Thursday, January 16, 2014

2014 holiday.

It will be approx 3 weeks left before we go on holidays. I havent booked d hotel yet, every hotels are so pricey when you're looking at how tiny d room is. Im thinking of taking a ground service liasing with China Travel Agent but since husby said we can survive by our own hehe, i have to cancel wt d agent. Sorry miss morning zhou!

So d first thing im going to do is checking on the hotels. I have few hotels in mind but none give me d assurance how strategic the place is. U see, since we are bringing my baby son and we have to be so like amazing race team (only we dont run).

It's still winter in february. Days will be average 17'c and 12'c at night. It can even fall to 10'c most nights. I thought of going with only wearing shorts haha but nahhh, plan changed. I have to find a winter coat for myself, rayyan and husby. Then im going to buy more socks for Rayyan, i hope he can stand the cold! Org ranau ba juga kan. Haha

And next, planning on d itinerary. D main focus for this trip basically is just to go Disneyland and Madame Tussauds. So maybe i should just choose d hotel nearby. Hurm too much to think.

Til next post.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The second day of the year

Oh gosh. It was a super tiring day today. I did expect it would be this tired but, i cant stop from telling everybody im having a hectic day. I wonder ;

Why some people willing to wait in d crowd, for hours, just to update their passbook. Seriously. They can always do it later. It's not like d money will be gone missing somewhere if they didnt updated it. If they wanna do other transactions like withdrawal, saving or such, i get it. But just to update? I dont get it. Hehe Prob seeing the dividend (lots of div maybe) cures d pain of waiting. See, i cant stop telling how tired i was/am.

Anyway, im having a severe headache lately. The last time i checked, the doctor said
1) lack of rest (obviously. I have a 2 months baby)
2) eyes condition (i need to go check up again and re do my spectacle)

Lets see how long will it last.