Tuesday, July 22, 2014


The world was terribly shocked by d crashing mh17. Sadly it was shot down killing everyone inside d plane :( it took me awhile to believe. I had to refrain myself a sec until d news was all over d papers & medias.

I look through d name list and its such a heartache. So many families. Some even travelled wt d whole family and now only names & memories remain. & theres Babies too :( hope those angels didnt feel d pain during d crashed. My sincere deepest condolences to d affected families & friends. It must be harder. The pain & lost they have to bear. But please stay strong.

My symphaty to malaysia airlines. Ive travelled wt u guys for d countless times and still, you are d best. Sorry for having another hard time. But again, pls stay strong.

Rest in peace mh17 ( and everyone on board)
Our prayers and thoughts are always with you.
Sleep well.