Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sungkaian XD

Okay, fasting moment. it's my first time, guys!! i was desperately dying craving for water on my first day but then again, im getting used to it days after. in fact, after 20 days, i finally can fit all of my baju kurung moden. kalau sblm ni, mesti mau tahan2 nafas lagi o! hahaa well, just like previously, my colleagues planned of went sungkai-an together, and this year we had the chance to sungkai-an twice ! ^^

1) Restaurant Seafood 88, Sim-Sim. 

which was helly delly really! we had crab, prawns, steamy fish, sweet and sour, kailan, tom yam soup and u name it. in the end, we spent almost RM480+ for our dearest stomach.

2) McDonald 

Oh, who doesnt love food, we all does. 

well, later :)

I lurveeeeeee gift!

Thanks dear :)