha but Thank God, i have my dear husby helping me with all these stuff. *hug

Christmas is just around the corner! im loving all the trees' decoration, ive been dreaming of experience Christmas over seas. with all the snow, you know. still keep the dream now actually. One fine day ninie, one fine day... Sadly, we had to cancel our UK's tickets last minute due to the emergency case, which was a bit frustrating indeed but i believe, there'll be a perfect time soon.   hopefully, kna jackpot ka. haha! 

let's finger crossed. 

anyways, im going back to Sandakan tomorrow, but we're going to buy Durian for my MIL and colleagues. i  hope i can stand the smell along the way. hoho hey, if u a fan of Durian, do come to Pesta Durian in Ranau next week, 22th December. trust me, you wont regret it. 

off to bed now, til we meet again. 

As I count my blessings, I can't help but think of you. Thank you for the difference you have made in my life, dear Mother..

15th December, it's my dearest mum's birthday =) 
we just celebrate it simple, we bring my mum & dad to The Cottage Hotel for lunch, buying flowers after that.. waited my sister at home, she cooked fried chicken and crab chille, and what a birthday would be if there's no cake, right? 

Happy 53th birthday to you mum, 
the most wonderful person on earth, the prettiest, the best cooker, the sweetest and the best ! wish mummy a good health and a great days ahead. 

I Love you so so so so much!


Saturday, December 15, 2012


Happy triple 12 people!

Well, everbody is talking, tweeting, blogging and creeping about today!
but i am more excited about tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

It's going to be a monthsary for my son =D
It's going to be an anniversary for me and my encik suami on 14th :)


go tigers!

went for a short vacay wt my encik suami, rayyan dear and family in law last week. of course, shopping was really fun, i bought lots of kain for baju kurung (since im getting way fatter than before, so i desperately need new kurung), went out dating wt my husby, like the old days.. even tho the heavy traffic kills him, hehe and still, he's driving smartly... but the thing i like most about this vacay, was.. my encik suami bought me a HM Jersey and a ticket to watch them lively at Stadium Bukit Jalil. i am not really a fan of HM actually, not until i watched them against Indonesia last year..that's when the fond grew.

There were thousands of people wearing yellow and funny hairs. it was my  first time so i was really excited of what to expect, as we already knew, Malaysia won 2 over Indonesia. :)

here's us at the front seat!
*photo courtesy from page of Harimau Malaya

Sadly, they lose to Thailand last Thursday. as much as i feel disappointed to the team, i feel more disappoint of how the referee worked. He's a bias man! Boooo!

Still, go tigers! (in every thing they going to do lah!) hehe


Monday, December 10, 2012

tenny tent


My son in his new tent ;) he's loving it first but started to get tired few minutes later hehe it's already December!  My gosh, where all d times gone? anyway, we're going home this weekend, so excited. It's really been awhile :)