Friday, July 30, 2010

All i could do is CRY.

I was holding you in arms, praying you to be strong and recover soonest. I tried to feed you but you was just too weak to chew your foods and it broke my heart to see you tried your best to get up and had a little drinks. I can see your pain and i can feel it too. You looked at me with your tiring eyes and i tried to comfort you the best i could. This morning, i woke up hoping to bring you to doctor, but you leave me sooo soon. you were too young to die T__T

i MISS you so much. I miss how you mess the floor with all the newspaper. I miss how you waits for us with your moving tail in front of the door. I miss how you barked to the moving plastic. I miss how you try struggling to open my bedroom's door. I miss how you lying on kitchen's floor when im cooking. I miss to call your name, and you'll be there in a second. I miss you. i just miss you.

we will always love you Ko.

Rest In Peace.

Monday, July 26, 2010


same day, same time, Different place.
how can i possibly be at two places at the same time?

unless im standing at the crossroad. lame. :P
but, seriously.. how can i be at these places tomorrow, both 9am.

thinking . . thingking. .



Sunday, July 25, 2010


routine for today:

woke up as early as 7.30am for an interview. arrived exactly at 8.30am. have a little chit chat with the other candidates there. i have million things running my head in fact, all suddenly gathered together, leave me hanging on the air. but luckily, the interview went well beyond my expectation. i hope i make it tho. i always have a fond in tourism :)

went to windows shopping later that, with my sister.
and do some banking stuff.
there were millions people on the road today, it's Pay day people :D

and went home around 17.00 something. took a shower, ate my nasi lemak and fall asleep. Only woke up few minutes ago.. 8 hours on dreaming and i still havent made up my mind to go Labuan or not. sigh.

Them: Do you think you can live in Island life, no shopping complex, no clubbing (duh) ?
Me: Im not sure, but i think i can cope with island life.
Me: .. yes (maybe)


but i hope i can choose the best for myself. ive been idling with the wrong paths these few years. sigh.

Jiayou :P

Mex and her wedding.

Congratulations to my dear cousin :)
May you'll both live in love, happiness through the bad and good times :)


Saturday, July 24, 2010

So Long

Ouch! it's hurt.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

from the peak of Mount Kinabalu. Sunrise :)

Been there :)
geez. miss those memories so bad.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Love doesn't always end in happily ever after,
even if one still loves.

Someday, you'll understand.

Sometimes, tears say all that can be said, and understanding comes only with time.


I get up and out of bed,
Try to forget all those things we said.
It's now over for good,
I promised myself to leave it right there here I stood.

People always tell me things will get better,
But I find myself writing you half a letter.
How did we fall so far apart,
You left me not knowing where to start.

I am here now trying to find out how to survive,
And struggling to just keep myself alive.
I remember when you were a hero in my eyes,
You were always there to give me a suprise.

But those are just long lost memories of mine,
Maybe this is our life design.
I spent so many days cold and lonely,
I believed that you were my one and only.

There are some things in my head I'll take to my grave,
But it won't be all that love that I gave.
You made me so emotionless,
And you gave me all this stupid stress.

I try to believe in things I can't see,
But is there even hope for me!
My back is up against a wall,
And it's hard for me to keep standing tall.

Life just isn't worth it anymore,
You left me standing at the door.
You said it's time to say goodbye,
And I just wondered... why?

by Tommy


wake up - eat - sleep - TV - eat - eat - sleep


desperately looking for a job. any job that suits me.
but still, no answer leh. huhu
keep trying. Jiayou!

When words can't explain.

Friday, July 16, 2010

First Gathering :)

i miss them. we used to spent most of our times together, but we started living our OWN world soon after we graduated. gladly, we gathered again at Tang Dynasty Park Hotel in Black n white theme, such a blast til midnight :D Poco2, Twist, Cha2 and awards.

oh, the food was awesome! nyum2.

i miss them, still :')

Thursday, July 15, 2010

some things changed. some stay.

watched it again, for the countless times!
and i still find it's funny.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Twilight: Eclipse

was lining up for popcorn with cousin Roxanne, when we realized it was Eizlan Yusof & his wife standing behind us. altho we're not a fan of him, but he's kinda sweet. he smiled to us. lol. few minutes later, the crowd started to realized his existence, and it's kinda enjoyable to see how they dragged him to Edward & Bella's poster for pictures. Oh, he's watching Eclipse too. nice :)

Edward proposing Bella! Gila eh. i love them to death!!!

Breaking Dawn, next!

Monday, July 5, 2010

July's :)

Happy Birthday To me! :P
July 3rd

Happy Birthday to my first cousin, Michelle
July, 4th

Happy Birthday to my childhood bestfriend, Belinda
July, 5th

May our friendship remain til the end, and may each of our wishes will come true :P