Saturday, September 26, 2009

Should do this again sometimes.

Hello guys, Selamat Hari raya! im back from raya. You know what im thinking at this moment? i personally think that The government should gives Malaysia more holiday rather than just two days! I had to starts working on the 3rd day of raya and it's so not kwel! No, im not celerating raya but im talking on behalf. hehehe

Anyways, i was out for two days in row since thursday. It was absolutely fun!

Thursday's evening - Jane, Willie, Me, my Dd, Leenda, her Bf and Les went to Upperstar for some refreshment. hehe It's cool, i didnt get to see them most of the days, so it's totally awesome to have some times together. In fact, it's been like.. 2-3 months i havent meet them. Oh, willie! i havent meet him since last year! and it's so great to have him with us =) and we went home nearly 1am.

and i spotted this on the side, i knew it's been there for quite awhile, i even loves how they decorated the walls with few guitars.

ain't this unique?

well on Friday's evening, i planned to meet my friend, Grace since she'll be off to Kuching this sunday for her Bachelor. I promised her a day out so i called Bbey, Beat, Leenda, Ivy, Siah, Jane, Am, Andy to join us but only 6 people can make it. Still fun anyhow =) We first moved to Karaoke Box and then a G-Force Movie and Upperstar. again. hehe Upperstar is a great place for hanging out. We talked about the good old memories and have some laugh of it, i cant believe it's going to be 1 year since the last day i was in the campus. Time flies sooooooooo fast! Im glad it did, but sometimes i wish.. you know, like, there's a moment/point in your life that you wish the clock will just stop. right?

we went home sharply at 12 midnight.

oh, for your information, i gain another 2 Kg! that makes a total of 49 Kg! no, it's not normal but i hate diet! Im fat, and im okay with that... cheh! kunun la hehe

that's it for now, have a great day everyone =)


Friday, September 18, 2009

Raymes & Agnes' Engagement

History day for Raymes M. Atong & Agnes Samuil.
One hour and a half journey to Kota Belud, to witness these two lovely couple ex-change rings was awesome! I met Agnes for the first time at Dd's bro's wedding's reception. She was absolutely sweet and they made a perfect couple ^^

A ceremony wont complete without ACARA MAKAN!
The foods taste superb! i love the sweet + sour + spicyless Fish.
No exact date for the wedding yet, but hopefully soonest! so i can eat more of this fish! haha
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cinema ^^

I hope my Dd wont choose the Final Destination 4!!
*crossed fingers*

Engagement & Weddings

i joined my Dd and his family to Kota Belud and Kota Marudu yesterday. Phew! long journey but It was awesome to witness Raymes and Agnes engaged! Congratulations!! Will share the pictures sooner :)
anyway, me and my sister managed to catch the time to see Floyd & Amy's wedding situated at Malanggang Tamparuli, i hope i spell it right! last saturday..
They're so lovely!
George Lian entertained the guest with his latest song " Aiso Nogi " [ No more / Tiada Lagi ], and i fell in love with that song, it reminds me of my dad! Not the lyric, but George Lian himself, my dad into Dusun's song so much! and he loves singing it too. He have a great voice indeed :P hehe mesti mau puji bapa sendiri! hahaha
Congratulations to both of you!!
ooh, You can see part of the story in Daily Express dated 09.09.09, the second page if im not mistaken hehe Im proud of them!

here is the pictures of the flowers me and buddy Ujie decorated that i mentioned in the previous post.
It was my second try and i did it! altho they were evilly laughing at the first trial but i forgive them :P hahaha and Moi's Fiance cooked for us a delicious dinner! Licin ba piring!! hehe

Few more days before the wedding.. Time is ticking, yes. oh, im thinking of delivering a speech on that evening.. should be a surprised so she will burst into tears. haha jahat o.

well. guys.. Happy Holiday, selamat Hari Raya ^^

Monday, September 14, 2009

2 Weeks before the Wedding.

was at the bride-to-be's house last night, for the flowers, car's decoration and bridemaids' stuff. It was cool indeed, my bestfriend is getting married in about two weeks from now, such a happy feeling to me. It feels like yesterday when we were small, talking about guys and stuff like that.. we'll be walking with her in the altar, the promise will be fulfilled! hehe
" kalau salah satu dari antara kita kawin, mesti yang len jadi pengapit! "
Oh, and i decorated one basket of flowers for the kids to bring, I din realized im good at it :P hahaha sikit la! hehe Anyway, hope she'll have a blast on the day.
More things need to be settled up for her!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Final Destination

My colleagues and i went for a movie this evening and as a record, there was only 8 of us inside the theater! Our screaming echoed the entire spaces and we decided to move from a single seat to the Couple seats haha lots of empty spaces kan.

This is the summary of the FD 1..

Alex and a group of high school students take a flight to Paris for a French class trip. Before they set off, Alex has a premonition of the plane bursting into flames minutes after take off. He tells everyone to get off the ill-fated aircraft. Moments later in the departure lounge the student see the plane explode before their very eyes. Now the FBI thinks that Alex had something to do with it and follows his every move. His friends start to believe he had something to do with it also and slowly fade out of his life. But now, each one of his friends is mysteriously being killed by death itself. Alex is now trying to find out who is next in death´s list. But, unfortunately, "You Can´t Cheat Death".

and the plot goes almost the same from FD1 to FD 4.
I have seen all of these movies so far.

we cannot cheat death if the time has finally come, but i don't wanna end my life in a tragic way. but who us to predict kan? huhu Palis2!! The FD 4 was scary tho! at certain scenes, i looked away, closed my ears and SmSing my Bf and sister. haha Anyway, it worth watching. You should go watch it too but im not recommending it to Golongan Emas or Children. Sa yang muda pun sikit mau kena heart attack! :P

Looking foward for FD 5.

Cheers everyone. Good nite.

Reservation by God

I told you about the interview ya. I am still actually worried about it, I had a little thought of myself, practically cause I was acting more like It's okay attitude or maybe for some people, i seems to not take it seriously. As if the chance will comes everyday with a single finger's click. I do indeed but i guess it doesnt shows enough how eager i am? But well, the mind stops working when i read Connie's comment towards it.

well dont regret k...if it has been reserved for u (by God) then it sure be urs....

God..Sure He is, Sometimes i tend to forget God's existence in every-day-life. I missed to say thanks or a little prayer in the morning. Neglection is not what i was born as, but i choose it. It is not what i am destined for, but i did it somehow. It's a pretty shameful for me. He reserves places for me, In any homes i will be. I know, i wont be stranded alone.. and still, i repay Him nothing.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nervous? Inda juga.

09.09.09 - more than 100 couples in China get married on this day. i say, wow! if you watched the TV3 news, u can see they made a large red banner with chinese words on it and some even lined up to register. They dress casually. Mcm yang main-main kawin seja ni hehe Two of my colleagues pun MC since they have two separate wedding's receptions. siok kan.

Anyway, i went for an interview yesterday!!! honestly? I was BLANK! macam nda pernah datang interview ni. Even itu penolong pengarah noticed how blank i was, which is Embarrassing! He asked me:

" Kenapa ko ni? ko nervous ka? "

i goes, " emm iyaaa.........hehehe "

but i think the funniest among all of the questions, was when he asked me:

"Katakanlah ada menteri datang d tempat kau satu hari, apa persiapan yang patut kau buat? "

i goes, " cari maklumat, bla bla bla bla bla" [ waa.. panjang! ]

He then said, " Okay, dan yang paling penting antara semua apa? "

Confidently i answered " Makan - Makan! "

wth. makan-makan? the interviewers laughed as you can expected. And they continued asking this,

Them : " Berapa Jumlah Parlimen di Sabah? "

Me: " Okay.. Parlimen?.. setahu sa, setiap daerah ada parlimen.. Ranau satu, Kota Belud satu.."

Them: " bagi sa jumlah ya, bukan dimana "

Me: " em.. "

Them: " Tia tau? "

Me: " bukan tia tau.. tapi tiada exact number "

Them: " ??.. tia tau la tu.."

Them: " semua ada 25 parlimen.."

Me: " oo.. 25 ka semua? "

Them: .............................

ok, baiklah. i understand haha.. uhh when i refreshed back the session, im ashamed. I should have answered better. I did take it seriously but i guess it wasnt good enough? Still have times and hoping i will get a good news from them. Or a second Interview?

huhu arap2 semua okay. well, that's it. will blogging again later. chow

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The man and His wife.

Happy Saturday =) times fly so fast, right? It's nearly end of the year already. Anyway, i want to share with you guys about this annoying story! Where do i starts?.. haha Okay.. Let me introduce you to the persons involved first, ya.

Sabri: Driver cum officeboy
Nina : Driver's wife.
*Samantha : Driver's officemate
*David : Samantha & My Officemate.
Me : The Driver's and & Samantha's Officemate.
Location : Wisma Merdeka, 9th Floor.

Okay, so.. how do i begin.. Well, we all aware of what driver's responsibilities right? Sabri done a great job actually, he will do the job right away once we asked him to. but the problem is, his wife, Nina cant sits calmly watching his husband doing his work! so, instead of staying at home, taking care of their children, she will wandering around EVERYDAY here in Wisma Merdeka. She call her husband every 5 minutes ( seriously! ), asking where he was AND when Sabri apart from her opr didnt answer her phone, for like, 10 minutes, she accused him for having an affair! Trust me, we can cleary hear Nina's voice through Sabri's phone even though he's 90 metres away from us.

well, Samantha used to go back home with our boss, drive by Sabri since the distance between Samantha's and our boss' house not too far.

So, One day, Nina came to the office and starts asking lots of questions to Samantha. I knew Samantha pretty well even though we've known each other only for 8 months. I am really sure she have no other relationship with Sabri but Colleague. well, Nina starts to SMS Samantha everyday, even at 3 am in the morning.. just to threaten her. No matter how Samantha tried denying the accusation, Nina wont believe.

Then, Nina started to SMS and calling our boss too!! she asked my boss " kenapa suruh2 laki aku buat kerja! " .. Nonsense right?

This situation lasted for 5 months, when it became worst last Thursday. The Boss was sick, so she was resting at home. Since she's not around, there's few urgent documents need to be signed by her. well, the boss asked Sabri to send Samantha with the documents to the boss' house. Without warning, Sabri's wife suddenly appeared right in front of the company's bus and started yelling to Samantha like a crazy people, the public gathered and looked at them. I think it's embarassing, esp when they're in the public. Nina, the sot woman, open the door and pointing her finger to Samantha - something like " awas ko! ".. My officemate, David went down to see them after Samantha sms him, and the woman ran away.

Minutes later, she called David, with so anger voice, yelling at him : sayin David purposedly ask Sabri to send Samantha so they can be together. wtf. I was mad myself too.. as i told you, the woman's voice can be heared so clearly from the distance! so, i called the woman back.

Me : hey, perempuan!

Her : Hei, ko sepa oo

Me : Oi, perempuan.. Ko ikut suka hati ko seja la kan mau marah2 orang.. ko ingat ko saturang ja
pandai mara ka, hei.. ko ingat c Sabri tu t'lampau hensem ka sampai ko tuduh2 orang begitu.

Her : aii.. kurang ajar, ko sepa. suka hati aku la. memang la sabri tu tia hensem, penagih lagi.. aku istri dia. suka hati aku la.

Me : Oi, ko jangan macam2 sana.. ko tuduh2 org seja karaja ko kan. woi, sa kasitau ko a. jangan ko pandai2 pigi marah2 c *samantha.. pigi sms dia awal pagi, ko ingat org tia mau tidur ka mcm ko. klu ko mau masi ada nasi setiap bulan, ko kasi biar seja sabri buat kerja.

Her : eeeii.. kurang ajar, siapa ni? ko ingat aku takut ko?

Me: hei perempuan, klu ko sibuk2 lagi pigi kacau kawan sa, sa cari ko. Settle d balai polis la klu berani, sa tanya ko, ko da IC ka?

Her : *diam*.. hei... aku da IC ba.

Me: Ya, crita d balai la.

and the rest? she just cant stop talking. 1 sa cakap, 10 dia cakap, funny thing, it cannot be understand. bukan mau busybody but she's my friend, she cried in front of me, so i should do something kan.. we already report to the police station, and see how it'll going la, hehe yes, it is normal for a wife to be jelous with her husband, i do have the same feeling. BUT kalau yang t'over sampai memalukan, it is not normal kan.. kesian my friend.

hehe.. will update again. thanks for reading. see you

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Farm Ville

" Love is the River of Life "
- Henry Ward Beecher
Love is beautiful, ain't it? =)
oh, currently im addicted to
But im new to this, so i missed few "strawberries " which i thought can be last for days haha and they dried before i had the chance to harvest! haha okay, at the moment im totally ran out of coins.. :P
well, that's it for now. Just a short entry.. hehe
Happy Thursday Everyone ^^ [ i mistaken today as wednesday! ] hehhee

God Bless Sabah! Cheers!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

31.08.09 Baby

i was truly SHOCKED to death last night! seriously!

Nasib teda sakit jantung. But im happy instead. It was weird to know your bestfriend giving a birth to a baby boy/girl without knowing she's pregnant! BESTFRIEND should know better. Im pretty sure she dont have any clue about the delivery also! or else, she would let us know. But i dunno.. The mother of two children, oh, now three children is hospitalized now. I tried to call her and the husband millions times, but failed.

Im so worried. I hope the baby and mother are fine.
Let's end this one with;

Life Is Good!