Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kursus Asas Keusahawanan Siswazah

i attend an entrepreneur course last week which ended yesterday.. phew!! *tired* this course actually for a entrepreneur wannabes.. it was my friend who suggested me to participate it and yeah... the tiring days worth for the knowledges i gained :P
This course stressed on Agriculture activties like fishing, modern farming and stuff like that since it was focus on that.. and we have one week to learn about this matter, do a business plan and present it on the last day..
24th-29th November 2008

Hubby sent me to register in UiTM. We were divided into 4 groups and im lucky group number 2. Then we were given a briefing about what should we do and not do. aaaahh, we have to wear Baju Kurungs everyday.. uhuh.. luckily i brought more than 1 pair and the activities went on from 8am until 11pm.

i shared my room with my ex-roomate Sharon, Nursiah and Jane.. *Happy* and the first activity was the Ice Breaking (acara wajib).. it was rather different from the traditional way it used to be, like standing at the front and introduce yourself.. bla..bla.. this time, we had to draw our picture BUT in Power Ranjers mode annndddd with a left hand ( right for the left hand ).. Cant u imagine how would it be?? haha.. im not good in drawing even in left hand!!
so, i drew. And this how it looks.

I know.. i know... i dont even know how exactly power ranjer look alike. My groupmate said, just draw what you know.. haha.. Hehe.. then the Lecturer asked us to stick it at our back.. and gave us 5 minutes for the students to comment it, we must have at least 5 comments.

and ive got these:

1. Pendekar Bujang Lapok
2. Pasang antena wireless ka ni?
3. apa ni? macam mahluk asing
4. ni alien dari planet mana ni? ekeke
5. alien ka ni hehehe..

The comments make me smile indeed. No one ever said it looks like power ranjer. haha.. and this some of my friend's

And we have to defend or correct the comment if we agree or not on what they wrote. basiaclly, it is about knowing yourself better, draw it in picture .. i guess? hehehe i was laughing still, the moment the lecturer mentioned the objective of doing so. hehe

We also made a modern farmer' dress from white papers and the thing we must have were cangkul ( dunno what in english :P ), sweat, farmer's hat and name.

our model was Cyrierine, shes good in catwalk hehe.. and im the narrator or the one who talked to the audience of what makes us different from other group.. hehe we made a modern cangkul, sarong, handphone, small pocket for handphone, hat and sweat.

Our cangkul has three functions :P
with a click of different button, it can

1. menyangkul .. wajib kan
2. Risen or siram tanaman.
3. play songs or MP3 hahaha.. so, the farmer wont feel boring. haha

and monday, tuesday and wednesday's afternoon at 4pm, we'll have this exercise or games. really Fun!!! ( Thurs and friday we have to concentrate in doing or business plan )


the last games we had was this " harimau "( tiger ).. yang mau nyanyi " pukul brapa harimau datang.. ".. it was really funny and fun!! the day before i was a tiger and i didnt managed to catch any!! haha.. i did catch one, i was grabbing his hand when he said " Ninie.. kita satu kumpulan laaa" huhuhu.... silap ba pula.. huhu.. tlampau siok mau bubut urang kan..

then, the next day, i was the chicken.. hehe so funny that we had to run so fast to avoid the tiger catch us. I saw my friend, Jane, the tiger looking at me .. like " hehehe... jaga ko ninie.. sa tangkap ko karang.. hehehe " .. and i ran before the lecturer told us so haha

basically, we cannot run until the bukit.. but we still did ran climbing it.. and sweat,sweat,sweat ooo .. there were 2 girls running until to the TOP and SCREAMING while running like theres someone chasing after them but actually NONE. It was so funny that even the lecturer cannot stop them..haha

And the other games were : Finding money, know your budget, aerobik, chopstick with marbles and so on.. :)

The rest of the days, we've been busy doing our business plan, and we chose to produce kerepek ubi, bayam and pisang.. we supposed to choose Soya Bean but changes happen last minute.. Soya bean need to collaborate with the international and many procuders need to be taken.. cause Malaysia didnt produce Soya bean but import from outside ~ china, japan and korea.

im the marketing manager, and my job is to do the marketing strategies in promoting our product.. lots and lots of things to do. one of them is to advertise it in blogspot :P cause it's free.

We present the business plan on saturday morning... huhu nerveous ni.. but i think we did well altho our financing manager predict we'll having losses for 3 years.. waaaa!! huhu..

The best presentation award goes to my buddy, Nursiah's group.. weeee... happy for her!! Their product is all about Frogs. Best ni dorang menang!! My group finished the business plan only at 5.00am.. Some even didnt sleep until the day of the presentation..*phew*
We've won the aerobik hehehehe.... *happy*.. thanked to the Womanizer and Alizee's songs.. :P

This is some of the pics include :)

The view from our room!!!!!! we can see the ocean and the pelabuhan :)

Nik with seventeen mag and her milo :)

did i tell you that we can have this wireless access in our room? :P hehehehee

but only certain time.. huhu..

overall, im happy to participate this course.. Agricultures can makes BIG profit!!... :) and is actually one of the highest income contribute in Malaysia.

thats all i can say here! :)

wanna see movie after this :P
take care

Christmas in 1B

" Im dreaming of a white christmas..
just like the one i used to know.."
i LOVE christmas
i love the songs, the carols, cards and everything about christmas esp the food. Mum once roosted Turkey but she sliced it into small pieces, and it look just like chicken..haha
i went to 1 Borneo twice last week with my hubby and i was overwhelming with the xmas decoration there!! i kept pulling hubby's hand to one xmas tree to another.. so beautiful eh!
they even got this snow falling from a special-made machine from the 3rd floor. Nice one kann.. i wish to see the real one someday *finger-crossed*
Ive got pictures to share here!

Theres also a fairytale castle build on the stage.. wip.. cute ni. i MUST see it once it has done.. hehe.. kalah2 tu budak kan.. hehe.. but since hubby go kl until 12th and me will going there on the date he return, we make a deal to have another xmas walk on 21st. Yay!
semangat ba mau p tingu ni xmas deco sana.
christmas.. christmas..
cant wait!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Im having a one week " Kursus Asas Keusahawanan " and will update ASAP!
hehe.. rajin tau sa ikut ni kursus :P
take care all!!

Wedding Cheers

to Noorshasadilla and newly-wed Husband..
me ex-classmates smmsr
been so long,
and i thought she had forgot about ME already until mum gave me her invitation wedding card, and i was like.. " Dilla?? ".. shes married to a Lahad Datu man, met in the same Uni and currently both working in KL. waa.. syok o kawin suda dia. buli dapat baby hehehe.. ( copied from my sis )
she looks gorgoeus in Purple and m wearing the same colour that afternoon.. hehe.. the foods was yumie, a bit spicy but its okay, malaysian food averagely spicy.. hehe..
i met my ex-classmates in primary also that day.. :)
congratulations again to both of them!!
may love will always shines in your relationship :)

ko bila lagi??

Last Day of Exam

ok, m not going to talk about the last paper.. cause the same words will be mentioned anyway.. :P.. so, the last day of our exam was on Saturday, 15th wasnt really sad like my bro-in-law expected ( tears and tears.. ) cause we'll be meet up again in our December trip.. i saw laughed and smiled only, some hugging yeah..

heres some of the snaps taken on the last day :

No tears, right?
and i shared my evening with Bbey, Beat, Roses, Cyaen and Gleat with steamboat. we ate alot.. banyak btul kami makan.. even limpas jam doblas suda pun masi lagi sa makan.. hehe.. sedap ba tu sup c bbey buat, bikin berliur juga la.. sambil2 kami makan, we watched this Korean Movie " Witch Yoo Hee ".. Best!!... we placed the laptop front of us, and there we were, 6 of us, b'himpit2 tidur sambil tingu tu movie, ko tau la ni kalau perempuan yang tingu movie.. da extra-soundtrack.. hehe suma emosi tingu.. hehe.. last2, tinggal me, Roses and Beat lagi yang watch the movie till 6am.. dari jam 9pm.. haha.. tu pun kami kasi skip lagi episode yang lain..
and u know what, the 'moo ryong' guy resembles like Jay Chou ni.. hehe..

this is the portable gas im talking about. The one i used to bring in hostel.
Kadus, bukan gas yang basar warna oren tu aa hehe
and the next morning, my dear sister brought me to Pizza.. after a month of struggling my brain, i deserved more than this.. tamaha oo kan.. hehehe.. Greedy...greedy..

yumie juga la, da bendera *Italy ( thx deeeerrr ) sama japan lagi tu.. hehe.. They cannot be eat.. bikin cungkil gigi :P well, see u in the next post!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


been bz, altho im having my holiday now.. huhu.. need to update real soon, now i have to pack cause im going back home todayyy.. yay!!.. Dad called me this morning asking me if im make it or not, hehe yeahh.. pretty sure they miss me ngeh ngeh ngeh.. kasi iya saja la kan.. hehehe..

will update as soon im arrived home :)

take care all!!

have a safe journey!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Changing is happening again ^^

will update soon!!


✖Tell Laura I Love her

Im pretty sure u know this song, right?.. i used to listen to this song since i was a little girl but i didnt really pay attention to the lyric. seriously, i only know the part
" Tell Laura i love her.. Tell Laura i need her "
but i didnt know the rest of the lyrics!
until my dear sang it yesterday, and i just stood there read the lyrics..
Tommy and Laura were lovers
he wanted to give here everything
Flowers presents and most of all a wedding ring
He saw a sign for a stockcar race a thousand dollar prize it read
He couldn't get Laura on the phone so to her mother
Tommy said
Tell Laura I love her
tell Laura I need her
Tell Laura I may be late
I've something to do that cannot wait
He drove his car to the racing ground
he was the youngest driver there
The crowd roared as they started to race
Around the truck they drove at a deadly pace
No one knows what happened that day
how his car overturned in flames
But as they pulled him from the twisted wreck
With his dying breath they heard him say
Tell Laura I love her
tell Laura I need her
Tell Laura not to cry my love for her will never die
Now in the chapel Laura prays for her Tommy who passed away
It was just for Laura that he lived and died alone
in the chapel she can hear him cry
Tell Laura I love her...My love for her will never die
and i was like.." ooo dearrr... it is a sad song..." -.-
IT IS. The guy died for her .. uhh..
all this while, i thought it was a happy song oo
i was wrong.
Sedih ba ni lyric dia kan.
anyway, happy tuesday everyone!! ^^

Monday, November 17, 2008


so, yesterday, me and my dear planned to go jogging this morning at 6 am and usually if im in holiday, i dont wake up that early to be honest.. :P Im excited indeed cause the last time we planned to jog, it was rained and we didnt go.

and my alarm did rang this morning at 5.30 am but i snoozed and slept again, until my sister waked me up and say " Uii, bukan ko mau pigi jogging ka tu ni ari? "

it was 6.36 am already!! OMG! i looked at my digi Hp, no incoming messages. surely my dear messaging me in my Celcom so me kelam kabut take the phone ( which is still charging ) and SMSing him. lambat suda!! waaaa...

*incoming SMS*

Him: Dear, gud morning.. wake up?
Him: Dear, wan go jog?
Him: Dear .. :)
Him: Dear.. me go jog ody :) u sleep ja la a..
Me : Huhuhu.. bru tbgn.. huhu
Him: Sa bru mau jalan, masi wan go?
Me : Wan!!!!! Jap2..

Hahaha.. the fastest shower i ever had hahaha.. and we went to Tun Fuad Stephen Bukit Padang, most of the joggers were old chinese folks, some even played the radio with this traditional chinese song ( i guess?) and exercising.

Mom called me this morning and i told her im jogging, she goes " waa.. tambah kurus la ko tu ".. the same answer.. ooo, she knew me well. we went Penampang for breakfast and we had this dim sum.. huhu.. my favourite food ever.. it cost Rm2 each plate and hubby said it's cheaper 50 cent compare to the other place.. yumie ba.

I think if you're around KK, maybe you should spent some times to go Tun Fuad Stephen for jogging.. it's a nice place.. or Likas there.

im free.. holiday :P hehe..i know, i post it already but i still wanna say that im freeeeee.... :D
take care

Sunday, November 16, 2008


hey, you got friendster ka?
today after days i havent log in to my account, i logged to it and this what happen, ive got only 8 ( EIGHT ) persons left in my friend list. so, i was confused. what happen to the rest of my 250+ fs friends?
bingung ni. my sister's also the same oo. maybe still under maintenance la hoh?
last friday the FS was under maintenance. so i dunno if the "maintenance" they talking about was deleting my fs friends??
You guys also the same ka?


No, im not for sale.. hehe.. but .. whoaaa! im FREE!!
finally, im gettin out from my *miserable month* struggling with my 5papers in final exam and
now im FREE!!
" im free..O yes, im free..
who can stop me from laughing, dancing, surfing and singing all day long?
cause im free..
o yes, im free.. "
haha.. suddenly this silly milly song played in my head :D
but still i pray so i can pass all the 5 papers
and i can continue singing the song :P
to my dear classmates :
m gonna miss u all.

Friday, November 14, 2008


so, as i have just took out my audit files, i realized that some of my past year examination papers werent included. so i was like "huhuhuhuhuhu"
i realized they gave me the uncomplete papers while i did pay the FULL amount.
the worker in that photostate shop should be told what she actually SUPPOSED to do. really, the full set of the papers is in our campus library and im at HOME, miles away separated.
luckily, our e-library has those but it take ages for me to download it now..hurm..
i should do something while waiting :)

ive fallen in love with ISAAC

Last nite i went out with my dear one :) it's always nice to have him around :D we went to Warisan Square for Big Apple Donuts, Milky Tea Puding (My favourite peppermint pearl ran out of stock) and wandering around :P.. we ate these 4 donuts as soon we arrived in the car ~ haha.. and left out 2pcs for my sister XD

and later we went to Tanjung Aru Beach for dinner ~ and we walked along the beach-side, talking :) and went jalan-jalan pusing KK at night.

Thanks dear for the day :)
and today i woke up really late haha.. went to bed late last night :P
Me and my sister went to KKIA this afternoon to meet her dearly bestfriend, Kadus Mama @ Titty, last time i met her was at this 1 utama last Aug, so excited ni mau jumpa dia.

her parents were there also, lama tia jumpa o dorang suma sejak they moved to Tamparuli.. and ive talked with Kadus' children Isaac and Inesha.
yes, ive fallen in love with Isaac. haha.. he's so one of the kind!
Inesha :) very cute!

he's very active little kid i can tell.. and even the friendliest ive seen. You see there was this guy sitting next table to us in Mc D and Isaac went to him and starts chatting. One of the question that makes me laughed was :
" Kau bangsa apa? "
Hehe.. so, he started to open the black pepper and put them on his ice-cream and milo. I thought he will put them aside once he tested them but he continue eating and say
" You have to put the black pepper so it will be more nice "
and Isaac good in taking picture also. see these:
Isaac the one who took our pictures.

so, the moment they went jalan suda, Isaac said this to me :
" I wanna kiss you also, but if i kissed you, you must kiss me back "
and i did.
Isaac sweet little kid kissed me on my cheek :) and My sister's, Isaac's KungKung and Nenek also :)

Isaac with his kungkung.

so, we waved for the last time and it was sad to see them leave. cause ive just making friends with Isaac and Inesha :P hehe..

Peace from Isaac!
hope to meet them again sooner :)