Friday, August 21, 2015

Nasi Goreng Kampung

i am not d fan of spicy food, i usually only take a pinch of lada to flavourise my food. normally i will ask d waitress to minimise d spicy IF i tiba2 'siakan' (feel like eating) spicy foods. 

heres d less spicy version of Nasi Goteng Kampung. 

Good news is, It is Fridayyyy ❤️

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Rojak. one of my fav. nyummmm 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ninie Jane

i should have pack my bags now for my cousin's wedding ( seeee u soon cheng2).. but u see, i cant stay focus. i literally cant get this phone out of my hand haha so, i came accross with this topic. a little details about Ninie Jane, no one even really care anyway but to keep my blog updated, i say, why not? 

i am a pure Dusun of which u can tell from my look. some times i wish my nose will be a little bit mancung but my face surely cant handle that. so yes. i am fine with my Dusun Look. i am more to Daddys face. 

Mummy (and i) were struggled to let me see d world, i was told that i nearly couldnt make it cause the tali pusat wrapped tightly around my neck but Thank God, He gave me a chance to feel d world (basically seeing how dramatic our pm is! haha) & d rest of d good reasons i couldnt be thanked enough. 

I was d youngest sister in d family & i had a cat-dog relationship with my sister (i was d cat!! haha) but as i grew up and learn theres so much more to explore, i realized shes d greatest blessing i have to guide, support, love me in time of bad and good. now i cant imagined myself living in d world without her ❤️ hugs*

Traveling & seeing a new places is everyones favourite! so do me! i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee traveling but i hate d plane. i have a big issue with height so yes. u know why. I wish i can see Europe, New Zealand & Korea soonest. I wanted to find d perfect time to see Korea in person. last two years, my husband asked i can pick any Asian place for us to travel & he suggested Korea but i choose Hong Kong instead. now im asking myself, why. 

i have no super natural power. i am just an ordinary lady who loves to hug & laugh so hard. But. but. but. theres a limit for my kindness (aisey) i am truly madly deeply HATE (& sometimes, keep d hatred last) for a person who do not understand d meaning of Limit. if it's too much, you'll get to see d evil side of me 😤 general la. 

i love shopping. i really really love shopping. but haha i dont spend my money at d Very high class boutique mcm LV. basically i dont (yet) like their designs sama sebab saya tidak mampu hahahahahaha

okay, maybe i should start packing my stuff now. til then, churrosss nyummm❤️

Food lover

Omaii i was admitted to emergency for three hours because of Diarhea & Gastric. the pain was just unbearable (but u cant compare with d labor pain) Alhamdulillah, i am well. fine from those two. just that i am currently in d mood swings, probably i have eaten alot of medicines. Flu. Thyroid. Cough. Sore Throat. Liver. Fever. just a little bit unwell. 

anywayy, weekdays has been great for me. i shop. i ate alot (diarrhea i know) so heres some of d foods pic i have purposedly took just for your eyes only. hihi 

til then ❤️

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


i woke up wt dizziness & feeling weak. no, im not pregnant. i had been suffering from diarhea since yesternoon & all i want now is laying on my bed, resting. 

but again, i have to go to work. 

so d thought of having a nice rest on my bed is not going to happen, now. cuddling with my son would be d best therapy too 😊 

alright, lets see how d day will goes. xx

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

no matter how busy life gets, save some moment for a sweet thought 😊

just came back from kekeh last sunday & it's never kwel to get my ass back to work. esp with all d Audit thing, i have to recheck all my files of which i questioned myself alot, why in d first place i didnt just complete d file perfectly every month so i dont have to deal with this recheck file issue. 
how adorable are they? :) 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Friday, May 22, 2015

🎶 causeee youu light of my lifee 🎶

i promised myself to clear d wardrobe 30 minutes ago, but i am still sitting at d corner of this bed, lookinggg and (just) buy lots of stuff online! not cool. ive been staying with my in laws for more than a month now. no, actually it has been more than 2 months. i gained weight (alot!) here but i dont have to clean the house everyday like what i did back at home. it's a guilty pleasure. i hate becoming fat but i also love im having more of me time at night. 

Daisy jie just asked my 'so Jane, wheres your next destination?' at d office today. 
i am sooo looking foward to visit Korea! Spring would sound awesome, i am so2 keen to see the Sakuras! tapiii my husband just not in d mood of traveling right now. 

so yes. my next destination would be, Ranau or kk, only. 

picture : taken in Osaka last autumn. just a lil inspire for me to keep on checking the air ticket hoping for a good luck! 

ok, saranghea ❤️

Thursday, May 21, 2015

because i wish it is saturday

well, i am still having a slight fever, sore throat and running nose. i wish i can still lay on my bed, resting. 

but sadly, it is not saturday. not even friday. so life has to move on. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Oh my nutella

i have a new addiction. it's called nuhh tehhh lah! 😂 i baked macaroons with nutella filing once but urg, d taste was just too sweet (of which i had already cut d amount of sugar to half) but thisss, omg. i think i can finish two of these in just a minute! i hardly find this kind of nutella in most shops here but you can get in Tai Chung supermarket cost rm9.90 each. of course in KK no problem laa to buy this kan. 

happy face! in Singapore, they sell it only 3 Dollar for two!! soo lucky eh singaporean. 

& husby bought me alotttt from his visit in Kehel 😘😍 i still have few in his luggage haha! 

ok til then, lets nutella-ing 😍

the difference between the smart people and the so not smart people.

happy birthday dear sweetie pie!

omg, can u imagined it is already May? like, almost 5 months have actually passed since we bid goodbye 2014? another week ahead & it's going to be June. geez. 

anyway, my son turned 3 last week. u gotta believed that cause i myself too cant believed hes 3 years already. i still can freshly remembered his tiny fragile body when i held him first in my arms. the true love i feel. gosh, what a great years have  it been. becoming a mother is such an amazing job & i am just feeling blessed. 

Happy birthday sweetie pie. mummy's little hero & bodyguard. i love you to the moon & back..