Thursday, March 28, 2013


Misssssssingggg home soo bad. D last time I went home was a month ago. Sad. Really sad. But I applied leaves on early May already. Yeye. Hopefully,  my sickness gone that time.

Sisi n bro will going back to celebrate dad's birthday. Sigh. So sad cant join them. Sigh.

Monday, March 25, 2013

The walking dead

I wish d walking dead aired everyday cause waiting can be such a pain. Watched it last night on fox, exactly at 11pm. Husby was so sleepy that he couldnt wait for d show to end, I tried to wake his cousins but they were too sleepy already. Yes. Im a bit scared watching these zombies ALONE. I need a company to scream. Haha so with my guts, I watched it alone in d living room. Last episode didnt scared me like this episode.  My god, I quickly changed d channel if it's too much horror. Haha but cant wait next episode,  looks like they'll be having a war.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Worst feeling

It's a gloomy saturday. Lesson of d day; life is not all about roses n laughter. Sometimes life can bite ur ass n my, d pain is just so real.

Keep to myself; never shows ur weakness even to ur closest person, cause ignorance is sux than any else. Soooo.... whatever it is, I will keep to myself only. People change. How can I expect him to be d same now.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Run running run

Feeling hungry already. Waiting for my dearest colleague for lunch, few things running in my head  some done, some pending. I need to re dye my hair to black. Hitam mutu keunggulan. Haha I need to cut it a bit. I need to re deco my bedroom n living room. D old deco makes me bored. I need to pack my unused items and donate. Few boxes has been donated. Need to re pack again. I need to do the EA filing.  Hopefully ada rebate juga. Haha last year negative so yes hopefully this time ada rebate. I need to find more companies for salary deduction. Need to increase d profit. I need to go to krabi.. I miss traveling. Havent decide where to go yet, so far just within malaysia. But krabi or korea sounds good. Haha hopefully there's more bonus be given. Hahaha

Well. Thats it. Later

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Forever yours

Husby planned a night together at Four Points by Sheraton Hotel last sunday, for our wedding's anniversary ;) Rayyan enjoyed it d most actually, we can tell it by d smile he shows.. and his laughed. Haha we even got to swim together. Sunburn but it's okay.

Thanks dear for d night we three spent together. Thanks for sticking with me around thru d good and bad times. I know sometimes I can be a real snail mummy doing d house chores, but instead of nagging me to speed up, u offer a helping hand to do the laundries n cleaning ;) u even willing to wake up at 3am just to feed our son, everyday.

Im in love over and over again.
And its cool of how we can still talk about d past n have a laugh of it.

Im Forever yours!  xoxo

Anywayyyyy, Let's roll our pictures ;)

Additional bonus

Weee! Received the good news yesterday.. my head of branch texting me

"We will get extra one month bonus and 1k for each child"

I thought shes mistakenly texted me So I just ignored cause basically,  no one received bonus on march. Haha the next morning, i saw d article mentioned on newspaper.

And i was like, Weeeeeee.... how awesome.
One month okay what 

Another Good news is, it is for all PNB group =)
Thanks pnb!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Haaaappy birthday dear brother

Brought my bros n husby to Buddy Restaurant, a steamboat dinner for Roy's birthday. Ate alot. Think I gained more kg today. Haha but sooner or later , im going to reach 60kg anyway hehe

Happy so many returns bro! Wish u happiness n cpy kawin. Haha


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Food lover

Excited! Just lose another kg. No losing weight's pills, herba drinks or cream. Maybe because I have to climb to fourth stairs everyday. Totally exhausted but worth d sweat. But ... im going to get fatter these coming months. Haha thats for sure. Perhaps I could restrict my diet again end of Dec. Why. U'll found out sooner.

Im a food lover. I love to eat. I am known as d food monster here in d office. Haha heres some of my meals ive cooked and ate d kadai makan.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Another typical friday, cant wait the clock strikes to 5pm and be at home. Altho im feeling anxious, worried and a bit sad, still hope that, Nek Mang can heal me totally. All over.

Well, happy friday.. happy woman's day ~ we are beautiful in our own way.. appreciate our gift. Who can bleed for 5 days and not die? US. and who can carry a baby inside for 9 months, at the same time, doing alot of house chores? US.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Go Soldiers! GO PDRM.. GO ATM!

Go soldiers!! Go defence this land! Ohh.. im so not in the mood of working right now. Really get my nerves.. too many information already. Some said this,  some said that. All I need is to get home soonest , be at my son's side and watching the live info from tv!

Lets pray for their safety and.. us.

Rest in peace Heroes

Sabah was shocked by d invaders in lahad datu. Honestly, I thought the gov will make them leave without any bloodshed happen. Unfortunately,  it happened. It's really sad to see the families of d fallen cops grieving over those coffins. Some were just too young to die. Some still have a small kid to look after. Devastating, thats how I really feel.

Of course, they got promoted after, but for me, personally, it wont change anything. The name, history.. yes. But those families would still feel d lost of their loved ones.. forever.

They died for the country. For sabah. For us. I wish I could give my last respect for them. To at least, say thank you. Im in sandakan, working n living here.. we feel the threat that any time we will be attacked by those so-called sulu armies. We received texts to get stand-by, buy foods and stay in doors. I feel terrified.  I feel insecure. I feel unsafe. Esp when I have a baby, a family here. What would we do of the sulu army (la sgt!) Come to my neighbourhood? 

Too many questions running in my head.

But hubby is so positive about this, he assured me things will be fine, the soldiers will do their best protecting us from d this harm. Believing him, believing God, believing the soldiers, I keep calm.

Even now, at this moment. . When the war is happening again in Lahad Datu, I remain calm. We should believe them. We should believe how strong them to defence Sabah.

Rest in peace for those fallen cops
May your soul will be placed among the religious. 
Sleep peacefully.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Pray for Sabah

Hope it will end soon...