Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Macam cepat btul masa pass me by o ;
it's going to be April 2009 tomorrow.

April's fool kan, my first fool kena today is from my bf. Tapi i said it's INVALID! sebab today belum lagi officially 1st April, altho he insists today is the fool's night [ whatever? ]

anyway, anyway..
i'll be off to kl this may, for my graduation.
so much thing to do this year.
harap2 suma okay saja hehe

nothing much happen today except that bloody witch asked me to do her stupid work again ; but i refused, cause shes asking me a favour NOT in a proper way and.... it has nothing to do with my work. i mean, paying her astro bill?

our office dont have TV ya.

hows your tuesday? let me know :)



Monday, March 30, 2009

Ulat @ Giug!

last nite, while having dinner, me and my sister smelled something really bau! i mentioned it to my sister hours before actually, but we both didnt really thought of finding it, and assuming the smell surely coming from other floors ; or ; outside of our rooms.

and the smell become terrible!
i sniffed like a dog ; trying to find under the sofa.. NO! behind the table.. NO! the floor itself.. NO! and i pulled out this purple paper bag inside this open-drawer ; trying to sniff when suddenly i realized a small creature moving on it!!!! EEEwwww!!! ULAT KICI2 BAA!! I threw away the plastic perfectly right on my sister's CD! and she freaked out, not because of the ulat but because of her CD :P Tindakan Refleks ba urang cakap! Tia t'fikir suda mana mau kasi landing itu benda kan.

I ran to the bathroom and wash my hands, legs and my face.. the ulat can be anywhere on my body cause i sniffed the things! stupid things to do ever! I kept mumbling while killing these ulat "Stupid Ulat! " and my sister said " Bukan itu ulat yang budu, orang yang budu.. " I paused.... RIGHT! we forgot the egg in that paper bag and let the ulat growed there.

I hate Ulat!! and its family + relatives!!

Lipas or Tikus scared me nothing but ulat?? eeeee..!!!!

And i woke up at night just to make sure the ulat not walking on me!!!

[credit to my sister cause she killed these small monsters with her hands, without plastic or tissue.. ]

anyway, happy monday all :D


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Birthdays in Advance! :)

Got this tag from mamamia, [ i told you i have plenty times this afternoon :P ]
The rules to comply with:-
1. Make a list of what you want on your birthday
2. The list should be 10 numbers
3. Post the image of this award in your posting
4. Give it to 10 friends of yours
Wee.. another 4 months before my actual birthday!
My list on my birthday?
can i make it to 100 numbers?
another number to be added in my age?
im getting old!
but, who cares
okay, okay
my list = wishes
1. I need my birthday party to be aired in MTV!!
Wait.. that one for sweet 16 only??? Really?? now i really feel im getting old :(..
i want my birthday to be just simple but with my family, bestfriends and hubby :)
2. A birthday gift of Australia 10 days holidays with a MYR10,000.00 Voucher.
3. To dispose my fat belly.
4. To get a better + Suits Job!
5. Reunion in Manukan / Mabul / Langkawi Island :)
6. To be a part time DJ.
7. To bring family to Vacation.
8. Oya, I want my birthday to be Pink + White Theme :)
9. I want money falls from the sky [ hahaha]
10. I want a longlasting happiness :)
T A G G I N G :
Dear Romeo Brave 26
Fya :)


Yesh > million times!!!!
my boss out for meeting in Sutera.
Just me and Poh left :P
h a p p y

ive done my works already baaah..

my parents going to meet us this evening
and im thinking of overnite with them :P
biar kacau daun!


i found these pictures in my pd.
since i have times to blog, i decided to include them also :P
Fish and chips tried @ Sungei Wang
not bad cause me and Beat were pretty hungry @ this moment ; we ate what we saw.
newingkat suda kan.
something i wont forget is when,
i was talking on d phone with my buddy beth and she asked me where i was that moment.
i said " sunggei weng.. " exactly like DJ Rudy and JJ always said in Hitz, with the "ng", i didnt realized the woman @ d shop listening to me.. tiba-tiba this woman cakap
" Nooooooo.. It is not Sunggei weng.. it is sungei wang.. the pronounce is S U N G E I = sungei, not sunggei "
i stopped for while,
and Beat, Jane, Rose, Bbey, Grace, Siah, Colas were also looking at me,
ketara dorang tahan ketawa ni, cause they know im kidding.
i shouldnt joked about that name.
and we saw JJ Lim/Lin too!!
captured from upstairs can also la kan..

Nasi lemak, our sarapan.

Roti Canai, RM0.70 [ kalau tia silap hehe ]

Amy, Am, Rose with unknow woman, muka penat shooping sd.

yes, mana2 ambi gambar hehe

sweet leenda and bF Pok :)

Me and Gleat, we actually wore the sme pattern-clothes that day:)

i said, everywhere taking pictures :P

and wee.. i tried to kasi makan ikan my feet!

ive always wanted to try this since me and hubby first saw the advertisement in 1B.

i need a course for self-taking-picture :P

kaki pindik!

thx for the POPO in that shop. she thought im Singaporean :P it was a mini shop @ Berjaya Times Square.

RM10/ Half Hour and it feel good to have the children-Talapia-Fishes eating your dead-skin hehe geli juga ni, sampai t'angkat-angkat kaki sa hehehe ba, nasib sikit sja sa jumpa pictures kan, cuba kalau banyak? hehehe..

anyway, Happy Thursday everyone!! Thanks for reading my craps hehehe

He have to go.

can i do anything to bring him back?
or just for awhile to tell him how sorry i was for took him for granted?
i dreamt about him again last night,
he looks happy ; he even got a hair
he got a stall where he sell Bun cakes
me and my cousin came to him and he hugged my cousin ;
and suddenly, they both were crying.
i stood at the back looking at them.
and i indeed dont know how ; it's his birthday actually that day
my cousin said we must give him a present.
there were many of us there ; but i cannot saw their faces ; just my sister, me and my cousin.
and when we're about to give him the gifts
my alarm ringing
tapi sa snoozed balik! :P
and im trying 2 get back to sleep but i dreamt of something else after that :/..
i hope my grandpa's soul will be okay up there ;

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baby Talk

My boss belanja me and colleague Poh a Chicken Pie today ^^ now shes smell good! yeah. hehe the office feel quiet today ; only me, Poh and Boss herself here on the desks, the rest were in the Pacific for the tour. I'll be joining them this weekends *sigh* im recovered from my flu already and i dont know if i should thank my Boss. [ she gave me medicines, fyi ] Cause the good thing of having the cough and Flu until this weekends is, the boss wont let me go to Pacific and meet the guests.... But, Guess i dont have any choice. I dont even know if i can speak well front of Tourists after 3 years resting huhu..

Baby talk.
I was in my boss' room when she looked at her Telephone's Bill.
*sigh*sigh*sigh* thats what shes doing.
and i still looked at her ; with my invoices need to be signed.
she asked me " This is alot of number huh?"
me like usual just nod my head without explanation.

She then said " i called so many peoples, thats why the bills is this much " and kept looking at each of the numbers.
me again was like " oooo..." [ very short and clear answer! copy me hehe ]

" all of this are important calls ( trust me, i dont wanna know :P ), i dont do a baby talk you know " she continue saying.
suddenly, im smiling. baby talk?

i started to imagine.

The boss : ya..ya.. du..du.. doh..bu..bu...tu..te..
Client : guu..fuu...teee..ya..ya...ma.. ma..
The boss : ju..bruuppp....?
Client : OK.

Thats how i interpret Baby talk.
sometimes i just dont understand symbolism.

buddy Eil will go home this evening to chitchat ;
she bought a new notebook!!!
and shes thinking of applying Celcom Broadband this morning..
yeah.. tried to seriously warn her how freaking slow the CB is.

well, drive safety everyone!

Blogging Addicted :P

i thought i am 100% addicted to blog?
prove that i still have my other 19% addiction to something else ; like singing.. :/
try yours now!!

site taken from kadusmama :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Flu, pls go away!

been sick for weeks oo.
u know it's aint comfortable with your nose soo itchy and u keep scratching it for million times!
my boss saw me goyang2 my nose today ; and she kept looking at me ; i pretend i didnt see her.
cause shes the Master of Flu here in office [ haha ]
i bet she knew i got infected by her,

For once, i realized shes not that bad after all. :P She gave me a bottle of Vitamin C which i can chew it like a candy and Tablets for cold & Flu [ Drowsy and Non-Drowsy ], haha she reminds me of my dear mom, but my mum still the best.. hehe My Boss came to me and said "How u feel? feeling much better now? " and i was like .. " ya.. " i wish i explain further, seriously. Tho she showed her care tenderly, her garang face still haunted me and nothing can change that, well.. for now.

Another thing she said
" You have to eat something before you take these medicines , and this Non-Drowsy Tablets is for night so you can sleep well.. you have to eat the Vitamin C twice, u know, because it can cured your flu "

again, i was like.. " okay..... "

She belanja us a dozen of Chocolate Cup Cakes today ^^ i thought of capturing the picture of the cup cake, [because it looks soo mini-cute,] but i forgot that i lost my dear Hp weeks ago -_-

hubby got flu also.. :(

well, Happy Monday everyone!!


Friday, March 20, 2009

Holding Hands ~

As i browsing thru all the images of holding hands,
i found this, i love this image!!

and also, THIS!!!
Policemen holding hands.
girl/woman do this, okay ma kan. no big deal la,
but for man,
im sorry guys
totally weird
but they looks cute or what :P


OverTime = More Stress

*curi tulang sikijap hehe*

i'll be working on sunday and next saturday & sunday!
No rehat day for two weeks!!
The boss thought i'll be happy to know that [ i'll join them to do the big tour ], in fact, i dont. Saturday still can be accepted, but Sunday?
gila la sa ni lama2 huhu

harap2 da Actor Korean [ sa mau yg sana autumn in my heart,bukan yang last2 mati, yg kawan tu mati,.. tapi i forgot his name :P ], atau Jay Chou ikut tu Tour, sa volunteer lagi overtime o hehe amennn..

Another thing,
this sunday will replace my unpaid leave i took previously ; which is a good news ; but next sunday ; i wont be paid. I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING! i should ask for 2 days off ; replacement for that sunday ; and my salary wont be deducted. [ hehehe.. ktawa pjahat suda ni ]

Happy friday anyway :)


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chicken Chop Vs Fish and Chips

me and Hubby went to RESTAURANT EDDIE few nights ago for dinner,
hubby recommended me the place,
and i said " sedap ka sana? "
there were quite alot of people [ppl come and go] and
i saw most of them ate these westerns' .
hubby had this Fish and Chips and me Chicken Chop.

for RM14.00, it's worth la, sebab got 2 'chix' kan :P,
usually there'll be one but big only kan.

the Fish and chips taste yumie and i ended ate most of hubby's fish..

Licin bah

if u think Fish and Co's IB or Warisan Square too far from your place,
should try this at Lintas :)
My Handbag had arrived to me safely!!

thanks Dear!!


"Im trying to get out from here
but still trying to find the reason to "
today, my boss asked me to call this local insurance company ba,
then i call la,
yang lama ni, sempat lagi sa makan kuih sa.
The company : Morning, U******A Insurance.
me : Good morning, id like to ask about applying insurance to new vehicle?
The company : Hah? Sorry?
Me : Mau tanya ba, pasal insurance bus baru
The company : Hah?
Me : Insurance Bus Baru...
The company : Ooo, kejap.
The company : *Different person* Hello? ****** Insurance?
Me : emm.. ya, sa mau tanya pasal insurance bus..
The company : Oo, about vehicle ka?
Me: Ya..
The company : You wait a second aa..
doi, yang lama ni.
The company : Ya?
Me :.. emm.. mau tanya, pasal dokumen yang mau bawa untuk buat insurance bus baru..
The company : Oo.. You wait aa..
The company : U**A*** Insurance,
Me : .. Pasal insurance bus,
The company : ooo, kanapa daaa tu?
Me : mau tanya, pa dokumen dia semua yg perlu..
The company : Dari mana ni?
Me : Company Borneo P*******,
The company : oo.. ko p sini saja la d opis kami, nant kami kasi ko tu detail..
Me: Pa suma yg perlu a?
The company : ko datang sja.
Me: sama sepa sa mau jumpa a, sebab dari tadi lagi sa tlfn, suma pas2 sja ni..
The company : ko datang sja, mana2 pun buli, kaunter pun buli.
for like 18 ++ minit, i only get this
why the first person didnt just told me earlier.

. . .

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

7 is my lucky number!

Rules to the tag:
List these rules on your blog.
Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
Tag some friends at the end of your blog post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

Seven facts about me:
1. I love to eat Tauhu
2. I love my hubby :P
3. I hate org-perasan-bagus!
4. Im a boring person :(
5. I love to travel. See other places :D
6. I love LITE.FM and all its music *wink2*
7. Im allergic to seafood *sigh*

Six unspectacular quirks:
1. I miss mount kinabalu. Everything about my-8-months there.
2. I will marah d person dapan2 kalau they deserve it.
3. I always think about my bed when im in the office :/
4. I'll get sad when i listen to a slow song. [?]
5. I wish to go Aussie. . .
6. I m thinking of wearing wig?


Bride for Five Days

True Story :
21year-old Katie Kirkpatrick Godwin held off her cancer so she could have her happiest day of her life. She had battled her cancer but it always returned. She had to use an oxygentank to breath, the pain in her back was so strong it broke through the morphine and her organs were shutting down.Yet all this was not able to stop her from marrying Nick Godwin who has loved her from 11th grade.
Katie got married on January 15, 2008, five days later she died.
That's how love can beat even the toughest sickness

She looks so beautiful :)
a walk to remember

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to my brother Roy (:

tho u are out there ; far away from us,
we wish you all the best
and Guardian Angel Protect you ^^
when we're small,
we used to fight for the comics, foods and remotes.
now, you've grown up,
n become a man you ought to be.
but still, we will fought for the remote -_-

Happy belated Birthday Brother!
14th May 2009
we love you
p/s: silap, 14th march hehe.. nasib c kadusmama nampak :P 14th may birthday my other bro hehe

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Morning :)

Gud afternoon lads!
im a sleeping-not-beauty's princess!
i woke up very2 late and i escaped another mass today.
..im not proud of doing it okay.

last nite,
me, my sis and cousins' from dad's side went to my big cousin a.k.a our big brother to his wedding-anniversary @ dis kampung [ seriously, i dunno the name ], just next to IB's mall.

they look perfectly match together!
and i wish the best for their relationship :)

i had some wines [ stanley ] :P and my leg aches again for a thousand times, and i really-really hate it cause i walk like baru beranak!
and it hurts. really hurts.

we reached home few minutes after midnight,
after sending back my cousins @ Luyang,

i thought of MCd along journey -_-
but we went straight home.
and i thought of eating Maggie after that
but i went straight to bed.

let these two be in my dream :P

will goiNg-out to buy groceries later but im still sleepy * yawn.. *

well, take care guys!

QRX 73 and drive carefull!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

HP, I miss You!

i hate to think about the incident
cause practically, i dont remember how and where i lost my hp
reli dont.
i need treatment for my clumsiness!!!!

my mum said

the problem is,
i dont have enough money.

guess i'll be using my huby's HP for periods. until i get my own.


went to Celcom Centre for re-do my number.
At least, i dont have to buy a new sim.
I had just top-up my credit a few minutes before i lost my dear hp,
and when i get my sim back yesterday, i noticed the balance left was RM2.10.
the person yang dapat my fon guna2 lagi!!!


Friday, March 13, 2009


I shouldnt mention the-coming-Friday 13th which is TODAY!

the reason why
bad-luck sign, is it?
i felt freaking weird without her next to me last nite.
shes not there to wake me up this morning.
for once in my life, i miss my alarm :'(

im such a clumsy yes

i wish i could turn back the time -_-

Thursday, March 12, 2009

a Little wondering

Good Day everyone!

tomorrow is another Friday 13th in this year
it is just a day ba kan,
why should we worry about that day?
kenapa aar?
unless you're somewhere in asrama or hutan.. baru da reason mau takut kan,
hehehehe [ jagala kamu ]

im going to Kg Nelayan tomorrow for BBQ Steamboat.
uuhh, i can smell the curry-uncooked-chicken already.
mari pigi ramai2!!


im thinking to jump to another company -_-
. . .

im doing fine with my work now, just dat ada kerja sampingan yang i HATE to do here and lagi2, IT IS NOT MY JOB.. it's somebody's and it is not mine.
and the sampingan work have nothing to do with the company.
and no matter how hard im trying to show her that i hate-est doing ALL that work,
im ignored.
next time, i'll talk in Dusun.

i HATE her and her for a million times.
the Boss asked me to work at least 2 years wt her
and i was like . . . . . . . [ no words to say ]
biar dia tkejut nampak love-letter atas meja dia nanti hihi

i know, it's recession time now
and sepatutnya, i cannot be that fussy,
how can i go away from these peoples?

bencinya saaaaaaa!!!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

still working in my re-change-blog :) so many things to do and.. WHY TIMES must SLIP AWAY that FAST?

anyway, i'll link back all you guys there :D.. and going to visit ya all soon!!
sorry for being away for quite awhile.
i'll popped cheri in ur blog soon!!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lin Dan HOT!

i know, i know
im MALAYSIAN then should support MALAYSIA LEE CHONG WEI, i did support for him but i couldnt help from JIAYOU for Lin Dan tooo..
who cant resist his charm :P

it was a tough game for the first set [ 21-19 ] but it was easy for Lin Dan to defeat Chong Wei at the second set [ 21-12 ] and the result? as i expected :P

Here's the winner

dont he look alike this man?

now you know the reason why i like him :P

[Ninie, you're sooo bad!]
both were great actually.
if you can beat Lin Dan, then you're twice more greater.
fair, right?
after all,
this young man deserve a credit!
cause he beat Taufik Hidayat.
and my sister was in tears :P

haha nda ba.

Congrats to both :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lin Dan Won!

Yesh, Lin Dan deserve the trophy for -England Open -. . :P [ he have Jay Chou's looks ] and im a fan to him.. congrats Lin Dan!!!!!

btw, changes happening again ~ my blog still under-maintenance :p and i dunno when i'll get it done.. :P

well, happy holiday all! I love monday, this time only :D


Way Back Into Love ^^


Saturday, March 7, 2009


im HOME now
and am glad cause it's been like.. a month since the last visit.
cheh, visit kunun :P
i mean, going BACK.
it's my hometown.
ranau, i Love U!
im going to update my blog today.
i feel sooo good cause
no one will
call my name and say
" Ninie, tu invoice.. cheque.. itu.. ini..and seterusnya "
they're very good in
bothering me from spending my precious-moment wif this dearest-internet.
they know who they are
buli sa bergumbira dengan tenangnya.
date : Feb 26th 2009
Venue : boyF's residence
it's Rosie's birthday.
i went to her house to celebrate it , well, altho i spent most-of-my-time outside wif the BBQ.
sorry ugou
the cake sedappp :D
so, they had this Chicken and Lamb to be BURNED!

again, sedapp

i know, BURNED sounds a bit cruel.
here's the birthday girl :)
God bless ya Ugou :)

Date : March, 1st 2009
Venue : Magellan Ballroom, Sutera Habour

hehe.. with so-not-malu nya, i begin the story with my own picture hehehe
p/s : the flowers are beautiful!
i was at Sebastian's wedding.
He's a friend and a brother to me
the reception's party was lovely,
the theme was Sky-Blue tho i wear Black-Pink.
before the reception's party,
they had a wedding-blessing ceremony held at the Garden
[Cocktail Party]
sweeeeet kann.
The newly-wed couple and me :)
Im in LOVE with Debby's dress!
she's sweet :)
Yam-Seng time!
His sister, the one who managed the party and OTT, indonesian cameranman.
he's very funny!
Afyn and Ugou :)
i wish these were a real cakes! :(
ada jugaaa... hehehe wif my everything :)
we actually did danced sumazau for lagu SAYANG KINABALU!!
and the party wont complete with these ;
well, some people do think the same.
we were forced to be one of the girls CATCHING the FLOWER!
it was funny,
Me, Afyn and Ugou did not even try to catch it.
we just selambanya watched it falling on the ground.
and we stand like this NegaraKu was played.
the bride had to threw back the bouquet for THREE TIMES
..her relatives managed to catch it
so, for Sebastian and Debby

YAM SENG!!!!!!!!!!