Thursday, September 30, 2010


o my gosh. o my gosh.

Bad news:
he starts SMS-ing me. Eww!! and asked to not mentioned it to his wife. wtf. wtf.

Good news is:
will move out tomorrow.
Hurray! :D

the ugly truth!


If your life was a painting, which one would it be?



Yea. Now and then, it'll always going to be YOU.
last waltz should last forever, remember?

only if you knew it.



Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It's totally a WEIRD thing, when someone's husband offer a holiday trip for just the two of us! even he's a relative, it's still so fucking weird!! -_-

cepat2 la October, 1st!
move out. move out. move out.


so, here's a random guy who says hello twice, since he's standing just near to the office, AND he's LOOKING straight to my purse!! oh my gosh, i tried my best to walk faster and ignored my surrounds.

cis! bedebah!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Resident Evil 4

mentioned to my cousin of going to cinema and watch Resident Evil 4 a few days ago. Last night she's back with the DVD on her hand! Tadaaa!! watched the movie with the kids, it WAS a VERY challenging moment for me since the kids screamed Setiap masa, walaupun it's just the talking scene -__-

my nephew, Nemo gave his Ultraman to me and confidently said:

"Aunty Ninie, nah pigang ni Ultraman ah kalau aunty takut. tekan ni butang lampu dia trus ni ultraman bcakap ni. aunty pigang ah. jangan takut"

HAHAHA. but i did hold it till the end of the movie. HAHA

First Day. First Week.

Doing great here. my cousins are very heavenly helpful and nice :) getting used to wake up as early as 6am - whether it's weekdays/ends, i have to open my eyes that early. huhu n still my nephew says "Aunty Ninie lambat bangun" . . since they start their days everydays at 5.00 AM! huh. anyways, the office environment are great too, the boss and the staff welcomed me with arms wide open :D they even held a meeting just to welcome me *shy* more staff will register this coming Oct 4th and actually, will move in with Yana, the new staff also, at Indah Jaya next Friday, we never met, and only talked on the phone. bet she's awesome. :)

ASNB will held a Hari Raya open house this coming 2nd, Oct Saturday.
come and have some kuih raya :)

din bring my lappy to here, cant blog through my hp and it's sucks. i have to curi2 keluar here d cc and blogging. HAHA well, next post. next post!


Friday, September 17, 2010

moving out.

only finished packing at 2am.
i seriously dunno what else to bring.

wish me l u c k! :D


" Kita buat steamboat ni mlm. ko kasi sedia tu brg2 dia, sa beli bahan2 "

got sms from my sisi early this morning.
she's celebrating Hari Malaysia, or for my departure =P
i dunno.
but we had it anyways.

steamboat goreng, i supposed.

pic taken before we had the soup on d gas :)

Hari Raya.

First Raya, to in law's house, cousin's, aunty's & ex-neighbor's
Second Raya, to mum's friend's
Third Raya, to Kundasang
Fourth and the rest Raya, at home sleeping all day.

Selamat Hari Raya! :D

Heavy Raining.

It's been raining here in Ranau like everyday. . i used to switch on the fan every time i goes to bed, but noww.. uhhh, cant stand the cold!

Ranau is getting colder.

which is AWESOME :D


Mum, Bro & sis in law went back from Philippines, a couple of days ago, soo.. Taadaa! they bought me these :D love all of these :D

ain't they cool?


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday. Just thursday.

woke up with sore throats -___-

went out with dad & youngest bro just now, take my baju kurung and such. i havent actually found the mood to pack. i'll be leaving home tomorrow's morning, and sigh.. far far away from my family -_- hope i can cope wt everything. finger crossed!

& probably going to cancel my trip to Singapore & Batam -___-
is there any possible way to apply a LONG holiday, when you have just started working?

It's September, 16th guys.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya!

to everyone out there :)


Monday, September 6, 2010


Howie guys.

Ive been hanging around for more than half a year already. caught myself looking at past most of the time. Life? it's been really roller coaster for me these few months. it really tested me to its maximum, where sometimes i feels like giving up. and asking God - why. Trying to comfort myself each and every second: i can passed this stage. this is just a small challenge tho it broke my whole body into pieces, tho all i see is a dead end in front of me but i can go through this phase.

sometimes it works, sometime not.

but life is not all about a garden of roses ya. there's many obstacles along the way to make it to the end. Junctions. Junctions and Junctions.

life is all about making a choice.
which i hates doing the most. what if i choose the wrong path? i did MANY times and yet, i cant differentiate between the right and the wrong.

. . . .


Have you ever been hurt and the place tries to heal a bit, and you just pull the scar off of it over and over again. ~Rosa Parks