Friday, October 31, 2008

First paper

Huhu... huhu... it's my first paper today, and it's sux.. huhu.. mau nangis pun teda guna oo ondu, brabis kunun sa studi smlm, suma chapter ging suda cover skali it turns out LEN yang kuar..len ba soalan dia, kalau urg yang mcm sa ni tatap la ba susa tu and i tot im the only one yang bingung2 tadi, abis ja time, trus suma kerut muka.. ekeke.. da kwan rupanya :P hehe.. nda ba, da juga kawan sa mau komplen2 hehe.. tapi susa gila la.. arap2 okay huhu... *sob*sob*

and, sa mistakenly lagi tulis date tadi aa d slip kedatangan. Dengan confidentnya sa tulis 21st October 2008, wahh.. huhu nasib d booklet sa sempat sa tukar..

paper will be on monday.. pagi juga huhu trus cuti 1 mgu sebelum paper lagi.. ekeke siok2.. sempat bergumbira lagi ni.. hehe relax2, nanti sa studi juga ni hehehe oya, sa bawa gas ba d hostel kami ekeke.. tapi diam2 la, nanti kami kana cari n ekeke.. smlm kami guring2 telur sama sardin. uissh, mcm first time ba sa masak.. ekeke.. ganjil ba rasa da tempat masak d bilik. kalau ruma, buli2 lagi hehe kami mau p beli sayur ni d giant. ekeke

smlm sa tapuk2 cuci tu rice cooker ba, takut da yang p lapor kan.. skali da urg datang d pantry trus lagi besar ni rice cooker dia ekeke.. trus datang lagi saturang kan, relax dia putung bawang ni sama kubis.. siok juga ni ramai2.

and sedih ni sa, sebab bsuk tia dapat join my sister balik kg.. mau kasi bersih kuburan.. tu ari sa mimpi grandpa sa ni, dia hugged sa oo.. trus dadi sa ma big brother sa tingu senyum. trus tym yang dia mau jalan kan, sa hugged dia lagi. emm, miss him oo. tula time dia masi hidup, jarang sa hug dia kan. tu la tu.

ba, pa2 hal.. life has to move on :)

see you

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


OMG! Henry is proposing Betty!
and Gio and Betty has just made a plan to go Italy.


So my first exam will starts on 31st Oct 2008 : 8.15am and i should have my books next to me now! Ive just done my "ever after bridal boutique" website project and i deserve a rest.. so, i decided to starts study tomorrow :P.. I PROMISED *wink2*
and im promising myself again to give the BEST effort in my papers, at least As, hopefully, trying to catch back my previous' 'success':P hehehe... huhu.. i know, i dun like make promises either but i have to do it sometimes - to push myself reach the goal! yes, GOAL. ive been such a lazy ass this time around and i hate that tho im kinda enjoy it sometimes haha I dont do schedule to study >>
i will study when i want to.
so in the mean time, i wanna talk about Britney.
Britney Spears ba.
im not a big fan okay.
Long before, Britney was a success teen singer and attract many young followers.
But due to non-stop gossips and heart broken, she changed from a princess to a trash. sadly they called her that. she was humiliated by her bad and bad performance during VMA and so. And just now, while im doing my work, i saw this video clip, quite nice, catchy and it's from Britney. wee.. shes changed. it's Womanizer. shes improved.
And the thing im actually wanna stressed here that :
people can change. If he/she really made a fully commitment on what shes saying, the outcome will be so damn worthed or at least, satisfy yourself. Words are easy to say but the action sometimes are hard to do, unless you commited yourself in doing that thing
{in anything}.
im motivating myself cause im soo freaking snail now :P
bear in mind~~.
hehe.. should take my rest now :P
gotta go.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Maple, stranded

I feel like wanna hear this song over and over again. It's my favourite and i used to play it loud long before... im attached with this melody and i cant let go :)


You should watch it!



Ugly Betty

I was doing my project when this Ugly Betty movie was aired.
So, betty went to her nephew's high school prom, with crushed-on-her friend, Gio.
So, they danced. Kissed :P
and Gio sent her home and i like this part :
Gio : Sorry ive got you into trouble
Betty: Oh no, i have fun tonight :)
Gio : *Smiling*
Betty : " You can be young at any age" that's true.
Gio : Yeah. I have so much fun too.
Betty : Well, gotta go. * talking about doing her work *
Gio : Okay, Good Luck!
and Gio went to his car..
Betty : Hey! wait! Crazy idea.. *laughing*
Gio turn back..
Betty : Do you wanna do something.. sometimes? *smile*
Gio: Eeerr.. what??.. emm.. i dont think it is good idea..
Betty: emm.. sorry? okay, you took me out, you danced with me, you kissed me.. what thats all about???
Gio: See.. i dont want to be the rebound guy.. i wanna be the guy..
Betty: ........
Gio: Good nite!
~ huhu.. Gio is a nice guy who falling in love with sweet Betty .. and i was sooo like T.T , .. If only Betty would fall for her... it's soooo sweet!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bundu Tuhan

Im in kk already after 2 days in kampung for my uncle's funeral, yeah.. it was his TIME to go and we cannot do anything but prays.. anyway, things that cheers us there was met my long-lost cousins, whom our brothers, the last time i met them was years before during my primary school.. im so glad to meet them. we talked, talked and talked.
also, all of my neneks there,
a sibling of my late grandpa and edu,
ive never met my edu (grandma) cause she's gone when we were still kids but we met her brother and my cousin said they're so much look alike :) weeee..
we shaked hands and he staring at us : probably thinking " whose daughters are they? "
sad. yeah, we have to pulang kampung often!! altho it's only 45 minutes from the town..

i was touched seeing this.
the blue cap was my edu's brother,
and the other one was my late grandpa's brother,
they talked ,
we all will going to be like this, someday...
and my brother was there too!! with my sis-in-law and her 5-month baby due next year and my sayang DAMIEN.. im sooooo happy to see my nephew cause it's been like months i havent meet my damien, so, he's growing up, and makin jajal, kids yeah.
my damien pulled my nose, laughing and kept calling his mummy to shows it..
damien, it's my nose..
and i kissed him million times :D
we learn abc together.. hehe

" I want my twingo aunty!!!"

3.30pm we headed back to kk, and my nenek hugged me before i step down the stairs.. :) it was my first time to be hugged by her.. cause she remembered me today :D..*wink* and she talked this in dusun "be careful along the way, if you seen me anywhere you must approach me, cause i have a bad memory and im old enough. dont forget to PRAY, see you, dont forget to pray..".. huhuu.. and i hugged her again :)

it's rain all the way.
we stopped at Taufik's for mee sup :)

reached home. i have my shower and i didnt realize im falling asleep.

and i looked at my hp, it's 21.35 already. Gosh! i havent done my website project. Urghhhh!! gotta submit it tomorrow, it's deepavali!..

happy deepavali everyone :)

gotta do my work~~~

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sabahan in other place.

Ok2... i should stop blogging but i cant huhu i wont have my time to blog next week cause it's my FINAL EXAM suda.. huhu.. tapi bukan dat one i wanna share here. Tadi ba sa tbaca ni blog saturang pasal difference tu language ba sama pigi merantau di tempat urang len ni, even bahasa malay tapi len ba tu tune kan hehe..

sa pun experienced the same juga time sa bukan d sbh la. Kmi pigi trip 6 orang, jadi sampai di airport kami bagi2 taxi, 3 org dlm satu taxi, skali masuk sja dalam taxi, trus itu dreber soal " u orang mau pegi mana? ".. trus kawan sa jawab la " uncle, pigi hotel **** " trus itu uncle tiba-tiba tinggi suara ni, " haiya, u kasi tau saya la hotel mana satu, itu hotel ada dua ma "..

Btul, trus kami bingung. sebab my sister yang booking tu hotel, trus kami tanya dia la mana satu. dia pun tia tau. tambah lagi tu uncle tinggi suara ni " jadi saya hantar mana? ".. then my friend cakap " uncle antar sja la d hotel **** 1" trus kawan sa btlefon la sama bf dia, ko tau la urg sabah punya logat ni kan, ktawa pun sampai d sebelah dinding pun dingar. trus tu dreber soal " u orang indon ka?".. KURENG. Free2 ba kana ckp indon. sikius me, im sabahan okay, trus kami kstau la tu uncle kami urg sabah trus dia diam. bingung kali. skali sampai kan, dakat saja ba tu hotel 1 sama hotel 2. yang jalan kaki tia sampai 3 minit ni.

Skali time kasi kuar beg dari bonet kan, tu uncle d depan sa, trus dengan selambanya sa ckp " uncle, limpasss ".. bingung ni muka dia. sampai d bilik suda baru sa sedar ba yang dorang mana faham limpas. ekeke... lucu tingu tu uncle bingung.

Trus bisuk dia kami pigi jalan kan, tu uncle juga ba yang datang, sebab dia da bagi name kad kan, sinang ambi d hotel, tapi ni ari dia bawa kawan taxi len juga, sebab tia muat. trus cepat2 ba kami p tempat tu taxi yang satu.. dorang my sister yang naik tu taxi garang ni.. wakaka.. :P tu taxi garang janji mau bawa dorang my sister singgah mizium skali kana limpas ja ni.. ekeke.. dia bilang teda pa2 d mizium tu ekeke tu uncle taxi yang kami ikut bagus. sempat singgah sana sama tempat len lagi ni hehehe.. sama ja bayaran dia.
tu len crita lagi. da lagi ni satu, da roomate sa org west ba, skali sa bawa tuhau tu ari di bilik, trus dia marah sa ni, dia bilang slagi tia ilang bau dia tia mau masuk ekeke.. sana kami syok2 makan ma roomate sa satu lagi urang tampaluri hehe.. trus da tu kwn satu lagi dar sandakan, kalau tia silap, confident dia cakap " uiii, kanapa bilik kamu bau pesisang" KURENG. sadap ba tu tuhan kan.. macam pesisang la bau dia hahaha

Dia punya moral of the story.. sa pun tia tau. tiba2 ja ni mau crita ekekeke.. just be proud of who you are, never changed your origin and aramai tih! ekekekeke
ninie signing off!


Im addicted to Victoria's Hairstyle! It changed often and still looks gorgeous. Im thinking to get one but HAHAHA ~ im not suits with it.. seriously. I dont have to mentions the difference okay? Hehe.. But, huhuhu.. i love her hairs.. huhu

Dont you agree with me??
Her hairs looks fabulous!

Breast Cancer

Tagged by kadusmama.
It is IMPORTANT to check and aware of breast cancer.
I experienced once with lump in my ***** but it cured ~ and my cousin died because of it.
my advice:
1) go and see doctor once you felt 'something'
2) get yourself checked.
3) Prevent is better than cure
Thousands of peoples become the victim of this cancer,
So, let's together spread this tag.
I tag anyone who may concerns.

Friend but not a friend # 2

it was sad to know when ur friends are not you FRIEND, the one who used to share a bowl of Maggie with you and the one who comment your clothes when you're look damn-ugly on it. Really. I mean, tell me, how do you feel when :


and after awhile, you defend her from others talked about her?

This is for her.

Dear you,

You lied to me about your willingness to help and complaint with your stupid BF about me( P/s : we called her jerk, sorry ) Well, i wondered, why cant you just told me in front of me and we sette it down? You know i wont eat you. Why must you talked about me in front of your forever BF and my friend for giving you so many troubles and other assess? Trust me, i did pay your stupid ***L, and i did asked your BF and YOU , if you have forgotten, that IF you willing to be that A**. I DIDNT FORCED YOU my DEAR FRIEND.

Well, Im Sorry,I just wish you find your happiness with your life that you choose. I cant accept your sweet kindness friendship anymore cause you are way too good to be our friends. And im EVIL enough to you :)


but still i wish we can save our friendship. tia syok ba begini.

Blurry. Confused. Doubt

Harap ko hepi la sama hidup ko kio?..


I suppose to go out with my mum today when suddenly mum called me and said she cannot make it. It was a bad news we've got. My uncle ~ Dad's step brother passed away this morning. I was shocked... the last time i met him was at my uncle ~ Dad's bro-in-law's funeral last April.
Dear Lord,
Bless his soul,
May he will be placed among the saints
May he will have his own good life there
Rest In Peace.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I am so mad about these guys! ~ sorry dear :P Supernatural is a story about two Winchesters brothers who killed black spirit ( ghost, yeah ).

Ive watched:

1st Season

2nd Season

3rd Season..

I really2 hope the new season is coming out soon~~ huhu..

They're so gorgeous!!
I first like Sammy at the beginning of the show cause ive seen him in Gilmore Girls.
And i dont like Dean cause he's a bad guy in Smallville..
But then again, it was Dean who plays the role cooler!! hehe
ninie dreaming away~~

Loving myself.

Okay, since im a little bit temper after what the young man done, i decided to to this tag :P No one tagged me, i just tagged myself :D hehe..

[01] Do you ever wonder what your ex is up to?
- eemm.. nope. seriously.

[02] Have you ever been given roses?
~ Ya! the current one was at this dinner at nexus, ive got a PINK ROSE :)

[03] What is your all-time favorite romance movie?
- Many! But recently, we talked again about this a walk to remember movie.. it was touched!

[04] Had a Long Distance Relationship?
-Previously? ... emm.. emm.. nope. susa mau ingat ba. hehe

[05] Do you believe in this saying-What goes around comes around?
- Very much! Karma.

[06] Do you want to get married?
- hehehee.. :P

[07] How many kids do you want to have?
- haha.. tia tauu ooo..

[08] Whats your favorite color(s)?
-Pink!!!! Blue juga..

[09] Who was the last person you held hands with?
- My mum :)

[10] Do you believe in love at first sight?
- Do happen but din last longer.

[11] Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?
- :D

[12] At what age did you start noticing the opposite gender?
- 11? Hahaha... they bullied me alot.

[13] Do you like anyone?
- Yup!

[14] Do you know someone who likes you?
- Hehe..

[15] Do you love anyone?
- Yes!

[16] Do they know you like/love them?
- Everyday sa kasitau. hahaha

[17] Why did you and your most recent ex break up?
- erm... don't get along.

[18] When did you two last speak to one another?
- When ar? got sms from him last tym but din remember when hehe awal bulan kali. ??

[19] Would you get back together with your ex?
- Im H.A.P.P.Y for what i have now :D

[20] What comes to your mind when you think of love?
- Sweetness :) and you tend to listen to a slow songs :D hahaha

[21] Is there anyone who knows you inside and out?
- Yup!

[22] Tag anyone?
- Kobie my sister, Kadus Mama my sis' bestfriend, Rosie my dear's sweer sister, Mahapson my funny uncle, Rovanne my gorgeous cousin, also nice Mrs Graig and Belle :) ba.. kamu buat kio! hehe

* Take Care*


I went to library today to do my due-project when suddenly i noticed a YOUNG man giving an instruct to an OLD man, and i guess the YOUNG man probably is a some-kind of manager or maybe his position a bit higher than this old man, and guess what??

This young man scold this old man and it was so loud until we can heared what he said.

So, i made a point that maybe this old man don't know what to do or maybe he do a mistakes that makes the young man mad. Minutes later, this young man scold AGAIN this old man. So, we were like " OMG, He's such a Tarabas! ", I mean, he's so damn rude. RUDE okay, not cute. Ya, the old man may make a mistakes, but he's OLD MAN. He's older than the man. Yaba, jahat ba dia. Why must on earth he talked like that to orang tua??..

Poor the young man for did know the courtesy in life. Respecting the adultery. Ya, he made mistakes but cant he talked nicely to the old man meh?

Poor that little old man!

p/s : picture orang len tu sa ambi :P


It is not just a BLOG!

Ok, so i decided to kept my post for invited readers ONLY for a night. It is purposely done for some specific reason that i cannot says it here.
I wish i can but things will be more complicated then.
It is not about a blog!
Pls, i know when you're lying.
Pls freaking grow up.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mend the pieces of Broken Heart~

How to mend a pieces of broken heart.
Ive got a message from my ex-workmate-Just-Met cousin days before, asking me how to forget a guy.. It was rather a quick thought of me about healing this kind of thing cause the fact, im not PRO in dealing with feeling. I mean, it's easy to pretend.. right?

The truth, her lousy EX-BF leave her without telling her and kept her waiting for so long. I mean, whatta guy?! FOUR sms in one year? and the girl still have the reason to hang on. Poor her.

I know it's hard to accept the fact, knowing the man you adore is leaving you and the thought of being all alone is bear in your mind. Sometimes you wake up at night, crying and hold the pain. Pretending smiling in front of others and telling them.. " Im ok.." when in your heart holds millions pain and you cried so hard ~ deeper and deeper, keep millions questions "why"... and no one's even know how you really felt. It's hurt i know, we girls, woman and even a man felt the pain..

But we cannot let the past haunted us and allow it take the future. No. Why we should live with the past while we can have the future? Why we still shed a tear of a person who we know don't deserve the tears at all? It is yourself who can help you. Grow in yourself. Learn to take the facts and believe that EVERYTHING HAPPEN FOR A REASON. Would it be a rose without a thorn? ..

Stop blaming others for the pain you have. It wont heal even you cursed for billions times. It's just a little test from above to grow you stronger and teach you the importance of courtesy in life. Have to agree it somehow. God made us in pairs. If he's not going to be yours, someone will be. We don't know that while you're busy looking for a mate, someone.. somewhere.. is looking for you too .. so, it's OK to give a little rest sometimes :)

If God sees you need a mate, He will provide the right one at the right time. If there's still only you in end, believe that God has a plan on you.. Yeah, it's easy to say it with words but somehow, if you believe.. it'll worth in the end. I did and im thankful for my past. Cause i learn how to appreciate what i have now.

So, to my just-met cousin,J*****A~~ stop crying for him. If he's happy with his life now, why not you?.. B**** is a nice man tho, you should appreciate him by now :)

OK! i talked much today.. hehe so, here's something i wanna share with you ~ WHEN WOMAN GETS ANGRY ~ C'mon, woman got feelings toooo...

Hi Honey...had a little accident pulling into the garage today.. Sorry! Love you!
P.S. Your girlfriend called.

See, woman just an innocent creature who's trying to show her feeling.. no big deal :)


"Last Waltz should last forever..."


Congratulations to my dear childhood bestfriend, Moi Yap and Alex for your engagement!!
Nahkan, ko duluan dari sa :P hehehe
It was so sad that i cannot see you that moment.
i wish i made it there early!
I need you to pinch me and telling me it's real.
You're engaged with Alex already.
Time runs so fast oo..
It was US talking about marriage when we kids,
It was US talking about guys and fell in love,
It was US promised each other to be the Bridemaids ~ whoever get married first.
Now, you're one step closer to the door :)

Im happy for you ~~


A butterfly Award from Mrs Graig!!!
THANK YOU... Im honoured. im feel like crying.. *Sob*Sob*
And i LOVE butterfly.. hehehe..
Now, i like them to share with me :)
1. Kobie Vanessa
2. Mrs Graig ~ again :)
3. Rosie thatsilverstar
4. Kadus Mama
5. Mahap son
6. Rovanne Eleanore ( Fulname ba! hehe )
Notes: Once accepted, the rules would be as follows:

1. Put the logo on your blog
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you
3. Nominate 10 other blogs
4. Add links to those blogs on yours
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blog
I didnt nominates 10.. but 6 pun cukup ba kan.. hehe
I linked them :)
Let's have a cocktail party :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Postponed, pls.

So, today i called Mum, telling her that im going back tomorrow and she said, wait there @ KK, we go fetch you. woo.. i dunno what to say. they shouldnt have. Im a big girl liao lor. so, nothing will harm me if im not making it. But then mum said, ive got things to do there ba.. so, im like.. "errr.. okay.." :P ...

So, my supposed-to-be TEST was AGAIN and AGAIN postponed for tomorrow. My friends did took it Last August and it takes 2 months for to recover it back. Means that, im facing 3 things-to-do tomorrow.. Uhhhh... Quiz, Test and Assignment. *Cry*Cry* and im going to take the same subject test on this coming monday. i should add RAM in my brain right away!!

At this moment, im thinking of ~~~~ Working~~~~.. I cant wait to finish my studies. only 2 months left ~ HOPEFULLY~ amen. I hope i can get a job as soon im out of here. Any nearby BANK or some other financial institution means. Counting started to become my passion recently. ~~ Work~~Work~~ Is not that easy as studies AND so do studies. Vice Versa.My mind needs help. Please.

Suddenly the memories of my working day coming back...I remembered the moment i explained the map to a Japanese guy, it's a funny story actually. so, i told him almost everything about the chalet, parks, mountains, exhibition, trails, RESTAURANT and he answered me with ..." Ok.. Ok.. arigator.. Ok.." so, i ASSUMED he gets that info. So, with a pleasant-warm ( i guess?? ) smile, i said.. Have a nice day, sir and before i handed him the key. He's looking at me and guess what he said?.. " Ano..... Ano...... Risturant.. Risturant.. Where? " .. For 5 minutes im talking with the wind :P but cant blame him.. hehe hey, i love telling this to my friends. altho i sometimes keep repeating it. Funny ba.
Anyway, ive got a sms from my dear buddy, Cely minutes ago and she's telling me that our buddy, Moi will get engage tomorrow. What about the plan on SATURDAY moi???... Waaa.. i need her to get engage saturday. For real. I cannot make it early tomorrow huhu.. ive got the 3-things to do. And it takes 1.30 hours to go back Ranau. Moi ba, postponed ba. Huhu.. i cannot missed the moment she and Alex ex-change the ring. We promised each other TO-BE-THERE since we were kids. So, how can i miss that??.. Moi ba.. huhu...malam mana ada tukar2 cincin sda. there will only be beers for sure. huhuuu... - The place for emo guys and emo girls, emo hair, and emo music
Moi ba... huhu...


CLUMSY -ever!

I went to our nearest ATM, withdraw some notes and went off. Soon as i arrived in my room, i realized that the money was gone, somewhere and i practically dunno where the H my money were. So, i search around, inside the books, pencil case, make up box ( just in case ), blanket, pillow and everything but NONE. huhu... I really dun have the idea where the money will be. So, friend Sharon and Cyaen tried to ask the man at our KOOP but still with the sad answer.

Bingung2 suda then i went shower, try to refresh back my old brain but still cannot think. Aiya! macamana mau balik ranau this friday teda tambang??..

Then i called Mum and Dad many times. but it left unanswered. Time urang mau gila ba teda kana sambut fon.. huhu.. then msg my sister.. suddenly bunyi msg my fon..


it was Gracie. my next door's friend. " Nie, brapa duit ko ilang tu? "

" RM** huhu.. "

" RM10 suma ka, tau pecah2? RM5? duit syiling da ka? mana ilang? "

" Suma RM10, br withdraw, lipat2 tu sebab dari poket. Tia tau mana ilang, OTW dr KOOP kali.. huhuhuhu " ~ Hoping she gets something.

" Oo.. Ok, da sd.. nanti sa bagi ko. Tq "

Weeee...Very short answer but it did makes me smile. hehehe it was her classmate who found it. just below my room. I know, im such a clumsy EVER. Learn to be smart now. huhu


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Malam Pra-Graduan


Amirul, Me, Cyaen, Ayuni, Sharin, Wilson and * tia tau nama dia * hehe

Tracey, Beat, Me, Jane, Colas and Roses

So, we rushed back from sports fiesta and my face was burnt by the sunshine* haha.. i mean, im black. Black and am black. But, who cares. Ive got a FREE Blusher the moment i went to Nexus for some kind of dinner and most peoples noticed that.
And we were given ROSES.. ive got PINK ROSE and a souvenir im honour to received.

Hehe... Nice meals we had. but felt so sleepy that moment.
Well, Hope to gather with them again soonerrr..

T.T sad..


Kobie Vanessa,Check Spelling
Little Inbox,
will do the tag soon :)
I promised ~ hehe
Scratch... Scratch..Scratch..
I stop scratching my tummy a month ago, the medicine really work on me.. but last night, due to 'insufficient' food we had, i ate this sambal ikan masin ( yumieeeee!! ) made by Sharon's mum. I finished them. It tasty!!!! I should ask Mum to made that..
And i scratch again... again and again..
Again.. then, again..
OK, Helenah told me to stop scratch. Nanti macam tu perut ibu2 yang lepas lahir baby she said. But, tummy? why must the itchy started @ my tummy?
Ba, should complete my report now. One more left. Tinggal satu lagi trus tia pyh fkir pa2 lagi except tests. mcm besa.
Should end?

Memorize the memories.

~ Sports Fiesta ~

Bowling Kelapa ..

Upih Pinang :P

Zero Point :)

~ Weeee...~

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sports Fiesta ~

The sports fiesta finally done. I AM so GLAD!! now, i dont have to kasi pening my kepala thinking about it nemore. It was nice. altho there're some part when all of us, the AJKs, were so stress and kedut di dahi pun nampak ni. hehe.. The activity was started at 8.15am altho it was scheduled at 7.00am. The students start naik bus at 7.30am. Terpaksa kasi hon itu bus mau kasi bangun the students. I know2.. it's Sunday ~ and some students were still in their way of dreaming. but, have no other choice lehh..... :)

So, the students sampai.. they registered and chit chat lagi among them. I had to use the healer, to ask them pigi d padang. ~ Lame....Lame...~ and it's almost 8am, some still chitchating.. so, i was like... " Okayyyyyyy......."

Ivan and Andy done the senaman pagi. It was unplanned. It was Ray who supposed to do the aerobik but he moved backward as soon as he arrived there.. and so funny, these two guys men hantam saja buat senaman. Students di padang pun ikut saja. Dorang pusing kiri, the students pun pusing kiri, da yang garu kepala lagi ni. The IL*** promised to do the PS System but NONE of the staff were there. So, me and Felix terpaksa pigang itu healer then pasang lagu dari my phone.. Bingung juga sa mula-mula cari lagu rancak, sebab it was my Jay Chou's in my playlist. In the end, we played this ALIZEE J'en ai marre and it played repeatedly.

So, the first game was this Bowling Kelapa. Funny juga sebab da muka yang confident sekali none of the pin falled... hehehe...

The lecturers men juga. Da yang t'buang kelapa jauh ni. In the picture, was Mdm Betsy, our favourite lecturer. She managed kasi jatuh 3 sja maa from dua pusingan. hehe.. kan Mdm? hehe.. i know, im not that good either. At least, she managed to hit 3 pins :P hehe..

Next game was this men getah. Or rather Zero point. It was Girls and guys who played. Lucu juga. The game The Rock was played at the same time ( originally known as Batu Seremban ) but sa tia sempat ambi pic. i was so busy supporting these lads jumping. hehe

Next, this ikat kaki pecah belon.. blum lagi men, suda pecah itu belon. It's getting hot and hot there!!!! So, da yang lari2 kasi save belon skali.. Cracccckkk... Guess pa yang jadi?? bukan belon yang pecah, sluar ba yang kuyak. hahaha... duiii gia, Kesian ni tu student. Tapi dia hepi juga even sluar dia kuyak hehehe... Tu ba semangat yang kita mau :P hehehehe

Then, men tarik upih pinang. sa tia tau pa tu english. Pull Pinang Leaves?? hehe.. * No pics but video available*..

After suma suda penat, we had this makan tembikai competition. It looking so tasty and it occupied my mind the whole day! Teda lebihan lagi tu....

And before we having our lunch, we had this Red Carpet Fashion Show lagi. They were given newspaper, glue and red ropes to make a pair clothes. So creative i can say, some even acted proposing his princess and made the ring from newspaper.. I forgot who's the winner ~ wink~ suma bagus ni.

Everyone NEEDS food for energy, right Ivan?
And, can you believe that one of the student actually eat this ...>>>

Vutod!!.. Yumie!! ~ we didnt ask her to eat but she insisted to do so. That's why she received the most sporting student - price that day. :) Mum says it tasty.

And the activity was continued with tressure hunt at 2.00pm. We actually done it sikit-sikit macam amazing race, tapi teda kertas@ clue la hehe.. basically, there're 10 pits excluding pit stop. Macam-macam kana suruh buat in each pit. Including holding the Vutod! ...

So, petang around 4pm, kami abis the family day.. Yeahhh~~ Hepi ~~ tapi trus rushing balik bilik sebab mau pigi Nexus, da dinner huhuhu... * will post it later *

It was a RELIEF. Yay!

Thank You to all the AJKs, i know we all had less slept that day. Thanks so much! I wish i can pay you guys back with Pizza or KFCs, or something that can gather us to talk about this day ~ but Miss got the money. Even negative lor :P

To my last waltz juga.. hehehe... Only God know how i felf for you :)


~~ {...}~~

What If?

What if we could fly away?
Swim among the stars,
Feel the warmth of other suns - Suns so near and yet so far.
What if we could touch the sky?
Speak the language of the trees?
Hear the branches whisper words
As they flutter in the breeze..

What if we could fight a storm?
Bellow back its angry cry,
mite the mighty lightening bolts -Strike them from the sky?

What if we could be the forest?
Harmony the robin's song?
Keep in all the good and right?
Banish everything evil and wrong?

What if we could fly away?
Embrace the starry sky?
Swim in waters of other seas?
.........what if we could fly?


When all about you is black with gloom,
And all you feel is pending doom.
When your bones are racked with grim despair -When every breath is a gasp for air.
Keep on going, though you need to grope,
For around the bend is a ray of hope.

A ray of hope is perhaps all that's left,
As your will to live has been bereft.
You've lost it all, it's just no use!
You can end it all, you need no excuse.
But throw away that piece of rope,
And give yourself a chance of hope

Just give yourself another day,
Brushing aside what your thoughts may say.
This is your life and you can make a new start,
By ignoring the brain - just follow the heart.
Taking baby steps in order to cope,
And minute by minute you'll build on your hope.

Build on your day at a time,
Though the road be steep and hard to climb.
The hurts of the past - they should be dead.
The fears of the future are all in your head.
Just live in the present and refuse to mope
Your life will sparkle for you're living in hope

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Tomorrow will be sunday and it's going to be the day. I'll keep on praying things will be just fine... amen. And yesterday we've done the canvas. khemah. penat gila ni mau buat. it was of course damn heavy than i expected it to be.

Basically, these are the things we need.

Acha start buat -

United we stand. Really. hehe

They working real hard in doing this!!!

And.. the result.

So, hopefully, everything will go smooth. i kept mentioned it to the AJKs " Make sure kamu tau peranan kamu, tia mau kelam kabut, standby, ready2.." hehehe.. takut ba, it was my first project ive done as pengarah projek. got 250 students with lecturers lagi. huhu harap2 ok la. huhu kamu pray tuk sa aaa.. hehehe

and, last tuesday i had a free lunch from my ex-supervisor in SSL, Betclis in Kenny Roger's. kenyang tahap dewa ni. Since dia bilang dia yang mau blanja, so sa pun dengan tia tau malunya mengorder la spagetti ma mango juice. Vanilla muffin also. Thank u Kolok!!!


Curi makanan kolok hehehe

Sweeeet.. sori ar Bbey, sa upload ni pic :P

Also, last saturday im going out with my buddies, Gomoi & alex, Beth and little girl Dylannie and my dear. we had a short walk in 1Borneo, Beth had to rush back with her waiting hubby.

Childhood bestfriends :)

And, we went to this Tune store. I love the teddy bears, i saw some taking pic with the giant bear but i only managed to snap this hehe... :P hehehehe...

Will update soon.

Take Care :)