Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Well, hello there 2014!

It's new year's eve.

Felt like yesterday I bid goodbye to 2012. How times has flown! We are about to wave eternally sayonara to 2013 for another (good) year. How the year has been??

It started okay and went smoothed on January (maybe because of the annual bonus haha) my dear buddy Yana has officially joined the marriage club in Februart. My, We were good in matching her with my husband's bff :p oh, I thought I was pregnant because of the sickness I felt in that month, but the pregnancy test was negative. we went to check again in March and yes, you got it right. Dr Teh confirmed the news. I was pregnant. April...... well April, what happened in April? .. Haha May, d election caused a great distance between me and husband (I have never like politics, never).. so yes, it was the month of I'm having severe heartache. Haha he was so busy with the f election. Grrrr...  Other than that, My son turned to ONE =) held two parties for him. Husby make up all the times he missed in May by taking us to Langkawi & KL in June, it was a memorable trip. Langkawi has the beautiful beach! I always love beach. July, it's d month where I was shocked to know the death of my Cory Monteith. It took me several weeks to accept the fact. sigh,  I'm such a big fan I know. But, looking on d bright side, July, it was my birthday! Turned 29. Husband planned a sweet surprised by taking me to my fav restaurant. (Lots and lots of food) on August, we went to sleep over at my sister's house, together with mum. Went shopping. I do think we had fun doing that. Sept, I was hospitalized twice! Haha over pressured i guess. October, I gave birth to the lovely Carl =) November,  confinement month in Ranau ^^  December, went to KL and back to work.

I do hope 2014 brings more goodies personally for me and my family. Naah,  I think I have the same resolutions for so many consecutive years already. So this time, I am going to be firm to myself. I resolves to lose weight, be healthy, be good (a good mum & wife) do saving and Traveling!!!!! Hehe

Well, happy new year guys! Lets keep the hope and pray for the world peace.

Until then 2013, thanks for the 365 ups and downs days. Xoxo

Monday, November 18, 2013

Precious hero

It is funny how time fly that you merely forget what had happened yesterday because it went off just in a blink of an eye. True, the time will goes twice faster when you're having a great time and goes slower than a snail when it's otherwise. Time just went off faster here in Ranau =( buttt, i am excited to go back to work (HAHA, weird), trying to fit back all my baju kurungs (IF i get back to my size) meet my friends and heard the stories i had missed... I havent apply my my Christmas leave yet, i need to go back home this December cause Mimut is getting engage (FINALLY) and we have to be there.. (Compulsory as it sounds) 

For Christmassssss, We are going back to kampung Kota Marudu this year, hopefully my husband can make it. He's just too busy with his works lately, ah, i wish we could spend some more time together, i mean more and more time TOGETHER, 24/7 if possible (HAHA) he already planned the Hong Kong Trip to make up all the times he missed since the election started but with him, it just aint enough. I need him to be with me all the time :P 

BUT if there's more over seas trips, maybe i could consider to give him his 'ME' time alone. :P

Okay. pictures time. 

i have been a quite loyal patient to the Hospital this year, been admitted to the emergency for few times.

THANK GOD now that 2 weeks more weeks left before i can starts BER HUHA again. banyak list makanan suda mau makan hehehehe 

Present to you my dearest baby, Rayqarl =)
Mummy loves you to the max sayang.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Home Sweety Home

It's freezing here. When was the last time i went home? i cant recall, probably it was in August or Sept. Reached home on Monday, and it's been raining since then. I am getting used with the coldness.. haha i have my socks on even it's 12 noon. Ranau just smell so sweet to me. Going to cherish every moment of it. Anyways, 3 weeks left before i get back to work, and we, my lil family, will going to spend my last 10 days (of maternity leave) in KL.

My baby is 1 month 2 days now.
He's getting heavier. last time we checked he had gained 1.20kg, with a total offff 3.80kg (he was born with 2.60kg)

Oh, ive been spending my day with watching 10 episodes of The Heirs. haha i am sooooooo in love with the romance. Mesmerizing the good old days!

Until then. see ya.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Movies baby

Since Im in my holidays now, has less thing to do.. Only babysits my son and Linda is here helping me to do all d housechores, i tend to get bored sometimes. Husby is busy wt his work and eldest son is with his grands.. so u see, I have much time to do things on my own (only if baby sleep la) luckily, my bff showed me a link that I can watch movies for freeeeee! Yeeha!

It's movies time baby. Here's d list of the series ive watched so farrrr

GLEE season 5 (ep 1 - 3)
Once upon a time season 3 (ep 1 - 4)
The walking dead season 4 (ep 1 - 2)
Korean running man, master's sun, my love mdm butterfly, the strange housekeeper,
The voice season 5
Antm season 20
The amazing race
And d list continue... Hehe

Pelihara lemakk kan. I just sits and watched. Diet starts right after d 44 days of confinement over. Jiayou!

Well. Til next post

Saturday, October 26, 2013

It's official. I am a mum of two.

Sounds really old is it? Ahaha but, it's official. I gave birth to my second son last week exactly at 2.22am Thank God baby is fine and getting healthier.. altho I had to bear d 10+ hours of labor pain. Ha! Seriously. I went to d labor room at 4pm and only went out from it at 4.30am. Seriously.
But thank God everything's finally okay.
2 lil bodyguards I have now =)
Anywayyyyyy, we're bringing the kids to the Disneyland next year! Yeeha! Husby thought of having a leisure vacay in Thai next week but he suddenly said 'why not hk'.. sa okayyy ja klu kna sponsor tiket. Ahaha so. Next thing to do is, renew our passport.
Im going back to d land of d mountain next week. Excited! Gonna spend d rest of my confinement days at home. Geez.
Thats it. Xx

Sunday, October 6, 2013

How long has it been?

Woot! Woot!
I am at my 38 weeks of pregnancy already. I seriously thought im going to give birth last week, wt all d ache I felt, turned out it's only a false alarm. Last august I got admitted and got 3 pine of water.. last sept I barely cant breathed and was admitted to the emergency wt oxygen. Thank God my colleagues are all awesome. They helped me alot. I cant remember how they managed to get me inside d car, but from the stories they told, it was really funny. Ahaha

Anyways, yeah. The typical malaysian. Or us. People tend to ask me how old my first son is when they know im expectating again. D sooner d better right. I aint going to be younger. Hehe son is sleeping already, n im just done doing d laundry n preparing son's stuff for tomorrow. Oh finally, Linda is here. My temporary maid is here. Shes working wt my sister actually but since Im in a big need now, to do all d chores, I borrowed her til d year end. It's really hard to find maid now. Sgt2 susah.

What else? Hurm. My encik suami havent confirm me yet, whether we are really going to travel this dec or not, altho I keep crossing fingers for it. It's my dream place. Im in love wt new zealand for ages. He havent gv me d final words yet. But lets just hope. Haha but, if we are not going then im going to make myself a free time for my dearest bff's engagement! Shes finally found d one. Ah. How sweet it is!

Well. Thats it for now.
Cheers! xx

Glee season 5 episode 3.

Yes. Im still feeling sad knowing my dearest finn has gone. I really cannot wait for season 5 3rd episode, a special contribution for him. Im sure it's going to be a really really sad one.

Monday, July 29, 2013


our thoughts are with Lea. 
Rest In Peace. 


Friday, July 26, 2013


Cory Monteith: 'Lea and I Are Dating'!

and just looked at him, the way he said they're dating together.
aww.. how cute :')

Tribute to the late dear Cory Monteith.

One of my favourite. One of the scene that makes me smile wt joy. 

Ah, how sad. really really sad. 

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” ― Mother Teresa

Feels like ages since the last time i blogged wt my lappy. i forgot how wide and cool d screen is, hoho anyway, lots of things happened the past few weeks.

1) Family Trip

i think i had post it before. yeah. i guess. haha im looking foward for another family trip, but just after i delivered. Husby once mentioned of going to Europe, visit here and there next March, but nothing has been booked, yet. im not sure if we're really going or not, but i would love to see all those places he mentioned. Hopefully, with God's will, financially physically mentally are all okay, we can go :)

And he's talking about China too.
i dunno. or, maybe we'll be just having a local trip, to Selingan Island, Desa Catle or, Mesilau.
Cuti-cuti malaysia.


A day after i returned from Langkawi, I saw my dearly buddy posted a pic of someone i truly admired, with REST IN PEACE caption. i couldnt believed it. i googled straightaway, looking for the exact news that our dearest Cory Monteith died. I am truly devastated. the fact is, i was literally tearing up. I know. I am such a huge fan of him. Ive been watching Glee since it first aired on TV, I love the fact that he's dating Lea Michele in reality. His dimple, smile, how he used to awkwardly dance, VOICE, everything.. we're all going to miss him.

Good one dies young.

Rest In Peace Cory. I love you. We all love you.
Pray for Lea.


Yes. it's been days since he's gone. and i cant stop google looking for his news.


Monday, July 8, 2013

For d hundred times, age is just a number.

Happy belated birthday to meeee!! Hehe thank God for making me alive, still, to this moment. I thank God for everything.. for d blessing, my family, my job,  everything.
Well on d day of I turned to 29 (too old. Age is just a number haha) husby sang a birthday song for me soon after I woke from sleep. He then asked our lil one to kiss me on d cheek saying it's mummy's birthday. Wt a confused face, Rayyan did what daddy told him to do. Haha *hugs
At d office, well nothing much happened earlier. No one wished. No one. Basically no one. Haha but Im okay wt that, they might be not knowing or forgotten about it. I did heard they whispered to each other but naahh, didnt bother about it. But after d clock strikes to 4 pm +, someone came in wt a hugeee bouquet of flowers on her hand. And they sang a birthday song for me.  Awww... I was truly shocked. Haha didnt expect it at all. I was really touched. 29 roses altogether. They even requested it to be wrapped wt pink cause they know I love pink. They shouldn't have to. I was touched. Thank you guys. *hugs
Soo, d evening. Husby brought us to dinner at my fav seafood restaurant. He let me ordered everything I wanted to eat of which I did haha.. but I guess my lil one enjoyed d meal more than I did. Haha hes a food monster u see, just like his mum. So husby bought me a chocolate cheese cake And sang a birthday song, again, for me. I enjoyed d entire evening. Thanks dear. *hugs* He already gave a birthday gift in advanced, when we're on our vacay. A levis jeans and a cr handbag (my bro choose it!)
D next morning, my sis in law baked a choco moist cake for my belated birthday. We went to my mil's house and was surprised to see d cake. Haha it taste yummy. Mil bought me a beautiful kain kurung.. aww.. I was really touched. :') *hugs
Too many to be thankful. I hope I can live a healthy life to accompany these wonderful persons as long as I can.
Thank you for all d birthday wishes. To my dearest mum, who called me to wish. I missssss herrr!! All d wishes in fb, whatsup, wechat (d accountancy group!) , text.. thank you!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 3rd

I love today's date. Just because ^^


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's july baby.

Basic to d typical me. Back tooooooo work. Feel so sleepy. 7 days away was fabulous but being in d office on d first day after d gateway, is not really that cool. Sleepy. Haha

Husby brought us, me n rayyan for a leisure at d island, somewhere not far from here. I had sleepless nights, went to bed around 3am something and got up early birds d next morning.. a preggy woman like me supposed to have enough sleep but days just went too great and I cant let it slip away wt dreaming. When I can dream back at home ;)

A short post today. Xoxo

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Miss saturday

Finally .. a time of my own. Pampering myself here at rever beauty saloon, they basically add another rm60 for my hair doing. Grr.. but d boss discount it to rm250. Still grrr la sikit. Anyway, husby is busy wt his things at d moment, son is with his grandparents, having a good time playing around I bet.

We are so busy preparing for our internal quality audit this coming monday. Ive rechecked my file over n over again, yet it still unsatisfy me. What if this. What if that. I dont wanna disappoint my boss anyhow. Cause naggggggging is d last thing I wanna hear now.

Good news is, we are leaving sandakan for a week for a so not-really honeymoon trip. Hehe nahhhh, no 'over the sea'trip this year. Since im expecting our second baby n things get pretty busy for us. Plus, we need to renew our passports. 5 years passed. How short those years was. Hopefully, next year will be a great year for us. Husby is planning something good for our vacay. Hopefully, next year will be a fabolous year for us ;)

Well. Thats it.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Belated birthday

Hi guys. Howie dowie?

Im doing good. Quite good. Just few things need to be ran here n there. Husby is going to adopt a new baby, prob next week my saga will be parked alone at d parking lot.. and we're going to have our own house maybe next january. With God's will. I have few of scatch in my mind, haha husby let me to design how our new house will look alike.. simple and one storey, maybe. Let's see. With God's will.

Heres some recap those days when my son turns to ONE. On may 11th, we celebrated his birthday at our house, my parents and siblings were all here.. :) it's reallly been ages since d last time we gathered. I heart them. Went to bed around 1am, and d cleaning progress was continued by husby's cousins. Haha

Soooo, on may 13th (d actual birthday) we again, celebrated our son birthday at my mum in law's house. He shared d same birthday with husby's bro, so they both blew d candle awayyy.

Tiring days I can say. Haha but anything for you son, anything just for you. Well, lets get back to work.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday and im sooooooo not in d mood of working

I meant to write here last few weeks but life gets too busy for me so I have to put this aside for a moment. Finally, my baby son reach 1 year old. Gosh, I know right???? Time moves just so fast. In  a blink of an eye, he is 1 already. But will blog it later.

Here what I have for breakfast. Went to d clinic yesterday, but I was given a drowsy pills. Means, I can only eat after work. Or else I'll end up sleeping on my desk.

And my son not feeling well too. Too bad have to see him cough n cry alot. If only I could take his pain away.

Thats it. See ya

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Misssssssingggg home soo bad. D last time I went home was a month ago. Sad. Really sad. But I applied leaves on early May already. Yeye. Hopefully,  my sickness gone that time.

Sisi n bro will going back to celebrate dad's birthday. Sigh. So sad cant join them. Sigh.

Monday, March 25, 2013

The walking dead

I wish d walking dead aired everyday cause waiting can be such a pain. Watched it last night on fox, exactly at 11pm. Husby was so sleepy that he couldnt wait for d show to end, I tried to wake his cousins but they were too sleepy already. Yes. Im a bit scared watching these zombies ALONE. I need a company to scream. Haha so with my guts, I watched it alone in d living room. Last episode didnt scared me like this episode.  My god, I quickly changed d channel if it's too much horror. Haha but cant wait next episode,  looks like they'll be having a war.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Worst feeling

It's a gloomy saturday. Lesson of d day; life is not all about roses n laughter. Sometimes life can bite ur ass n my, d pain is just so real.

Keep to myself; never shows ur weakness even to ur closest person, cause ignorance is sux than any else. Soooo.... whatever it is, I will keep to myself only. People change. How can I expect him to be d same now.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Run running run

Feeling hungry already. Waiting for my dearest colleague for lunch, few things running in my head  some done, some pending. I need to re dye my hair to black. Hitam mutu keunggulan. Haha I need to cut it a bit. I need to re deco my bedroom n living room. D old deco makes me bored. I need to pack my unused items and donate. Few boxes has been donated. Need to re pack again. I need to do the EA filing.  Hopefully ada rebate juga. Haha last year negative so yes hopefully this time ada rebate. I need to find more companies for salary deduction. Need to increase d profit. I need to go to krabi.. I miss traveling. Havent decide where to go yet, so far just within malaysia. But krabi or korea sounds good. Haha hopefully there's more bonus be given. Hahaha

Well. Thats it. Later

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Forever yours

Husby planned a night together at Four Points by Sheraton Hotel last sunday, for our wedding's anniversary ;) Rayyan enjoyed it d most actually, we can tell it by d smile he shows.. and his laughed. Haha we even got to swim together. Sunburn but it's okay.

Thanks dear for d night we three spent together. Thanks for sticking with me around thru d good and bad times. I know sometimes I can be a real snail mummy doing d house chores, but instead of nagging me to speed up, u offer a helping hand to do the laundries n cleaning ;) u even willing to wake up at 3am just to feed our son, everyday.

Im in love over and over again.
And its cool of how we can still talk about d past n have a laugh of it.

Im Forever yours!  xoxo

Anywayyyyy, Let's roll our pictures ;)