Monday, January 21, 2013

Thank You God.

My HOB handed us the letter from our Director and weeeeee... Thank You God! Thank You PNB! seriously. it really cheer my monday. It makes my day. didnt expect it to be incremented that high, Praise God. Thank You. I am overwhelmed. 

p/s: Rest In Peace little angel Khayla. Mummy miss you. I know you're in a better place now. Sleep well sayang

Friday, January 18, 2013


t's truly heartbreaking for the lost of our little angel, Khayla. 
I love you with all my heart
I am really sure you're in a better place now, Rest in peace, sayang. 


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Istanbul, Aku Datang!

Next trip:

finger crossed!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Let's do the welcoming talk.

It's 6 days after we officially changed the year to another BRAND new year. im welcoming 2013 with my arms wide open. the widest possibility i can. i was at Ranau celebrating new year with my parents and husband plus the little one. no big celebration as i blog earlier. but, when the clock strikes exactly at 12, we were all hugging, wishing and apologizing. wishing the best for 2013.

hows the new year treat me so far?
well, friends has been quite the same. texting, laughing, cheering and all that. 
office environment, it has been a busy week for us esp the front line, LOTS of investors came in, altho it's heavily raining, it doesnt stop them from coming to our branch and update their account. Oh, in case you havent heard yet, 

ASB Dividen is 7.75 and Bonus 1.15
Goooo, update your account! =D

2012 has been a surprising year for me. Lots of things happened unexpectedly. but, in a good way. Let's summarized it, 

  • Officially changed my status from Miss to Mrs. 
  • Wedding theme was Purple. 


  • Went to Bandung, Indonesia. I love it compared to Jakarta. the weather was really nice, the factory outlet omg, there're too many. shop til you drop org bilang! haha
  • Gave birth to a wonderful baby Rayyan D. 
  • Learn how to be a wifey, mummy and worker at the same time. 
  • Went to KL with my husby and son 4 times. was my first time kai-kai there with him :)
  • Become a Tupperware's lover.

My hope in 2013 a.k.a resolutions. 


Start save more money. 


Skinny with curve bilang c benny liew sama sa. im gaining extra extra extra weight since i gave birth to my son. so, i need to diet and hoping to be skinny this year. i should really control my food. i just cant stop resisting foods. 


of which im still learning to be, every day. 

Okay, let's finger crossed hoping and wishing i could accomplished these mission. that's for today. 

signing off, 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


 hurm. yes, maybe we can call it the new year shopping. haha my husband, my little dearly sunny son and i went out to shop yesterday. nothing much i bought, just some of those things i really love to wear, Oh i am sooooo happy that my jeans' size gets smaller !! dancing* what i have here, well. an external hard disk, a jeans, two pairs of heels, a flip flop, brown skinny slack, blouse, hard rock's tshirt, kicthen's stuff, some house accessories, food? hehehe

i bought a levi's wallet for my other half, he really needs to change the old one. in return, he bought me a pair of gold earrings. hugs* he shouldnt have to :') but i love the gift. i really do. altho it wasnt wrapped in a gift paper, it still looks great in that red case. haha

Guess who we bumped at the Rock Shop??
everyone call her Kak Jee, but i known her as Fauziah Latiff. she's awesome, down to earth and really nice. i dont know she's good in baby talk! haha 

it's so great to know that Sabah finally has its own Hard Rock Cafe. Buli baaaaa kalau kita! haha here's some of the snaps for that day :)


Happy New Year again! it's January, 1st 2013 guys.
Thank God we get out of 2012 alive. hehe


Well here's the snap of us having a night out. it was just right after we touched down at KKIA, buddy Yana fetch us and went straightly to Upperstar, Segama.  oh, i did blog it before. haha 


Yana with Her FIANCE. she's going toooooooooo get married next year! HURRAY!



Tapi, paling menang ni juga la. hahaa THE BEST MENU FOR THE NIGHT!


Congratulations dear lalyng!

well, here's the reason of why we're flew back to Sandakan last saturday. it's for her wedding and was held at my MIL's house :) Congratulations anty muda! wishing you both a deeply love and live happily ever after. 

i love this! esp the cake table. oh my. 

Dearly husband wt long lost friend. 
 btw, HAPPY NEW YEAR people!! let's welcome the year wt widea arms open. xx