Sunday, January 30, 2011


me & my fam are at Saigon, vietnam at d moment. we've been here since last friday :) and yea. my first time in Saigon tho, it's a clean city, crowded, skuter everywhere & beautiful people.. but the only difficult we have is to communicate with them.

my. it is really hard to make them understand.
& only few ppl can speak english..

here's some snap for day 1 & 2 :)

til next post, cheers!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Test & Try

If u've read my previous post, which is a year ago, i mentioned of wishing to have my own DSLR.. guess what? finally, i have one!! :) it takes me ages to buy it with my own money, but hey, it is the 'i-somehow-own-it-finally' counts the most yea.

i even named it.
Baby Kon Kon.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday Activity

Dont want to let our saturday to be wasted freely again, we went to Rainforest Discovery Center, located nearby the Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary, at mile 14 away from Sandakan town. If you're the nature lover, then it's the best place to hang at. You can experience walking through the jungle.. birds chirping all the way long. Oh, and the canopy walk is a must to try! tho i was scared to hell, since im afraid of height for your information, it's WORTH to climb every stairs... experience the cool fresh air on top of it! :D

we snap million of pictures indeed, but here's some of it :)

counting the days to fly to Saigon :) MySpace


Saturday, January 22, 2011


Thank Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!! Thank You God for letting weekdays went off that FAST! i am seriously in LOVE with Saturday now! ............ if i can express my feeling in image, it would be like this:

Saturday is a day of joyful. i can spend more times on bed! snuggle inside my blanket til my eyes READY to face the day! :D without wearing my baju kurung, blouse, skirt or whatsoever EARRRRLY in the morning, rushing to car with heels on my hand and singgah gerai anty jiran sebelah for Karipap, NO, i dont have to do these on SATURDAY! :D dont this sounds awesome to you??? :P waking up early for 5 days in row can be soooo tiring baa!! especially when there's million of dramas going on around you! kalau drama korea, tiapa juga la kan, tapi ini, jauh panggang dari arang api yang bulum kna bakar!! the drama is still on til now, something terpelanting is going on at the office since Monday but to be frank, im glad it happened tho! Everything happens for a reason! if A situation didnt happened, we wont know how B is actually like this. and C is like that, and D is like A. dramaaaaaaaaaaaa and issueeeee, BOO!!!

good news is:
i'll be leaving to Saigon next week with my family for sort of 2011's opening traveling! :D

RELEASE TENSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:D and only be back here on the first day of CNY :)

that's a wrap for now! i'll try my best to utilize my saturday to its maximum.

nitey nite guys!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Steamboat !

Sandakan offers the best food on earth, so far! specifically, SEAFOOD! you should know why. and if you dont, should you know that there's always a way to reach sandakan! :D we were thinking of Ikan Bakar at first, but then Yana delightfully came to me and sayin:

Steamboat @ 1malaysia, Trighill.

Jijul & Jas were there too!!
my stomach was heavenly full before i manage to finish all the foods! and no matter how hard im trying to inhale covering my tummy, it is still there. so obvious.

my. how to lose weight without skipping dinner?

sneak peak of that day :)

Thanks Yana for the dinner :D
i think i still have the last piece of crab in my tummy.


Monday, January 17, 2011


shut the fuck up.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Asher Book - If I walk would you run


eat baby. eat!

me & tisha prepared for dinner today.. just a simple dishes actually, but .. less is more :) plus, we're seriously in diet process at the moment. tho, sometimes i break the rules, but it's never too late to re-do something. right?

anyhoo, here's the menu :)

& for the first time ever, here i present to you, our dearest living room ~ which obviously looks quite small, but comfy for us to stay. we're thinking of moving out indeed in other apartment, but no one offers the best price, yet.

enjoy your dinner okay?


with my baby Kon Kon.

saya budak baru belajar
kalau salah, tolong tunjukkan


my weekend.

yesterday, me & yana went to discover this city, again.. we were thinking of resting all day long at first, but she goes:

'takkan kita teda aktiviti ni ari moi?'

so, instead of letting our saturday to be wasted just like that, we dressed up and went straightly to eat Sate & ABC special at Kim Fung area.

i know, i cannot resist it either. it looks too yummy for me :P
the next destination is English Tea House. it's a relaxing area! you get to see birds chirping around, to get entertained by the 80's songs and o yeah, to be surround by nature :)

and we also went to Pasar Malam at Kim Fung.

:) and SUNDAY [which is T O D A Y] ~ i choose to rest since Monday is coming in just hours to come! my!

Happy Sunday guys :D

New Layout?

Ok. i changed my layout again, for the hundred times.
i just tend to get pretty bored with my home's layout most of the time.

i seems to fond this one and let's see how long will it last.


My dearly buddy's WEDDING!

Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction. ~Antoine de Saint

gladly to announce and tell u guys once again, that my buddy has finally found her soul mate :) walked down the isle, vowed upon the priest (in a presence of God), FINALLY, they become Husband and wife!

i almost burst into tears :')
the moment they ex-change the ring, we, her buddies, looked at each other, smile and trying the best to hold our tears. we lose her.. but in an awesome way. 13 years ago, we were joked about getting married, and now, her dream comes true :)

Congratulations my dearly buddy.
and Devron, welcome to the family :)
wish u both an everlasting happiness.

let's these pictures tell the rest of the story :)

now, the 4 of us left. who's next?