Monday, October 29, 2012

It's Monday again.

Thank God it's Monday again.
because Friday is coming in few more days!
=D we've been staying at my mum-in-law's house since Thursday and oh gosh, i just realized ive consumed too many foods and im getting really really really fat. Altho my dearest encik suami keep denying it but yes, pretty sure he just saying no to stop me from keepppp on complaining. hah! anyways, my baby has finally learn how to lie his face downwardly! he's growing up so fast! haha and oh my gosh, he knows how to fake his crying too! he usually will laugh when he sees us running to him. 

miss him already :) 


Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Monday!

“Don't cry because it's over, 

smile because it happened.” 
― Dr. Seuss


Friday, October 19, 2012

Bella Swan

Found this pic! hoho it was taken last two years if im not wrong. me, my sisi and cousins were trying to do Bella's face! ahaha i know, FAILED. ahaha

but it was really fun. we snap lots of pics, the sad, weird, etc. and i dunno how the idea of becoming Bella came in. 


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jane By Design, Get these look!

Jane By Design

I am so addicted with them!! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mata oh Mata

i think my eyes condition getting worst T_________________T
if u ask me years ago, i might say yes to the spectacles. but nowwww?? 
id prefer to be half blind than wearing it, cause did you really know that spectacles leaves a FOOTPRINT on your nose? 

contact lense? too many hassle. 

it gets harder when im driving at night, cant see the road ahead. 

jadeey, pa matciam la ni? 

Phone, training, randomly talk

Osonong kosuabon kuma id tompinai ngawi! 
=) this week moves quite slower than last week. I woke up and realize it's still NOT friday T___T i hate how it tortures me mentally. anyway, we had this kind of training name 'UTO Roadshow' which define Unit Trust Operation. well, the training was a bit boring actually, not because the speaker talks real slow or giving that serious face, but because it was held after work and all i had in mind was 'is my Rayyan sleeping by the time i reach home?'

i cant concentrate to be short. 

well, i sat at the back with the guys. one of them suddenly took my bb and started to unlock it. he pressed the answer/stop button, still locked. he then touch the screen but then, still locked. he started to unlock it with soooo many way! but because he's a Samsung Galaxy's user, he started to rub my bb's screen and done these figures wishing it could unlocked it. 

i cant stop laughing! i seriously think the speaker heard us.
with this give-up face, he returned me the phone. haha!

well it didnt end there actually. we started to pass notes to each of us, the bapa2 budak joined in. it seriously felt like high school. haha Thank God the training didnt last til midnight, like some branches. our branch might be the earliest to finish the training i guess. we bid goodbye to the speaker few minutes before 8pm, which 1 1/2 hours earlier than scheduled.

one of the reason because we were text by one of the bapa budak saying 'Untuk mempercepatkan lg taklimat, tiada sesiapa dibenarkan untuk membuat pertanyaan!!'

that's it for today.

A little thought..

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Love of my life :)

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Sate Time, anyone?

walaupun saya makin gemuk, walaupun saya makin tembam, walaupun saya bukan size S suda..
but, Sate, kau tetap dihati! =D

makan2 di ofis last friday, it's for Kak BB's farewell party actually, she's been with us for the whole week and now it's her time to go back to KK Branch. jadeyyy, makan2 sate laaaa kita. 


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bandung Indonesia

waduh waduhhh, kok entrinyaa lama bangat ya di post. gue itu lagi busy dong, nggak ada masa blogging2 gituuu.waduhhh, gue itu kangen bicara seperti indon ya. gue itu lagi pangen ke Bandung. Macetnya nggak lumayan seperti jakartaaaa.. :D

this time, i wanna post about Bandung. oh, it's a nice place, i love it there, more than loving Jakarta, the view, the people, the mountains. you see, it almost reminds you of your own place. 

here's d recap. 

to be continue ..

Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy Anniversary !


Happy so many returns to me for attaching myself with ASNB for 2 years now! cant believed ive been together with PNB for 2 years already. =)

i still remember the day i decided to send my resume to PNB. it was a bit funny and lucky, i guess. it was Thursday, and almost 4pm, my dear  (which is now my encik suami) text me and told there's vacancy in ASNB Sandakan. i was not really that thrilled actually cause that day was the closing date to apply.  but hubby said i can just fax it to them. Told Dad and he insisted me, so we went out to copy all my certificates, re-edit my resume, got all the certificates certified and just minutes before 5pm, we managed to fax all the documents needed. 

10 minutes later, ive got a call from the PNB Staff ( Kak Wan) , 
and she said i was chosen for interview which was held the NEXT MORNING, 11am on Friday. trillions of things loads in my mind, how on earth could i attend the interview at that last minute called? ive not prepared any thing, ive zero knowledge about all those unit trust thing! but Dad then, asked my younger bro to send me off. it was his first time driving to Sandakan, so kesian. but Thank God he's willing to :) 

okay, so the interview went well. 
the panels from KL asked me about accounting, attitude and so on. 
oh, he even questioned me about applying a credit card. it was funny cause ive been longing to have one for quite some times indeed. he asked ;

'if any of the promoter from any bank offers you a credit card, will you consider it?'
confidently i replied, no. 
he then asked why. 
and i told him Credit Card actually is a future money, which we get to spend it now, pay it later. it somehow trapped you in a debt. If you can control the usage, it's okay but what if you cant, it will cause you to debt in a large sum of money. 
he continue, 'yes, because if you were accepted, you'll going to advise people about the saving, money control etc.  it would be a shame if you're yourself cant control your debt'

but yeah. talk is nice. 
i actually applied one the day after i received the confirmation letter!

anway, i feel blessed to be part of the PNB Group. i learn alot actually, i meet many many many kinds of people, dramas, difficulties, friendship, buddies, happiness. i am blessed with life i have now :) i think i am growing mature along with the institute. 

hey, life is not all about rainbows right? sometimes you have to go through the rain to see the rainbow. that's life. that's the nature of life. if you dont experience sadness, you wont appreciate your happiness and if you dont experience difficulties, you wont appreciate the good times. what can i say, count your blessing! 

Happy anniversary to me! :D
20th September 2012. 
2 years and still counting ..

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oh Ranau dear :)

done packing! 
can you believe that it took me almost two hours just to pack my son's belonging? I know, right? haha ! i have to make sure everything's there, including my encik suami's belonging. he's easy, i dont have to ask him which shirt he wants to wear cause basically, he'll wear all the shirt i prepare for him. termasuk la baju kerja :) 

May the journey will be protected and blessed by the Almighty.