Sunday, July 31, 2011

A little toast for last night :)

Just so sweet :')

Relax and Dance.

Just reached home, and it was a blast evening! Mike fetch me at home & we straightly went to the Faces. Listening to music, being crazy and drink! HAHA! the Band is awesome, all the way from the Philipines, great voices indeed. They even chat with us and Hey, one of the guys has Bruno Mars Face! :D

I just love it. esp the part they sang Listen -Beyonce.
I am truly moved by her voice. gila!

That's a wrap for today.
Nite guys.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rest In Peace

Amy Winehouse.

Malaysia vs Singapore

Ohhhh my God!!

i am soooo depressed!! i cannot believe Malaysia didnt make it to the 2014 World Cup. It's so close!! Gosh! no matter how fond i am to Singapore, Universal Studio especially, i still find them as a .. drama king! gosh, how on earth could they lie on the field, pretending to be so sick when no touch/kick was done? stupid eh! and only 5 minutes additional time? after all the dramas happened?? yer!! so frustrated oh!

But you have our respect Mr. Fahmi! One goal tembus, but that's okay. he managed to save his team from getting even worst! :) i thought he's a Japanese! XD

Anyway, no worries guys. there is always a next match :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

my bb seems to have a prob since it cant be connected properly and when it does, d line just gives a strike in d head.

Too slow.

I hv to browse everything thru my hp and it is not FREE! I have 2 make sure i hv some ringgit inside before i can log in to my acc. too much hassle! Altho d celcom shop is just 2 minutes walked from d office. Muahehehe!

oh, Amy Winehouse was found dead. So sad her life ended that way. RIP. Love is a losing game .

later guys.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I wanted to see the world from the top but not like this..

so amazing!

Hi, How are you?

wtf! something is sooo wrong wt my lappy.
it got infected by virus from the fb's chatbox and i cant log in to my account using any of the search engine. Guys, listen! if any of your friend chat with you starting with


NEVER REPLY! cause he/she will gives u the f link and it's a VIRUS!
my bf accidentally download the 'latest adobe flash' which turned out to be the f virus! but they make it sounds so real however, cause basically, only our fb's friends can use the chat. and hi, how are you? is such a common word to start any conversation right????!

oh gosh,
so, fuck to whoever spread/cause this f virus!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Never thought (that i could love)

this week has been the slowest week ive ever been to!! it was a hard time for me to count every tick, wishing and praying it will so Friday soon! why?

a . the auditor will fly back to kl tomorrow, which is really a good news for the entire office. we were such in mess to tell ya the truth. i thanked God i did had the time to finish the batching just right before the Auditors came.

b. i'll get the air-conditioner installed tomorrow :D

c. Gaji day which is on FRIDAY :D

d. Weekend. i just love weekend. muahehehe!

e. pampering myself. no, i cant be pampered at the office. i was trapped in the great pressure that was almost drowning me. i am having a little hard time to know that i have to be at the back office, and pretending to be busy. since basically, all i do is just the Salary Deduction things, kwsp (if any), attend seminars and some admins work.

i feel bad to waste my time with nothing.
even if i tried to read back all the files (for our coming confirmation interview) i still finds it so stressful. is there is any case that people dead because of too stressful for not having a lot of work?

muahehehe! i'll break the record. hohoho!
yes, this is people. you complaint for having too much work and you still complaint for not having work. this is normal people. Life is like that =P we will never be satisfy for every thing we owned or done. i mean, me. i have never really knows what i wants in life for real.

all i know, are these

i want to have billions of money in my saving account.
i want to own a car.
i want Iphone.
i want to have a good career.
i want to be confirmed.
i want to meet Lee MinHo in person.
i want to compose a song.
i want a pretty fair skin.
i want a wavy long hair.
i want to fix things.
i want to stay with my parents for ever.
i want Khayla to grow up and so we could go to shop and travel together.
i want to travel with my family to New Zealand.
i want to settle down, get married and have kids.
i want a happy marriage life.


and the list continue on and on ..
but anyway, as i said, life is like that. we wont have the signs or premonitions of the future. so, let's just have our finger crossed and hope :)


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Check Mate!

Gosh!!! we were so in mess today! without expectation, without information, 3 Financial Audit came to the office and will be there for 3 days!


i swear to God i can feel thousand of butterflies dancing inside my stomach!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


i'll be staying up little more time, waiting til my video completely uploaded to my fb. it take ages to upload for just a 7.02 mins vid T_T . . i am getting really tired. Ive been moving and packing things in my bedroom since evening, someone is going to move in with us next week,

the good thing is, we'll divide our house rent to 3 pax.

the bad thing is, we've to repack & reorganize our closet since it has been our 'bilik baju' all these while.


:D oh gosh, Mark! can u please enhance your video uploading system?
i cant wait this long. uhhh

oh, i love gift =P

i wanna make this short and simple. cause im running out of ideas, of what to talk and describe. . has anyone ever read this anyway? :D

and that is why i have pictures all the way down :P
picture tells story effectively than words.

okay. i love gift. i just love it. regardless of any thing, i will still love it. as long it is given not by myself and it's wrapped, i will be the happiest lady u've ever seen :D

My man was supposed to surprise me by the parcel he had secretly posted to my office's address days before my birthday. clumsy him, he let me hold his phone and i accidental read his text. HAHA so, yes, i knew all the plan. seeing my reaction reading those texts, he grabbed the phone and said

' you shouldnt read this!!!!! astaga!! '

he forgot to delete it. hihi so, the day i supposedly to jump and be surprised, i finally received the parcel and it has beautiful words written with it. my, it was so lovely :) i love it a lot!!

i was almost collapse into tears, or - wailing - when he surprised me again days after birthday, with a pair of Grey Contact Lens. aww :') he wasnt really into buying things like this, and i am not encouraged to spent money to it either, he'll always reply me like,

'You already got glasses, so what's up with the lens?'

and this time, hee bought it for me!! waahh, soo happppy! (even dia sikit t'salah degree tu lens, hihi) :D

BFF - Bestfriend Forever <3

it was custom made for me, and actually, the 8 of us got it each for birthday.

Gomoi bought it for me all the way from Korea :)
Samsamidaaaa ^^

p/s: cannot wait for May to come. weee, experience Seoul <3

and Kak Vel gave me the Floral Pinky Hair Clip :)


with most of it. this is the coolest!
i got a parcel sent by Skynet last Thursday.
i seriously thought i had won some kind of a contest. it was wrapped nicely, too big to guess. i was slowly opening it with my colleague around. and funny was, they kept on guessing what would the item be.

'Jane, handbag kali'
'Jane, Pasu Bunga kali'

hehe.. but it was way better than those!!! i got a mug with my sister's and my face on it!!!! it is sooooooooo pretty!!!!! i was overjoy! i was just waiting for Ashley to come out and said 'You've got Punk!'

i love it soooooooo much!!!!!

and i just cant thank enough :')

oh, i bought a cactus for myself.

and it has a name.



That's it for now.
til next post, Daaaa ~

Friday, July 15, 2011

Rest In Peace

God bless your soul
may your pain will gone forever and having a good life up there
i never thought last monday would be the last time we met

Rest In Peace Ah hui.

God loves you more and your memories stay in hearts of all the families and friends you've leave behind.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011





Think about the goooood times :)

I just dont think u are wise enough to tell me what to do.

Naaah, i dont care. i wont give it a f damn.
it is my business, and it is my task.
so, dont give a shit to things that i did.
instead of questioning people's work,
you should looks at yours first. on the tray, for example. or, inside the locker.
so, if you may, please .. get out of my way.

like, for ever.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Hairdo ~

i am getting really tired of my hair style, in fact it doesnt looks good at all.
pretty dry actually, and ponytail is the only option i have. sooo boring eh!
im thinking of getting it curly again, for the hundred times =P
mum said
'tia payahla.. nanti tia sampai 1 bulan, kasi lurus juga balik'

but i need to, i really need to change my look.

How about these ;


If im in my mid 30's, then yes.


i have my eyes on Whitney's wavy hair! it looks so perfect on her, seriously because she is beautiful :)) and i dont think it's permanent wavy, i bet she had her hairstylist every morning do the curly thing.

that's mean if i wish to have just like hers, i must
1) change my hair colour, like, again.
2) wakes up at 5am and do the perming.
3) getting myself a hairstylist =P

But it is soooooooooooooooooooo pretty!! i like it! a lot!!

or maybe, i should just cut it shorter, just like Whitney's new looks.
but, in black/brown hair version.

I am so confused! :(

Youth Alpha

It's Sunday already!
Happy Sunday people :))

participates in Youth Alpha at St. Mary's Church yesterday (like, 2 hours ago) it started right after Sunset Mass, and it was my first time attending it. It was fun, brings me closer to Him, indeed. i started to sing so loud altho it was my first time singing that song, and, everyone are so nice to me. How awesome!

i miss my Uitm's life.
i miss everyone.


reach home 30 minutes passed midnight.
and im stillll wide awake at d moment :D

later ~

Friday, July 8, 2011

MARK, hear me please!

"You're blocked for two days in sending friend request"


this is the perfect time for me to start adding more people in my E-closet and you're telling me this? seriously Mark? seriously??


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The 3rd cake for July! :'D

My goshhh!! they got me!! i was deadly surprised to see them singing me a birthday song and with that cake on their hand when they coming from the front door! :D

and i loooook really bad cause i havent do any touch up on my face! :P if i knew the plan, i would paitung my face! lol!!!


T H A N K Y O U, guys :)) for willing to come over and celebrate.

I am truly touched!


Monday, July 4, 2011

On the day itself. and yes, Age is just a number =P

i reached home on Sunday and found these!
Mum cooked and Dad bought the cake for me :') i am so touched! cause Dad has never bought a cake before! :D there was only few of us that night. oh, and we have Moon River shortly after the dinner :P

Thanks to my family <3 those who text for wishing birthday, especially those in advance :), all the Fbookers who took their time just to wrote me a note and dearly friends who remembered :)

Love you all! :D


Birthday's eve and im getting old! :P

It's my birthday, i reli wanna get with you .. - Misz Nina

Look what i have on my birthday's eve!
thanks alot to my dearest one & buddies :))
it made my day :')

let these pix tell the stories okay? :D

It was soo fun! especially when Gomoi trying to throw all the ices to me! i was running left to right. and in the end, she's the one who got the ices threw inside her blouse! lol!

reach home approximately at 2am :)