Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Maigaddd. 6 more days and it's going to be October. Yes. October. The last three months before we bid goodbye to this year. Time flies, indeed. I am so excited counting the days actually. For november and of course, december.

As for october, my baby son is going to turn 1 this coming 11th. I know right? It felt like yesterday i gave him birth. Cepat masa berjalan. Or, berlalu. In a blink of an eye, he finally learn how to walk & hampas2 bdn d katil suda (he grown alot)

For november itself, i'll be backpacking over the sea with my buddies for d 2nd time. (Last time was in Kuching) we always wanted to be on d same plane together, this time it's going to take us for more than a week together & yes, We are so looking foward for it. We are going to experience Ryokan & Kimono!! The ryokan i choose is in d heart of Gion, the traditional place of Kyoto. basically it is a place where u can see many of Geisha and Maiko strolling around. ☺😊 i need to work harder on learning their train system. Gambate! 

& december. Everybody loves december. But i havent plan my leave yet. Grr. Family n i planning for gathering &  exchanging gifts and all. It has been a family tradition to buy gifts on december. Excited.

Alright. I am going to stop by now but surely will be back soon. Cheers! Xx