Sunday, September 10, 2017


The same old me. Just more Fat.

I remember those days when i always excited to find the times to blog, back then when i was still studying, i used to go to next block & sat for several hours at d edge of d stairs, just to blog! but now since i have already become a mum, i hardly find d good times to share how my days were..

Oh and those days when i used to hang out with my good friends, laughing and sharing what life lays ahead.. geez, yeah. i miss those kind of moments. No no, im not complaining, being a mummy is the greatest feeling on earth, you know, i finally learn how to be a mum, a doctor, a teacher, a maid all at once.. 

Of how i suddenly lost interest in buying stuff for myself but get excited when it comes to my kids' stuff.. motherhood really taught and still teachs me alot. 

But still, i miss those moments. 
Those moments sitting on the beach eating jagung, watching the sun sets in, having a laugh about life, oh went to kbox to sing my heart out loud! gosh. nowadays menyanyi guna portable microphone ja la hihi 

Some friends avoided me because they thought i have totally changed, you know, to someone new. But heyyyy, i am still the same lady ba. i am the same Ninie you can have a good laugh with, and talk about anything else.. i wish i can tell somebody how exactly i really feel about this and that, but nahh. whats the point anyway 😅


Saturday, September 9, 2017

Spring 😍

Guess where i'll be spending my time soon? I know, right?? im just beyond excited. Ticket done, i hope nothing goes wrong. 

My wishlist! 💋

Finally. September. 2017

time, where have you been? 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

My thoughts are with you

hope all is well xx