Thursday, February 28, 2013

Easy breezy morninggg

Gooooooood morning guys. It's a good day to start with. Reached office so early today, n every one started to wonder why.. ha! U see, it is a gooooood day today.

Altho there's ton of works need to do and have to be on d counter at d same time, it's still a good day indeed. Im in d mood of 'girl on fire' song, id prefer Santana Glee than Alicia, d original singer. It's a good song.

Well, get back to work.
I need to find a new cover for my note. It's pink now, purple looks better on it 

One thought before I leave,
Blackberry Z10 or samsung s4?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Countless love

D reason of me living each day to d fullest ;)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tiring Sunday

a  bit tiring day, just got back from SMK Tinusa for opening a counter and at home now .. d day move a bit slower, there's not so many investor as expected.. and we went home 2 hours earlier than scheduled. It's been crazily raining these few days, maybe that's d reason why my dearly son got his fever, so kesian... it's his first time actually, he's not feeling really well, and cries alot. 9 months 16 days and this is his first ever, fever. Get well soon baby...  

ANYWAY, im soooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy today! 
i 'adopt' a new baby ;) weeee, it really makes my day! it comes with an portable charger too, how awesome. 

Well. happy sunday guys :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rest In Peace

Was really surprised to know the sad news from Hubby's cousin. His uncle passed away the evening after we visited him.  .. At least, he dont have to suffer anymore. 

Rest In Peace, Pak Ngah. 
May you'll be placed among the religious. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Miss my girls!

Just done cleaning d dishes, again. haha it's so late, i know. my mum in law text us at 10pm to bring to dinner. i cant stop eating!! i neeeed to diet. a strict diet, cause im getting really fat. huhu, so we also went to the Hospital to visit hubby's uncle. it's truly a heartbreaking seeing him lying  hopelessly on that bed. May he'll be strong to face the pain. 

Reached home almost 1am and started doing the house chores. i only find a perfect time at time like now. people cant really tell d difference between mine and Panda's Eyes ni. Ive been tagged by my luvvy duvvy beth. I miss that moment. I really miss them. miss my girls. I should arrange one find day for another reunion. 

Being a mum is great. Trust me, you'll only know how i feel if you become one. 
yes, sometimes it gets too tired handling all the things a mum supposed to do, but Thank God, hubby is a handy helpful man. He helps me with the laundry or cleaning whenever im in need. *hugs BUT since sekarang dekat PRU, and he is extremely busy, super duper busy man, so he only helps me with the meal. Lunch, Tapau. Dinner pun tapau. hahaha

 well, Good night.
Cheers! xx

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Just Because..

I wanted to blog and share how my days goes here but i looks like, i seems to  cant find any perfect word! i am very bad in writing, organizing my letters, i am just way toooooo far being good in it and actually, i bought few novels just for an inspiration, to help me enhancing.. BUT it was a year ago, and i still cant finish reading it (kecuali tu Breaking Dawn & Eclipse) I should find some perfect time. 

BUT, you see... hendak seribu daya, Tak Hendak seribu dalih. yes, BUT, im a quite busy mum.. usually, after i reached home from office, i would play with my son first, finding some bonding quality time together. Then, i'll continue prepare dinner, do d cleaning, Laundry and all that. Some times, i would find myself a time to pamper myself, like, a simple therapy- mask, listening to Lite.FM (OF WHICH IM LISTENING NOW) mani/pedicure. I'll be on bed somewhere in midnight. So, there's No time to read my books. Oh, i did tried once, before the room's light was switched off (to switched on d dim light), i fall asleep just before i turn to the other page. Hendak Seribu Daya, Tak Hendak Seribu Dalih juga ba kan? My dearly son is sleeping next to me now, he looks so sweet when he's sleeping *hugs, hubby at the hospital looking after his dying uncle. So kesian and heartbreak. Hopefully, His uncle regain his health and May everything will be just fine. Amin. 

I am waiting for him actually, we usually will talk, share stories before bed time. He's my great listener! At times, he tried to hold his yawning (altho his sleepy eyes show) and smile to my every story telling (the childhood moments, school etc). He might not fully concentrate listening to it but at least, i know i have some one to talk to. haha i love to talk, i wish i can write perfectly just like im advising the investor to invest in ASN. haha! To end the conversation, hubby usually will say 'Tidur la kita.. kerja bsk", TAPI, kalau ada match bola, he'll say "Malam ni sampai jam 3am pun buli dgr cerita, sebab da M.U men'" .. Macam la kna dgr kalau mata suda dpn tv kan. 

Id prefer listening to, why?
it reminds me of the those sweet moments i have, the good places ive been, the beautiful things i saw, the people i knew/know, the loves i once had (and still have), you see... almost everything. 

Anyway, i cooked special dinner today, since Yana's visiting us with his husband (they're finally married! hehe) Mike was here too :) we started dinner at 8pm, It's special not because of the meals i cooked, but the great time me and them shared. well, well, well. we have: Green Curry Chicken (ayam masak kurma), Salted fish with Taucu, Vege, Sweet Corn Soup and Macaroni Fruit Salad. as for the drinks, we had Mango and Sarsi. Sadly, i didnt snap any photo to show, my Nikon has been kidnapped by my bro. 

Think i should end here. 
GONG XI NI, GONG XI NI. it's never too late to wish you guys. 
May the year brings more prosperities, happiness and Lucks to us!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy V day!

 Happy Valentine's Day guy! 
wish you million of loves!


Walking Dead Season 3

Finally! it's here!!!!


Home made Chocolate Moist Cake & Red V Cake

It's 42 minutes passed one in the morning already, i should be on my bed now. my brother fall asleep on the couch, and Lite.Fm on air now =) love all the songs thereeee, a perfect soundtrack for my evening/morning :D anyways, my sister-in-law and hubby's cousins came to our house yesterday and ......... we baked two cakes!! =D I baked a Chocolate Moist Cake and they baked that cake called Red V something. i forgot its name. haha 

Lama tia bake cake, nasib jadi juga haha.. 
here's another pictures of them during d baking session. 


MUKA STRESS kena paksa tingu cartoon ! duduk diam2! haha

and here's my little baby fall asleep on the living room, last2 cartoon yang tingu dia  

Yana's going to visit us this coming friday, i need to buy some stuff and maybe, doing a bbq :) well, good night. Time to sleep now. my legs are cramp now. i hate how they cramp like this, cause i cant walk properly. it seriously makes me look like a WALKING GRANNY. 



Sanding Day - Bajau Tradition

I still cant believed she's married already! seriously, it felt like yesterday when we match-maker both of this newly-wed couple. a blushing moment! =D Last Saturday was her ring exchanged, and Sanding on last Sunday. It was my first time attending Bajau's wedding. Basically, the groom was brought by that thing called 'Usungan' from Yana's grandma's house to hers. Besides his relatives, he was also escorted with two horse (as u can see the pic below, even with its own costume!) and a couple of trigger was pulled, shot up to the sky. 

i am amazed that at this century, they still have this tradition :) i talked to Yana's mum how i was amazed by the tradition, and she's replied me with this proud smile saying 'indeed'. the weather was merely killing my skin, luckily i brought my fan along. well, let's roll these pictures!

Macam raja melayu pun ada juga hehe


The modern wedding dress, she looks absolutely fabulous.

well, they have d same smile of u notice :)

trying hard dealing with the hot weather! ahaha and thats my boy with his uncle (hubby's bro). 


Wish you both live happily ever after! :D

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


a tiring journey from d land of Orang Utan to my dearly mountain view hometown, a night then straight heading to d land of Horse. But just for you dear,  Congratulations on your NEW status. Kalau isi borang, teda Miss suda ah! ahaha

:) more pic on later.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Tasty LIfe

Currently addicted with this family korean drama :) 383 One HD Chanel, every mon-thurs 19.15pm! :D