Monday, July 29, 2013


our thoughts are with Lea. 
Rest In Peace. 


Friday, July 26, 2013


Cory Monteith: 'Lea and I Are Dating'!

and just looked at him, the way he said they're dating together.
aww.. how cute :')

Tribute to the late dear Cory Monteith.

One of my favourite. One of the scene that makes me smile wt joy. 

Ah, how sad. really really sad. 

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” ― Mother Teresa

Feels like ages since the last time i blogged wt my lappy. i forgot how wide and cool d screen is, hoho anyway, lots of things happened the past few weeks.

1) Family Trip

i think i had post it before. yeah. i guess. haha im looking foward for another family trip, but just after i delivered. Husby once mentioned of going to Europe, visit here and there next March, but nothing has been booked, yet. im not sure if we're really going or not, but i would love to see all those places he mentioned. Hopefully, with God's will, financially physically mentally are all okay, we can go :)

And he's talking about China too.
i dunno. or, maybe we'll be just having a local trip, to Selingan Island, Desa Catle or, Mesilau.
Cuti-cuti malaysia.


A day after i returned from Langkawi, I saw my dearly buddy posted a pic of someone i truly admired, with REST IN PEACE caption. i couldnt believed it. i googled straightaway, looking for the exact news that our dearest Cory Monteith died. I am truly devastated. the fact is, i was literally tearing up. I know. I am such a huge fan of him. Ive been watching Glee since it first aired on TV, I love the fact that he's dating Lea Michele in reality. His dimple, smile, how he used to awkwardly dance, VOICE, everything.. we're all going to miss him.

Good one dies young.

Rest In Peace Cory. I love you. We all love you.
Pray for Lea.


Yes. it's been days since he's gone. and i cant stop google looking for his news.


Monday, July 8, 2013

For d hundred times, age is just a number.

Happy belated birthday to meeee!! Hehe thank God for making me alive, still, to this moment. I thank God for everything.. for d blessing, my family, my job,  everything.
Well on d day of I turned to 29 (too old. Age is just a number haha) husby sang a birthday song for me soon after I woke from sleep. He then asked our lil one to kiss me on d cheek saying it's mummy's birthday. Wt a confused face, Rayyan did what daddy told him to do. Haha *hugs
At d office, well nothing much happened earlier. No one wished. No one. Basically no one. Haha but Im okay wt that, they might be not knowing or forgotten about it. I did heard they whispered to each other but naahh, didnt bother about it. But after d clock strikes to 4 pm +, someone came in wt a hugeee bouquet of flowers on her hand. And they sang a birthday song for me.  Awww... I was truly shocked. Haha didnt expect it at all. I was really touched. 29 roses altogether. They even requested it to be wrapped wt pink cause they know I love pink. They shouldn't have to. I was touched. Thank you guys. *hugs
Soo, d evening. Husby brought us to dinner at my fav seafood restaurant. He let me ordered everything I wanted to eat of which I did haha.. but I guess my lil one enjoyed d meal more than I did. Haha hes a food monster u see, just like his mum. So husby bought me a chocolate cheese cake And sang a birthday song, again, for me. I enjoyed d entire evening. Thanks dear. *hugs* He already gave a birthday gift in advanced, when we're on our vacay. A levis jeans and a cr handbag (my bro choose it!)
D next morning, my sis in law baked a choco moist cake for my belated birthday. We went to my mil's house and was surprised to see d cake. Haha it taste yummy. Mil bought me a beautiful kain kurung.. aww.. I was really touched. :') *hugs
Too many to be thankful. I hope I can live a healthy life to accompany these wonderful persons as long as I can.
Thank you for all d birthday wishes. To my dearest mum, who called me to wish. I missssss herrr!! All d wishes in fb, whatsup, wechat (d accountancy group!) , text.. thank you!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 3rd

I love today's date. Just because ^^


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's july baby.

Basic to d typical me. Back tooooooo work. Feel so sleepy. 7 days away was fabulous but being in d office on d first day after d gateway, is not really that cool. Sleepy. Haha

Husby brought us, me n rayyan for a leisure at d island, somewhere not far from here. I had sleepless nights, went to bed around 3am something and got up early birds d next morning.. a preggy woman like me supposed to have enough sleep but days just went too great and I cant let it slip away wt dreaming. When I can dream back at home ;)

A short post today. Xoxo