Monday, January 23, 2012

Homemade Butter Cake

i finally learn how to bake! i know, after so many years! hahaha! 
the idea came when i bought this oven from my sister, and a new mixer .. and all the cake accessories. i have a new hobby =P

i present to you, the simple Homemade Butter Cake! :D

Sabah Vs Lion FC

Baru sa tau penyokong Sabah ganas2 oh! pantang btul tia maki2 ni ba. haha
Sabah lost to Singapore 0-1 but that's okay. 
do better next time! :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Caii!!!

Happy Chinese New Year guys!!!!
i had my first ang pow :D thanks Kak V! =D

Me & my dear went to kk yesterday to buy things2 la kunun, but we were caught at the traffic saloon for more than 3 hours. hair done and meni/padicure :) good thing was, my dear being soooooo sporting and did not even nag me a single word! he even got his nails done. hahaha! i was looking around in Roxy, Padini and Soda for a new purse and jacket, but found nothing :( tiaaada yg ngam o d hati. so sad, i only bought some magazines and office-wear things :(

we went to Likas Stadium for a football match! =D
but, will share it later :) so sleeeeeepy skrg. hehe


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I am a proud daughter :)

Congratulations Daddy!


The one that got away :')

You're my sunshine, my only sunshine..

Goooooood morning people!
it's Wednesday already, few more days before CNY =P
i useddd to be in the part of celebration, but nahh, time goes by. everybody moves on. 


haiyer,i really thought i can bring my new baby going back home oh! i have to wait after cny to really be with him. no, it's her. how cool is that? i can actually pick a gender for her!! so, my new baby OFFICIALLY is a girl =P Haha!! anyhoo, it's not just that! the colour i want also finish stock o. haiyer, so sad. Hopefully, Mr. Adee will brings a little sunshine for me today. with a great news, i hope. 

wake up feeling weird this feeling, 
How weird is that, to dream about your so-called first love? 
and he was on his knees proposing. 
wth. the memories dancing in my mind all over again. shit! 
the last time I heard, he's still single. 
Mimpi hanya mainan tidur, dont they say that? =P

ive been fixing my bb this morning. im so stressed out! 
i dont know what the shit has been going on, but i cant actually opened my bbm. 
since im addicted to this thing called bb, so yes. it effects my 90% mood. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kisah cinta kita di Jakarta III

it's a busy day at d office today, luckily, i am at the back office :P
it's an outdated story i wanna share here, it just comes across in my mind when im doing the calculation work. 

it's the continuous story from the Love of Jakarta
i booked a room through and the hotel looks amazing. you see, the bed, the flat screen tv and it had just been renovated. Oh, it's cheaper than any other hotels i found. it just few metres from the city, so, 

cool, right?

so, we arrived at the Sukarno International Airport around 8pm, took a taxi and went straightly to the Magnolia Hotel. 30 minutes passed, okay, it's traffic jammed, no worries, 1 hour passed, we started to ask the taxi driver if he really knew the place, 2 hours passed, my mum looked at me and said 'are you sure, it's Magnolia?' 

OMG! the hotel locates way too FAR from the city! we even got lost! and my oh my, you cant imagined how the traffic jam works in Jakarta. the road was heavily packed, fyi. Soooo, cari punya cari, almost 3 hours la, we reached the hotel. 

Honey, we have to always believe in 'Don't Judge the book by its cover'
sometimes, it can be worst than we expected it to be -_-

Firstly, the room. 
it looks totally different from the photo above. 
there's no window (sesak nafas!!haha)

secondly, the Bathroom. 
it HAS NO DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Seriously, it has no door!!! 
they just hang a short plastic cover on the door, but apparently it looks , weird. cause it short and makes no difference at all. i had to put our luggages at the door and switched the light off when i showered. 

man. it felt no cool at all!!

my mum keeps nagging at me, haha and we moved to a new hotel the next day. 
we went to the city, and found ARAMIS hotel, which 's nicer and cossy. 
we kept asking the front desk if the bathroom has door or no!
oh, and it located at the heart of the famous Mangga Square Mall. 


If u plan to visit Jakarta one day, try Aramis Hotel. the room included breakfast (so yummy!) and the staff were heavenly friendly :)



i know, right??

Monday, January 16, 2012

Everybody's favourite

Yay! finally, i feel likeeeeee macam d kiki. hehehe
Sandakan finally own one Big Apple's outlet. 

that was the 3rd day since they launched, and u can actually see how long the q was! :D

McD & Big Apple check! 
what's next?


New Chapter!

Oh, how i miss you, Blog!!!!!

my CELCOM broadband has been pretty shitty to me lately, in fact, it had just declared a war with me, No line at all baaa!! i even paid one month in advance, now even a single bar pun teda! cis! beladi pul!! naik darah o hari2 d ruma. waiting patiently depan monitor. huh!

tp here d ofis, full bar la :D 
jadi, okay sikit la. boleh laaaaa... 
my dear keep asking me to cut the line, but ..
see how. 

anyhooooooooooo, NEW YEAR!! 
happy new year guys!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have trillion of things to share here, but since i also have trillliiiiooon of works to do, i'll narrow it down :D

Oh, new year! how i celebrate it?
nothing much, just a party with my families. they drank too much downstairs and i just staring at the TV upstairs, chit chat with my bro and his gf, the next thing i knew, i heard a loud big boom and noises wishing everybody's new year. 

Oh, it's NEW YEAR already. 
my dear came at the door and wishing me new year. 
he enjoys the party more than i did. haha he even get a chance to taste the Tapai thing. 

this year should be good to me.
i just get an incremental pay!! which is awesome! thanks PNB <3
i just get a new baby. i am so addicted with my bb now. 
altho i only have few list in my bbm :P my dear insisted me to buy that instead of S Galaxy cause he's using it too! and murah lagi ba sikit dari S Galaxy note tu. hihi

and i am in the process of adopting another baby. no, it's not adopting. it's buying, i supposed. let's see if everything goes smoothly. 

Oh, i gained lots of Kilos this month. 
Saya sangat gemuk, sekian. 
i might consider dieting. 

i might ending the year with becoming Mrs? 

Happy new year again. 
cheers to the wonderful days to come. 
daaaa ~