Wednesday, June 15, 2016


so officially i am 36 weeks preggy already, of course the labour pain still (and always will) haunted me, but i cannot wait to see d mini version of me. i gained alot of weight already, i have a rudolph's nose & pimples all over my body (gosh, this hormone can be so stress sometimes), oh i walk like a penguin too haha 

yet, i havent found any names for my baby. i did but when it comes to her daddy's approval, sometimes we end it wt a little arguement. huhu 

finger crossed for my smooth delivery. hopefully everything will be just fine. 


Friday, May 20, 2016

Marriage advice

listing continue..

i need this.

working on it..


just done some tiles shopping yesterday. rambang mata, it's really hard to choose esp when husband said 'ok, choose which one u like for d kitchen' and i was like, omaigoshhhh i wantt all. i finally choose d white one but then it keeps appeared in my head, whether it would looks good or what. 

it is already takes me a hard time to choose the colour of a plastic bag so yes, u can imagined how hard it is for me to choose d tiles and d rest. 

d progress is okay so far. kitchen & upstairs 85% done, hopefully everything will be okay by d time i delivery my mini me. finger crossed.


oh my juicy avocado

Friday, March 4, 2016

Bicester Village

Insha allah ❤️

Friday, February 26, 2016


i still cant believed that i am actually browsing those airlines that offers the best tickets & i am actually going. 

still, so many preparations need to be made, since we are going on our own, no agents, no guides, hopefully we will make it. we survived (thank God) in Japan altho we got lost several times, but few months to go, i guess i have plenty of times reading blogs & tips. so wish me luck! haha

i will see you very soon my dream places ❤️

Thursday, February 25, 2016

woman vs man

it's so funny how different it is to be woman & man esp when it comes in simple thing. you see, if i asked him 
'whos driving when u get there?' 'where u guys stay?' & so d rest, that means i am so concern about u. but it turns out to be a different mean for him, basically what man thinks, is, annoying & why d hell u wanna ask too many question. like, seriously? 

if u ask me all those q, trust me, u make me be one happy lady in d world. cause it shows me u concern of where im going to stay, will i drive safe? 

but i think i just have to live wt that. most man are like that i guess. hoho 


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Food and Me

yes. it taste so yummy. u can just tell from its look. nyum. 

new generation

the rabbit grew up. 

Bring d local food in you.

what i had in d kitchen yesterday. happy tummy. happy me 

Time flies! 🎈

and it is already 2016! my, where d year have been? I miss blogging. it's reallllly been awhile, just updated my app & finally retrieved my password, so yes. im going to blog every sec of d way. 

tho, no one really read this anyway 😋

so basically how my 2016 have gone so far? life treated me good these days. hopefully i have to deal no more drama or bitches cause those really aint my way. i am just too old for that. but what can u say, some times they just popped without warning or sometimes, without reason at all. alright, back to how my life has been. i am conciving my 3rd baby at the moment, alhamdulillah. it is already going to be second trimester. Thankfully i suffered no more sickness, just those early trimester. and i lost few kilos. but just in 2 weeks, i gained 3 kilos 😂 Rayyan enrolled to Chinese kindergarten here in mile 8, but just after the cny 1 week school holiday, he refused to go already. i tried, i mean we all tried really hard to make him to go to school but all he did was giving 1000 excuses, crying & u know d rest. im bit dissapointed, sad & literally feel like a failed mummy. but husband said, let him. let him be. and it's not my fault. but u see, i still sometimes feel like a failed mummy to him. Oh rayyan, why u have to be so stubborn?

Carl, d other hand, loves to wear his bro's school things. the bag, the shoes, the uniforms. i reallllly hope he'll do okay in his kindergarten soon. by d way, he gained few kilos too after losing his weight to high fever.

alright. those for now. 
until next post, xoxo!