Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kotobian tadau do kaamatan




3 Years battling -

and it's worth.
it's something that i wont trade for anything:)

after the 3 years hardworking, stay up late so many nights, brain storming or any other ' brain-stresses' means, ive made it! never thought it'll be so emotional day for me, tho i shed no tears, i can felt the tears running thru my heart hehe

this is for my dad, mum, sister, brothers, hubby, buddies and ACD6A1 + ACD6A2 friends!!


Friday, May 22, 2009

Tick Tick Tick

im staring at the clock, for once,
i wish the tick will go faster than usual..


Thank God it's Friday!

The office seems a little bit quiet today, everyone busy with their works.
tho the schedule board is empty, at the moment.
no tour for the next few days.
we had just done the UK-Market tours.

everybody taking chances to Facebook-ing and Ym. hehe kerja juga tu kan..

but me, in the other hand, have to complete all my works before im going to my holiday.. and have to prepare all the things need to be done once im come back. my boss keep reminds me to do these things.. It's not like i'll be going away for months! The fact, They're not going to realize that im away from my desk for days hehe sepa la diriku ini.. hahaha

Anyway, since i forgot to bring my tapau today, i spend 15 minutes to think of where to lunch and how my money will slips away just like that. [ sepa suru tia bawa tapau? ] but thanks to bbey darl.. hehe she have this sixth sense to know that im going to be alone eating my lunch. hehe Her sms cheer me.

Bbey : Morning Ninie, mai p lunch sma2 nanti, mau?
Me : Mauuuuuuuuuu

with a single sms, I thank God for the whole day. haha

we'll be eating at Ang's Restaurant, Gaya Street. the always-busy chinese restaurant!

well, ladies and gentlemen.
have a great weekend!!
dont drive too fast ya! 120 will be enough :P

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's Not Right but it's okay

happy Thursday guys~
i havent eat my breakfast yet, but will going downstairs to find foods and spend 30 minutes loafing around ngeh ngeh ngeh.. anyway, my morning started very bad! the witch has come back and she almost ruined my mood, she should learn how to mind her manner and most of it, SHOULD ASK POLITELY before she embarrassed herself.
she came to approached me this morning ; cause i have seemly made a mistakes about the figure. I will surely admit IF it's my mistakes, Im just a human, human make mistakes and that's something we cannot change the fact. But to improve? yes, we can.
but it turned out the mistakes was done by her.
She shouldnt speak loudly to me cause it's not me they staring at in the end, it's her.

well, it's not right, but it's okay.
Im not going to ruin my day just because of her.
NO WAY she can do that.
hey, i found this picture and dayem, it's funny!

picture taken from:

i went jogging with dede yesterday, there's lotsa people around and he did something along the way which makes me smile, it comes naturally and he didnt actually realized it but geez.. im in love :)

take care all!
i need food for my stomach now
laparrr hehe


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


see, i told u i feel to blog [ every minute! ]
found this picture in my collection, and hehe i'd love to share it with u all ;)

that's my youngest bro and my dad last Christmas while we're on our way to balik kg kota marudu. This surely was my mum's idea! She needs these leaves to made a "Linopot".
As far as i know, "Linopot" is one of traditional food for Dusun People [ including me ], Linopot is name after Dusun's language which means " packing " [ dibungkus ] and known as compressed rice packed in leaves.
The nenek moyang generation believes the name came from a story ;
long2 time ago, when they buka tanah , they found this tree with all of its leaves macam kena bungkus. [ Linopot ] and they name the village after it. maka, terjadila itu nasi linopot. hehe I only knew very few of this story. [ shame on me -_- ] and if anyone of you would like to tell me more, u r welcome-welcome!! hehe
my mum always made Nasi Ayam Linopot, sometimes with Ikan Masin. Other Time, she mixed the rice with Ubi Manis, [ even taste better! ] and she made this Ubi Linopot. No other mixing, just Ubi. semua sedap!! hehe


cheers guys!!

Back to Normal~

I feel to blog.
Cause my ideas pouring like a rain this morning.
But then again, as usual.. when i started typing these keys, the ideas slowly burnt out. which practically means, i cant remember the stories that i plan to say here.

i dont feel of doing my work either -_-
you can say, im Malas. but whatever.. i dont give it a damn. Im not really excited to go to my convocation, like i felt the last 2 months. I wish Bbey, Beat, Roses, Cyah and Jane will be there. cause it sucks to realize they wont be there, when you had been together, faced the challenges for the past 3 years.

I'll be going with my baby.. my sister & Mom will comes soon ahead. and ive gotta meet my childhood buddy also, Mimie.. she's going to stay with us.... Geez. WAIT!! Now, im excited :D

i have gained 3 sinful KGs.
which means,
I am FAT.



Ive been longing to gain some weight before,
you can noticed it in my previous entries.
Im okay with my size now to be honest but the problem is
My upper body is size S
and my lower body is size L

No Kidding!!
dont say im abnormal.
sometimes, i rather keeping my fats bulging at my tummy.
but i dont look good in that way.
so, i decided..
back to jogging again this afternoon.
hurray!! i hope i can make it, at least, 2 rounds :P

( photo taken when i was jogged at Tun Fuad Stephen )

Ohh, thank God my fever healed.
My sister suggest me to go dentist today for my toothache and
my sore throat.. still loyalty with me.
i hope these pains cured before saturday.

well guys :)
Take Care~

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


my toothache is killing me, for real.
and when i wake up this morning, i feel uncomfortable ; cause i have, again, a sore throats.

i dont know how to go through my day with this aches.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

my Fab W E E K E N D

Hello there
happy labour's day
happy mother's day
happy nurses' day
happy everyday!
yes, been quite busy lately, only manage to find times to blog today.
okay, the truth is, i dont have the ideas what to blog hehe plus, i have other sides business to handle and sometimes, i felt like my head spinning like a rollercoaster.. AND actually worse than that.. Life, who's to blame.
anyway darlings,
my last weekend was fab.
i love it.
here's some the attachment of the pictures of us in Tanjung Aru, Beach for my sister's reunion. Did i mentioned there's a black stripes in my paha and neck? a week passed and it's still there. haish, i hate sunburnt. now and forever.
Pertandingan minum Coca-Cola. The rules : You have to finish it and not using any hand but your mouth. My sister won the 3rd place. haha

this one, pertandingan tarik karung.
My sister won the last place BUT she won the " pertandingan tarik karung sambil ketawa " I cannot hold the laughter for God's sake. Yang ringan tarik yang berat, macamana mau menang?

the kids after the "pertandingan cari gula-gula dalam tepung " over.

it was really fun!
When you see the smiles from the kids, you know you've done a great job.
Congrats for the AJKs.


i have a memorable moments sharing with my dear bestfriends.
we all gathered again last Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
it's funny how we all started became friends back then.
Im glad we're still holding to each other tightly after years.
Thank God for the blessing :)
I remembered the moment when i was hurting so bad.
They were there.
when Moi went for her driving test with the JPJ, we were there cheered her until she got through the "bukit" one. sampai yang lain bingung tingu kami.
and when beth got married, we were actually in tears. haha i cant believe she's married already. I used to sharing bed with her when we're in KPark, and the stories.. I really miss the moment.
wait, im being a little bit emo here haha
Gomoi, Cak, Ujie, Me, Utung, Cely and the kids - Dylan & Dylannie.
Mimie, we miss u.
we went to Cinema for the PAUL BART - MALL COP movie.
and astaga, punya lucu itu movie!!
we laughed in tears ba.
my rating : 5 Star!

You should go to watch this.

Now, that's why i said i have a great weekend :P


Remember Me This Way

Every now and then
We find a special friend
Who never lets us down
Who understands it all
Reaches out each time you fall

You're the best friend that I've found
I know you can't stay
A part of you will never ever go away
Your heart will stay

I'll make a wish for you
And hope it will come true
That life would just be kind
To such a gentle mind
If you lose your way
Think back on yesterday
Remember me this way

I don't need eyes to see
The love you bring to me
No matter where I go
And I know that you'll be there
Forever more apart of time, you're everywhereI'll always cares

And I'll be right behind your shoulder watching you
I'll be standing by your side and all you do
And I won't ever leave
As long as you believe
You just believe

Well, take care you guys :)
Stay away from drugs.

suddenly, i think of the geng kelisa biru.. i miss uu all

Birthday Rainbow ~

you, my youngest brother :)
sometimes i forgot how old you are already.
your sisters

Monday, May 11, 2009

monday blues~

my monday's noon sucks.

Wish things will get better in the afternoon.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Stranger at out front door~

oh, whatta day.
cant believe time flies - so fast - but im glad it did. I cannot wait to meet up with my dear best friends, 25 years passed and we're still together. i LOVE them.
but we're not going to Mamutik Island as planning ;

" see you next time Mamutik :) "

Hence, we'll going to do other stuffs ^^

last night, while i was in the kitchen, my housemate came to me with this terrified face. She told me there's someone knocking loudly on our front door, saying " This is my house, let me in "
true, i was scared. It can be a killer, robber or mean people. she/he could be any of these. But Instead of trying to open the door, me and Jenny ran to my sister in our bedroom .lol. Without a second thought, my sister went to the door, and opened it.
we were like " okay.."
stupid us, we dont have the guts to open it. lol

so, guess who?

it's a young lady.

and neither of us knew her.

she insisted for us to let her in, saying she's paid the rent and she's part of the family. She showed us the letter that she had actually stole from our unlocked mailbox and introduced her name which was written on the letter.

She claimed she's coming from Kota Kinabalu and practically, she forgot which part of KK she's from, 10 minutes later, she's changed the origin to Kota Belud and 30 minutes after, confidently she said she was from Ranau.

we tried to be nice with her but instead of thanking us for layan her, she said
" Kamu tidak ramah mesra, kamu tidak menghormati sebab saya pun tinggal sini. Rugi O kamu sebab kamu tidak kasi masuk sa.. sebab saya pemilik rumah ini "

you can guess how we felt that moment.

we again, tried to scare her by calling a fake police and she's laughing saying
" saya pun panggil polis sebab kamu tinggal tempat saya "

well, that forced us to called the real cop.

and while waiting for the cops to come over, we did try to talk with her but i dunno, the longer you have a conversation with her, more headache you will get, cause we experienced it!

us : siapa bawa ko pi sini?
Her : tiada
Us: macamana ko bleh pg sini?
Her : *mumbling*
Us : ko ada boyfriend ka?
Her : Ada!
Us: panggil la dia, minta tolong dia ambil ko d sini
Her :.. ...... Uii, Mana buli saya bercinta sekarang, masih muda lagi..mingkirayou [ mintapuji ]
Us : * bang our heads on the wall *

30 minutes later, the cops arrived and her reaction? very calm.

She said to the police " Ini rumah saya, dorang tidak kasi masuk saya "

Police : bagi IC ko
her : teda IC sa, passport sja
Police : Bagi passport ko
Her : Teda passport sa

we truly know how the policemen felt.

The policemen took her away but eventho she's annoy us so much, we hope she'll be okay and found the right house to stay.

p/s: we did record her and captured her images. God bless this young lady.
well guys, take care.. yay!! cuti lagi

Monday, May 4, 2009

DSS 3rd REUNION Picnic

back to work. Im not going to complain cause i promised not to. lol. but anyway, yesterday i joined my sister for their 3rd DSS Reunion at the Second Beach @ Tanjung Aru, No clubbing this time. We both arrived around 8am something with the hampers and foods, and the view was nice, got the wind blowing my face and the sounds of the wave.. it's beautiful in the other words.

I'll upload the pictures soonest ya!

The weather was so hot! the result? i changed from pure dusun to mixed dusun + negro. The heat caused the burnt. My boss asked me this morning if i went to the Island yesterday. She noticed the skin changes. lol.

It was a crazy week for me, at times i was so buzy with works and the dateline reports, at times i was busy fighting with my own feeling. something i cannot explain to anybody even to myself! but God knows better so Let It Be. haha Don't worry dear, im fine. :P

Happy Monday everyone! Cheers!! ^^

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Age is just a NUMBER, for real.

p/s : vane, sa curi dis gmbr from ur blog :P

Aunty Amy..
Happy belated birthday To you on 28th April!!

age is just a number aunty, cause no matter how old you have grown, you're still younger than mummy hihi and the good news is, nothing can change the fact! :D
Luv you aunty, God Bless You!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Think ahead.

yuhuu! :D went for shopping again today, ehem! CORRECTION - i accompany my sister went shopping. cause my job was watching her bought all the stuff and advisor only -_- huhu anyway,.. it took 45 minutes for us just to find a perfect sport shoes for my sis. other words, i was sooo tired and hungry.the last shop we went was Adidas shop, and haha my sister falling in loveeeeee!! okay, i admit. we're both falling in LOVE. muahaha.. who can tell? .. the ladies' shoes was perfect, and it deserve LOVES from us. i wish i have the budget to buy it -_- the sales assistant managed to consult my sister to buy it. practically, because the sales assist. guy is cute, makes the heart melt haha

but anyway, my teeth killing me. ive been suffering for days because of it. im only 24 and havent yet going to be 30's, but seems my teeths are bidding goodbye to me. i did wash it everyday baaaaa... huhu me and my sister suddenly brought back the past stories, which we left farrrrrrrr behind already. hehe it's funny and i suddenly realize how cruel i was treated back then. but dun wan to talk about it la, i have the future waiting for me, whatever it is, i believe God has a perfect planning for me. :P

Im going to watch One In Million later on. It comes to the last episode finally, sa mau undi esther. hehe

take care guys.

You got me~

Happy Labour's day everyone :)

phew! been really2 busy. There's so many things going on my head, million thoughts! im wishing so bad it'll be achieved. cause this time, im serious.. hehe ive wasted my acc's brain recently! i didnt actually utilized it to the suppose-to-be level. im stuck! im totally look like an idiot and .. im lost. somewhere i dunno. huhu hey, im going to do the plan soonest. and when ive done my part, let's see if this idiot still exist. haha no, i dunno what im talking about :P

anyway, went out with my dear sister today.. hoho..sister fetched me from office and we both headed to CP. along the way *talking*talking* and shes got migrain! maybe i talked too much. -_-

but thank God, the Vincci shop cure her. shes always been a Vincciholix after all.. huhu and she ended up buying me a pair of heels. i felt like jumping. yay! thank youuuuu hoho. and shit! i had to queuing for more than half an hours in 3 ATMs Machine. but along the way to these magic boxs, i make 2 friends. hoho. the lady told about her crush which happen to be someone's belonging and say it loud.. i was like 0_0.. dunno what to say. haha

anyway2, we done our most-favourite job after that.. the blouses looks stunning! fabulous! i cannot even shut my eyes passing each of them, I kept on talking and my sister attacked by migrain again.. huhu we had a few minutes in Starbucks, the Vanilla Cream with Choco Chips healed my desire to buy the entire CP. hoho. Oya, i couldnt find the Nose shop. was it moved? haha this is my first time after last feb went there ba.. hehe we went Levis, Ngiukee, some ladies' shops, and bla... bla..

reached home finally @ 10pm. penat gila. tapi best la jalan2. sister said " reward " for us. we deserve something we've been longing for quite some times, right?

hehe so guys, enjoy your this day ya! my checklist for this end of month;

1. ordering thing - done!
2. E-mail the Maria, the TG - done!
3. Planinng with my dear buddies - Amen!!

well, take care guys!! drive safety!

" almost there .... keep on walking ninie"