Friday, December 31, 2010

Goooood Night

My God, im sooooo sleepy but the night is still young tho.

& our PM announced tomorrow CUTI!!

Let's Wrap the 2010's diary.

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. ~Oprah Winfrey

It's New Year Eve everybody! okay, it is really the time for us to bid GOODBYE to the dearest 2010 who had been with us for the past 365 days. How did Mr.2010 treat me over the year? It's been rough at the beginning indeed. but allow me to summarize them in a sentence, will ya? :D

: was a rough month in history. i mean like seriously rough. i only can picture a dead end ahead.

: went to Perth, Australia with my sister & her two friends. it was a dream come true. Aussie has been my dream place for centuries.

: My sister's wedding at Groom's side. I seriously feel of losing her, but.. to someone better (:

: I missed the day. tho i remembered it so perfectly clear

: My sister's wedding at Our side! :D
: First Reunion of ex- Dip Of Accountancy Student in UiTM at Tang Dynasty Park Hotel.
which i personally organized it. oh, with Sharon's help also.

: Went for an interview at ASNB,Sandakan with my bros.

: My birthday.

: Worked in Tang Dynasty Park, Hotel as Reservation, back office.
: The TDPH's manager offered me to be his secretary but due to the lack chemistry among the female workers, i lost my interest and i resigned.
: A day after my last day in TDPH, Dad called me with a GOOD NEWS. i got the offer letter from PNB :D

: Report duty in ASNB, Sandakan
: Get in touch with my LONG-LOST Cousins in Sandakan.

: Move in to new house and met Yana & Tisha, my housemates
: Hospitalized for a week.

: Suddenly, saw what im actually heading to in life. and surprisingly, i even started to plan for my future. i mean, like, planning with commitment.

: My dearest bff got married (': glad she has found her soul mate already.
: After years, i join the crowd for the new year's countdown this year.

It's a year to remember


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Walk down the isle

and now, i pronounce you husband and wife :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!


sometimes, i wished to celebrate it somewhere, over the seas & experience the snow thingy. hopefully, someday! :D *finger crossed*

i got sick days before eve. mum & dad had to take me from Sandakan, tho i tried to convince them im okay, and i dont need them to drive 3 hours+ just to take me home, it'll burden them more, but they're not listening at all :(

love you mum, dad :')

more events til this end of year.
25 - christmas open house
26 - bff's house for wedding's preparation
27 - go back kg. kota marudu for cousin's wedding
28 - bff's wedding!!!
29 - going back to the land of Orang Utan

and starts busy on January, 2011! that's the plan.
anyhoo, me & sibs went for a dinner at Kg, Nelayan last Saturday. our table was on the boat, which is awesome! at the end of the dinner, we had the cake for my mum's birthday :D

that's a wrap for today! til next update, cheers! :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

time ticking.

im in kk already, i slept on the plane all the way. quite tired, after went through the rain yesterday, running there & here to catch taxi and all that, finally, im home. fuh! but LOVE all the christmas decos in kl! songs of white christmas are everywhere, i really feels CHRISTMAS! .. and without knowing any reason, there's a little crystal running through my cheek everytime the silver bells song played. i miss something that i dont actually remember what was the thing im missing of.

i wanted to feel the joys of this celebration :)

since my hp was broken in two, im using my lame nokia hp at the moment. no pictures taking.



Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thursday, December 9, 2010

2011's gateway.

few weeks ahead before i bid goodbye to my dearest volatile year :) lots of unexpected things happened and will summarize my EVERY 2010's THINGS at the end of this year :P but, seriously, TIME FLIES REALLY FAST!

i was talking with my colleague about buying a property this afternoon, to buy a car, house, land or whatsoever. a way to, at least, guaranteed our future.. since, we never know what's tomorrow may hold for us. but, instead being keen to get involved with this property things, i actually have a better idea to spend my extra money [if any] next year.

V A C A T I O N.

i have several places to go next year, hopefully, with God's will, i can visit all of them in a YEAR!
wish me luck!

ain't this beautiful?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happily Ever After ♥

Fate brought you two together :)

i wish you all the best in your new life, may more happiness, lucks and joys fill in your both everyday's life :) congratulations Intan!

Monday, December 6, 2010

SEAFOOD! ngeee..

Udang, Sotong, Kerang, Ikan! Hohoho.. dine at Seafood Restaurant, Pasir Putih here at Sandakan, a couple of weeks ago. Yana brought us here, shes so freaking in love with theseeeee foods! i m kinda allergic to it, tapi orang bilang, HANTAM seja laaa... :P

me at my worst.
"Gila, Kanyang gila! gila pun tia kanyang gini!"

Gjul at his best.
"ala relek ba jane, kita makan pelan2... nyum2..."

Yana at his calm eating mood
"hehehe.. akhirnya aku puas makan udang.. muahehe "

total spent: RM150+

Thanks ALOT Yana :D

Saturday, December 4, 2010


GUESS WHAT? my boss a.k.a Ketua Jabatan found my facebook -_- and yes, he click the adding thing to his account. we're about to become the FACEBOOK'S BFF. lol. Luckily, FB has this 'Privacy' term which i can actually blocking him from seeing my certain status and my crazy-almost-nude pictures. Fuh. so, GOOD JOB FACEBOOK! :D

Anyhoo, to err is a human :) we may remember to hide whatsoever status in our fb account from the people you wished to not befriend with, but at times, we may also be careless and just being so forgotten. like what happened to Miss hateherboss.


The Christmas Spirit!!

Santa Claus is coming to town!!



my FIMM examination's date has been finally confirmed by the HQ today. after a long wait actually -_- both me and yana will sit the exam on the SAME DATE, hurray! :D i need to STUDY now! but i cant find the mood to do the revision thing.. tomorrow, perhaps. do it the same just like 2 years back then - stay up, nescafe and revision papers.. rindu o mau jadi student ni :P gladly, PNB benefits us with ONE DAY OFF for study :D i just cant say in words how thankful i am to be part of them :)

with hopes and prayers, i hope i pass the exam!


and thus, i can communicate freely and widely on how investment is the best way to save your money :) will off to kl again this coming week, 14 till 18th for a course. im not going with Yana this time, with Kak Valerie instead. so, hopefully it'll be a fun course :P

off to bed guys :D
nitey nite


Are you there?


play badminton with my colleague & friends yesterday! omg. woke up this morning with cramp all over. but, this cramp worth every tiny sweat!! it was fun tho :D

and our Ketua Jabatan will join us to play next week. HAHA lets see how we goes.