Thursday, July 31, 2008


如果要走 請妳記得我 如果難過 請妳忘了我

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Finally :)

O well, another blog for today. Wee, i just love blogging.


Listen to Fergie's Finally song just now. The lyrics was so cool.
" I just ran away
And on another phase
Was lost in my own space
Found what its like to hurt selfishly

Scared to give of me
Afraid to just believe
I was in a jealous, insecure, pathetic place
Stumbled through the mess that I have made"
That's my favourite part.
I used to underestimated my own self years before. I even hate myself.
I think my life was a mess with such never ending problems i faced.
People envy me for what i have and i hates it for having them.
It's not like we CAN shut all the mouths talking huh?
But it's true people said,
~ Happiness
But should be thankful for that, or else i won't appreciate my life now,
Me then learn the courtesy in life,
How life can bring the BEST and WORST outcomes,
i just had to believe,
If you ever experienced losses in your life,
I bet you'll not take things for granted,
In fact, You should.
We never know the times our loved ones will leave us forever..
Take the chance to tell them.
Let them know, they'll be no harm.


Finally got out of my own way..

And finally my mate has met my soul..

Live, Love, Laugh

Ninie Jane :)

Friend but not a friend??

Now, everybody loves love,
and everybody hates hate
And if there were no prejudice,
things would be just great.
But since I'm just human,
you must realize,
There's one kind of people,
I just recently to despise.
But won't say it here,
maybe will tell it there,
I just hates plastics people,
Pretending to be the NICEST person,
A glimpse of the past,
Shoulders i had in times of trouble,
Happiness i had in times of Joyous,
Forgive her for that,
For once lending a shoulder..
Ninie Jane

Water is a life - episode 2

Huhu.. AGAIN, our hostel having a water supply problem... since SUNDAY! I dunno what the heck is goin on but we need water desperately. Indeed, so much! We sweating all day and i need water to fresh me up. It's raining heavily yesterday, how come there's still no water today???!! Huhu..

But i did take a bath. hehe i store some water and i managed to use them for 2 days. ( twice a day, can u imagine?? ) and basically, im ran out of water already. i have an empty pail in my room.. huhu O Gosh, really i need water!!!

.i need you.

Im thinking to go back home this friday and suddenly, a friend Rose told me we'll be having this somekind of "module" which is a MUST and COMPULSORY on saturday.. which is sucks. I need a rest in my own home. i miss my messy bed. i miss the TV. i miss my mum. i miss my Damien. and my dad as well. I even promised with Buddy Cely to hang out together ~Sigh~ Whatta day!
I had a nightmare last nite.. hate it .. and it's damn funny i woke up with frighten face - looking around trying to find things i dont know what. i DID wash my legs actually - But i forgot to say a night prayer :P Haha..

Well, Got one class only today. can rest the whole day ~ Wink* I need it.


Sunday, July 27, 2008


I thought you were my best friend
I thought we'd be together 'til the end
You're not the girl I once knew
Tell me where she is but she's not you
You used to be that shoulder
That shoulder I could lean on through it all
But now it's getting colder
There's no love between these walls
Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy
It's such an evil thing to watch someone have
Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy
Nobody wins when you're full of envy
I was always happy
When I was watchin' you become a star
But you were only happy
When the world was openin' up my scars
And now I'm like the devil
Well if I am then what does that make you
You sold yourself for your fame
You'd still never walk a day in my shoes
I only wanted what was best for you
Everything I did, I did becaused I cared
So how did all the good between us turn so bad?
Maybe someday we'll get back what we had
Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy
It's such an evil thing to watch someone have
Jealousy,jealousy, jealousy
Nobody wins when you're full of envy
Paris Hilton - Jealousy
~ Ahh well, life is full of plastic people hahaha...
When you've found the true one, cherish them
Miss You Cely :)
Ninie Jane

Im no Kid.. pls.

Maturity. I don't consider myself as a matured person ( altho im trying 2 be ). There are still thousand of things i need to learn and somehow will teach me how to overcome to nowadays complicated life.

And lately, im quite sensitive to person who said im still a little girl or still a kid. My appearance might influence to the jugdement but i dont wanna become the baby in the family. Even my eldest and YOUNGEST brother said the same ( and my sister as well ). I wanna become an adult, a person that people can lean on. I dunno why but i dont wanna people see me as a little girl. Hello, im 24 years. haha finally, i admitted it. Yeah right, im no 18 anymore. :)

When i take things seriously, i mean it. I knew, being an adult is not an easy thing. but do i have a choice? I wanna grow. ( funny cause i am growing ). So, when im involve myself in a relationship, i mean it. I might be otherwise if it was 4 or 5 years ago.

But it's no big deal anyway. hehe SOMETIMES being a little girl to my mum or my dearest can be so fun :P

Dunno what im crapping about * :P


Friday, July 25, 2008


As u know, ive changed my add from niniejane to niniejanne - only add another n. ( due to some probs ).. and someone is using my old add using babihutan. ( which is horrible!) it sucks to see your name at the big heading wt words like that. ~ niniejane still my name tho!

Moreover, it's anonymous. the profile is nil and so do the post. Is jealousy happening here?? haha.. whoever that alien might be, i hope she can choose other "niceeeeeeeeee" heading other than that. im not begging, im just suggesting. emm, sort of.. haha did i actually type "she"? hehehe... lucky guess huh? :P

And had nice time just now, went out with my dearest. It's been a year :) Finally, i completed the last meal in my list :P

Yumie again!

Cheers!! :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Weekend ~

Tomorrow will be Friday. Weee.. times fly so damn faster than i thought. i felt like i had just talked about my weekend MINUTES ago.. felt like Sunday had just passed.. So fast. been really busy tho. But still love friday anyway. Love saturday even more :P

Buddy Cely sms me just now, gotta meet her next friday *wink2... miss her already .. and yesh!!it's going to be August real soon :P Ive waited so long for that hahaha... I'll share it in my next coming post what im excited about here :) ( which in september i guess :P )..

And guess whats in my mind now..

Big Apple Donuts .. yumie!!

( Was given a free voucher here!! yesh!)

Can get an extra 6 donuts if purchase 2 boxes-6each of Donuts :)




Well then, take care

Ninie Janne

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

D.I.A Sports Fiesta

Headache slowly gone :P
My accountancy family day is finally APPROVED! Yesh!!
Worry no more. emm, Have to held a meeting next week, probably on tuesday.
And yeah, we have a new Advisory, Miss Yvonne. Talked with her just now, so nice! altho it was our first time discussing :)
Give a breath for that project. Now, we had a new project- Bussiness Plan. Basically, it is about starting a business. I luv doing this. We had to do our own website to promote our business ( suck in that. but sure, will learn more ) :P
I was thinking to do this backpackers / bed and breakfast business ( my ideas pouring like a rain!! ) but people surely can expect what im going to presents ( haha which i dont want ) so we choose Wedding Planning :) hehe
and the ideas pouring more n more than the backpackers hehe.. we download some of the wedding pictures and it was soo beautiful!!!!
Share with me - magic , wedding :)
But still need a lil help to make our wedding planning success..
Any advise?
Ninie Jane

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

.. odd but was fine :)

Waaa.. been so2 busy!!!.. cant even find time to update my blog and other accounts.. Today is very special day to me.. altho im just spending my time here in campus, but still, it's a memorable date :).. *wink2..

Last weekend was a blast.
  1. Big Apple Donut - Done!
  2. Fish n Co - Done!
  3. Tuaran Mee - Done!
  4. KFC - not done :p
  5. Hair makeover - Done!
  6. New Hangbag - Done!
  7. Snacks for sale - Done!
  8. Reload Celcom n Digi - Done!

There goes my money.

Total loss : RM450++

Huhu.. i should learn how to save money. Otherwise i'll be the one suffering in the future ( Touchwood2!) But as my sister said, what matters, i get what i had desired for long hehe So, promise myself not going to withdraw another bugs.. at least, for this week.. haha im such a freak.

I became an MC today in this motivational talk here in campus. hehehe.. as long as i have the script, then i'll be okay haha.. all went so smooth ( We prayed! ) I even had a chance to sit and eat one table with the lecturers.. muahaha.. it was so odd at the beginning haha.. but, i love mdm Betsy. She's such a lovely person and we have a common interest :) .. Her motivational talk was nice either. Learn alot :)

Got a chance to meet my junior also. Haha.. remind me of my first year here. Dress so nice, No heel, Hair was tight and Greet every seniors.. :P it was so Ugly betty version haha.. Oh, i miss that time!

.. :)


Ninie janne

22th July 2007



It takes two special people,
To make a loving pair.
There’s a joy just being around you,
A feeling I love to share.

So best anniversary wishes to you,
Bringing times of joy and fun.
May each year keep getting better ( for us :P )
I hope the good times will always rolls by \(^_^)/




Happy Anniversary!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Makeover postponed :(

Suppose to do my hair today.. ( Curly to straight and shorten it a bit) but the hair stylish that used to do my hair having a family problem 25 minutes before i went to her's. Huhu.. Poor her! hope nothing bad happen. So, i can get my hair done soon :P hehehehe...

And weee.. went dinner with Runcie today. I finished all the foods including the last one hahaha.. Im trying real hard in getting fat ( Whoaaa!! ) and am still trying :P huhu..

Clare, my classmates is getting married tomorrow ( weeee... Congrats!!) and what im excited about is my damn crazy friend, Jane is going to be the bridemaid hahaha.. I've never see her in dress ( not even once!!!) .. Sure she'll be so pretty with the Bridemaid's dress :)


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tag 5 by Kadus mama :)

been tagged by kadus mama :)

Question 1: What were you doing 5 years ago? - 2004
1. Fresh graduate from form 6 :P
2. ~ Deleted~ :P
3. Working wt tourism
4. Driving 4 d first time :P
5. Met coolest collegue

Question 2: What were the 5 things on your to do list today?
1. Attend morning class
2. Called Dad n Bro to remind about Salary slip :P slip gaji ba hehe
3. Update Blog
4. Check student portal
5. Attend a talk ( BORING!)

Question 3: What are 5 snacks that you enjoy?
1. Banana Muffin
2. Chocolate Muffin :P
3. Popcorn
4. Junk Food haha
5. Corn with mayonese n Majerin :P

Question 4: What are 5 things that you would do if you were a billionaire?
1. Buy Food and clothes for the orphans
2. Build a modern woodern house for family
3. Build Backpackers Lodge for my sister. She loves doing that.
4. Buy a sport car for dearest. He's madly crazy into that. :P
5. Go to overseas 10 times a year hahaha..

Question 5: What are 5 jobs you've had?
1. Maid in own home :P
2. Part Time penghias drama RM30 hahaha.. I only had to wear traditional customs haha
3. Dancers
4. Front Office, SSL
5. -nil-

hehe.. now my turn to tagged those who's interested :P esp Sharon Bbey, Darlyn, Runcie ( He'll nvr do this! haha )


Meals Desire :P

Can't wait for Friday to come :P i know2, there's only few hours left before tomorrow but geeee.. IT IS TRUE people said " Waiting is misery! " .. and I've listed the meals i wanna eat this weekend (which i can hardly get them in hostel ).. Poor Ninie! haha..

It's been a busy week for me.. I only have mee for stomach most of the time and kinda bored with it. Last nite in our cafe, i ordered Mee Hoon Goreng ayam.. and when the ordered came after 30 minutes ( Duh!!) it was actually Mee Hoon Goreng telur fichcake ( me allergic to egg for ur info ).. It was the second time my ayam turn to fishcake. Ya, poor them.. cant even differentiate between and the chicken and fish.. So, to avoid the hunger killing me no more, I stick with the order.. emm, only for last nite. (No other choice in fact) huhu

So, i'll surely chase for these food tomorrow.. muahahaha ( the evil laughter! )

1. KFC

2. Big Apple Donut :)

3. Tuaran Mee

4. Fish n Co

Yumie!! Enough with these four... Basically, im a real small person..

But i have a 100,000G space in my stomach ( or maybe larger than that :P )




Miss Mum's yumie chillie,

Ninie Jane

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When Boredom Strikes!

It's raining at the moment. Quite cold indeed huhu.. 2 presentation done today! A relief,well.. at least for this week :P .. another quiz on monday..huhu it gets a lil bored when it comes to talk bout studies huh?..

Our block having a miserable time last night.. enough about the water supply matter, now it's black out! waaa... i had to crawl in the dark. and guess what?? again, ONLY our block having the power cut problem.. huhu.. Luckily, our dearest friend, Peetot and Zie lend us their room :) very nice one huh. :) we finally can finish up our presentation slides :)
And it gets a lil bored later on.. so this what we've done :P

This what happen when boredom strike!

We just love the webcam :P


Ninie jane

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Missing You :)


Before I sleep and after I wake up and all the hours in between ... you occupy my mind.
So, practically every moment of the day you are in my thoughts. .

It's like a wind.. I cannot see you but i can feel you

.I miss You.

Blog Makeover :)

Weee.. Blog makeover :) thanks to Darlyn for spent times with this. Love it and it's Pink!! Altho Dear Runcie kinda allergic to pinky stuff but i love pink, still hehe... sorry dear.

Thanks to Darlyn again :)

Warm Regards,
Ninie Jane

Water is a life!!

Last midnight and this early morning was a disaster for me! Urgh!!.. We ran out of water supply in hostel.. huhu.. i was on my way washing my face when suddenly a friend who's stood front of the door told me " NO WATER".. I wanna go toilet also that moment.... waaaaaa... I only managed to wash my face without soap. And thinking of going to toilet again this morning. Urghhh!!

Then, my roomate Sharon woke up me around 6.35am telling there's no water in the bathroom.. i was like " WHAT???.. Ive been waiting for like 6 hours for pee and now i have to wait more??.." huhuuh.. i need water so bad.

We had class at 8.00am so we went to next block with our towels and pails.. hoping to get some water at least for our faces. But, Duh! there's still no water. So, the devil said inside i should escaped the morning class.. And i did. haha.. Sharon used her 2 small bottle of mineral water for shower and she did went to class. hehe.. i need more than that. huhuhu...

I continue sleep until 9.25am.. and there's still no water in my block. Duh!! hate that. I really wanna go to toilet. Whatever it takes. So, i went to the next block once again and yeahhh.. finally, i found one! hehe.. it took 40 minutes for me for bathing!.. haha.. Im enjoying myself to the fullest inside. hehe

Water is a Life. I cannot live without it and you so do you.. ( i guess?? )

Appreciate More :)
Ninie Jane

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My song..

I feel like wanna post this lyric :).. been listening to it since 10 years. Still love it till now :)

Yeah, Girl
I'm been searching so long
In this world
Trying to find someone
Who could be
What my picture of love was to me
Then you came along

When I saw you
I knew you were the one
The love that I'd been dreaming of

'Cause I've been waiting for you (waiting for you)
All my life
For somebody who (somebody who)
Makes me feel the way I feel
When I'm with you baby
Have you been waiting too
'Cause I've been waiting for you

Oh girl
I've been saving my love
All this time
'Cause I knew someday
I would find
The one that I've loved
For so long in my mind

From the moment
[That I looked into your eyes
I saw the girl
I've loved all my life

'Cause I've been waiting for you (waiting for you)
All my life
For somebody who (somebody who)
Makes me feel the way I feel
When I'm with you baby
Have you been waiting too
'Cause I've been waiting for you

Now that I found you
I just can't let you go
No, no, no, no, no (Ohhhh... )
Oh there's just one thing
I want you to know
Girl I love you so

I've been waiting for you
All my life, waiting for you
I've been waiting for you
All my life, waiting for you

When I saw you
I knew you were the one
The love that I'd been dreaming of

So sweet. True love waits :)
It is :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Headache Kills!

Suffered from this headache. Dunno why. Still hundred things need to do.
But here i am, stuck front of PC. Only for half an hour and Headache Kills me already. Urrrgh!!

Should take a 5 minutes nap.
Need to attend a mass in shortwhile.

Dizzy... Dizzy... Dizzy... Go away!

Ninie Jane

Friday, July 11, 2008

Relief but not really a relief. ?

Home... Home.. Finally, after a week :P

Been using PC since afternoon. Got many2 assignments and presentation need to do and It's BARU the First week!! gosh, the coming weeks sure will makes me more skinny :P

We had audit class today with the charmed and sweet lecturer who's inspired me - well, alot.. First minutes, she talked about our essay ( that we submitted in her previous class ) .. and she did mentioned about my essay altho she promised not to tell anybody about it! waaaaaa.... basically, I only wrote bout my working experience at the mountain, hates mathematics, drew a kiddy picture ( of my own! ).. and other craps. She even called me " Mount Kinabalu " .. Huhu..O well, i got a new name!

But i love her class,still.

Hiding behind my bag - thats mdm lectured us.

Nursiah, Beat, Bbey and Roses

Bbey presenting :)

Today's Quotes :

Say more what you can see
-Mdm Betsy,11.07.2008

Went back home today with sister, 2 hours ride. Fuhh!! So tired altho im not the one who do the driving but still feel the sweat! haha.. It was Heavily rained along the way.. Luckily, Kobie has been using the road for billion times, so give her a credit for that! hehe..

The drink She must have!

Jay Chou Trip :P

This is real :P

Somehow, it still look beautiful

\(^_^)/ Should sleeping by now,
Ninie JaNe

Back Home :)

Just finished class.. wee..
Will back to Ranau in a shortwhile with sister Kobie..
Gotta meet Damien :P wee....
Lots of assignment and presentation waiting :(

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sleeping is a crime??

I went to bed before 8.00pm yesterday... Got headache and felt so tired. My next appointment with the doctor will be on August. Still a month left.. huhu..

Sister sent me to Hostel today before 7.00 am and i continue sleeping just as soon as i arrived in my room.. Whoaaa! and woke up at 9.00am, one hour before my class. :P Im a real sleeping lady! hahaha... Im trying to change it but still, i cant. is that a crime? for sleeping too much?? :P

But sure, will not spend most times with sleeping.well, at least Im trying :)

Another class at 2.00pm then can rest. Weee...

Breathing Still,
Ninie Jane

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Audit Class :)

Got 2 classes today - Managing accounting and Audit. Weee... i've fallen in luv wt our audit lecturer.. she's so nice. O god, im turning into girls??? haha.. No la, she's very educated and full of experienced.. and she gave us some tips to success in nowadays life. She is a chattered accountant, once was an auditor in KPMG Chattered Accountant and now is a lecturer. Geee... give her a credit for the skills and knowledges!

Today, she asked us to write an essay- write anything we'd like to, why choose accountancy and so..

I wrote this :

I hate mathemics but i love calculations. But seeing madam this way, i believe i can be just like you. You have my respects :)

and i draw my terrible picture ( cause she asked for our pictures and we didn't bring, so i decide to draw :P ) .. Im just suck in drawing..hahaha..

I thought i'll be spending my audit class with numbers but im wrong. it's Theories. Weee... hope to score high!! :P

Sister Kobie will fetch me in a shortwhile. Will go to see doctor in 3.00pm huhu.. i hate this allergic!!

Later (^_^)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Bestfriend Forever..

I Love reunion!! .. Last nite, i had a dinner with my bestfriends in Kg Nelayan.. It was so cool!! we laughed a lot, sharing stories, taking pictures and again, laughing even to the smallest matter. :P I just love them.

We had this really delicious set dinner meals last night, altho i cannot eat the prawns, Crabs and octupus but the rest did makes my stomach gumuk! haha..

We had these:

Hot and sour soup
Steamed fish with brown bean sauce
Prawn fritters Sweet and sour crab
Shellfish with dry chili
Chicken salad thai style green mussel with chili sauce
Local vegetable with garlic Silky gourd with egg
Garlic fried rice
Fresh fuits
Chinese tea

All i can say, Yumie!! :P

And the delicious cake Chocolate Moist.... i forgot the last name haha.. ordered from Promenade Hotel and it was nice. I mean, Yumie but not too yumie.. ya.. sort of. but anyway, We had a great night! hehe..

Mimie even had a chance to "Supuk the sumpit kena the bellon" in the stage, im trying to find what's "Supuk" in english.. but i cant. hahaha.. And some guys trying to approach her minutes later hehe.. Waaaahh! She dressed really vogue last night!

We went to beach after the dinner. Ate some fruits before went back home :) And we're looking for the next reunion!..

Gomoi and Alex

The family :)

Dylan Braxton Allan :)

The guys @ Ipar2 :P

The ladies :)

Me wt DD :)

The girls wt the light!

Muka blur dis!

Mimie, Cely n me :)

Us wt the culture dancers..

Cutting cake!

Mimie got a chance!!

She's good in this!

Ujie wt Gary :)

Missing them already..
Ninie Jane :)

My birthday!! weeee...

Last wednesday, mum held a small party for my birthday.. weeee.... love her! Buddy Cely, Cicak, Mimut and great cousins were there.. :) But sister Kobie wasn't able to join us cause she's fully-occupied with works! huhu..

But, I really had fun! weee... i had a pinky bed & Pillow case, Chocolates, Jeans,Wines, Glass and the rest are angpows as gifts. i just love birthday!! haha..

We laughed a lot!
Youngest Bro Riky wt Jassmine, his gf.

The lads. :P

Damien wt Doey :)

The gangstar mother hehe

My Cocktail Fruit cake :)

Petter Vella wines.


The kids

Australian Aged Towry Wine. Thanks to Cely :)

And sister Kobie held a second celebration for my birthday on July, 5th in Likas. She cooked Spagetti, 3 types of chicken and the mushroom soups. Yumie!!! Altho there were only 4 of us there, i really love it. -so much!! And i had a Purple nice lady shirt Kobie gave me as a gift. waaah, Love it!

Dd, Kobie and me.

The Yumie Chocolate Cake!! Sedap gila ni..

Special Thanks :P

Thanks to Kobie for the yumie cake, the gift and the meals!
Thanks to Runcie Gubat @ Didie for being the first person singing a birthday song for me twice!! for the gift also :)hehe and the HIJACKED surprised birthday wish! hehe.. i luv the poem altho it ended so gay but luv it still. haha feel free to hijacked again, i luv surprise :P
Thanks to Mum and Dad whos supporting me from the beginning ( ehhhh... mcm terima award haha)
Thanks to Buddies and all friends for the birthday wish.
Im getting old!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Registration day!!

Went to register yesterday.. my feet was hurt!! urgghh... who told me to wear heel anyway!!!! so, i sud pay the risk altho it's hurt like hell.

It took 10 minutes for me to register for the keselamatan and HEA ( Hal ehwal Akedemik ) but it took me HOURS in unit college. Suck i can say. We had to wait in the big crowd until our names being called. and again, it sucks. We had to spent hours every semester just to get a room, imagine the family waiting there? for hours?.. Poor them. Luckily, i went alone.

I've waited since 10 something, and finally at 14.25, i got a key for my room. And, it's at the 5th stairs, which is the highest. Yet again, it sucks. I wish at least in my final semester, i dont have to climb so many stairs.. or in 2th floor perhaps. Duh. Plus, im afraid of height haha.. poor me! :P

I shared my room with Sharon Ronny, my friend, at least behind this miserable moment, there's one cheer me up :P

The crowd.
Class starts tomorrow.. huhu
But will take MC for the first day :P
Weee... Im in the Final semester finally ")
Struggle more,