Sunday, September 30, 2012

Back To December

It's 2 months away before December. 
but geez, just cant wait!

How do you expect me to remember your birthday, when you never look any older? happy birthday!

36! and she still looks fantastic!
i think i look older than her, haha

Planned to surprise Kak V last Thursday. Her birthday fall on Saturday actually but since Kak Dash wont be around, we decided to do it 2 days earlier. We bought satay, coke and a cappuccino cake. i was responsible for bringing the cake, so i went to take it at 4.30pm, soon after we closed the counter, and knocked on the back door, friends inside switched off the light and together we sang her birthday song. 

She was still reading the newspaper even the light was turn off! haha
but then, she quickly said 'i can sense something is wrong because you guys whispering every time i pass u'

anyway, we still got u kak v!
Happy so many returns!


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit.. Ini kan pula,

i was quite mad with my encik suami last night.
so, we didnt talk really much la. 

but still, to avoid the awkward moment between us, i still try to talk with him. 

me: jadi la bsuk? (His programme)
him: jadi. napa?
me: dmna kna bikin?
him: d habour mall, ground floor
me: luar ka dalam?
him: da ka ground floor d luar? 

two minutes after, 
i took all the sewing things mau jahit manik2 d baju kurung. my encik suami looked at me, and soal

him: buat apa b? 
me: memancing.

*trus tahan ketawa dalam hati. hahaha 

sunday sundae.

Howie Howdie Howlie! 

yeah, yeah, yeah. times fly really really fast. It's already Sunday. i know right? time just flies so fast. the good news is, Friday arrive too soon, in a blink of an eye, pop! it's already friday. Age is added, i looked myself in the mirror and see this wrinkle surrounded my eyes, damn. cant believed 28 years have really gone. 

i remember playing with my grandpa, 
when he's dancing along with the zapin song. 
cooked his meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner
and when he, with his torch, accompanied me in the living room just because he knew i was a girl who's afraid of ghost. 

even tho i can see them, still, it scares me all the time. 
years passed, now that he's gone.
the dream i had, the voice i heard, it's the sign of him to leave us. 
i miss him, yes. i truly am. 
God bless your soul pa. 

i remember gathering with my buddies, most of the time were at my home. they even stay overnight. the stories we had, boys, crush, loves, enemies and studies? some times. now that we've grown up, the path we choose to follow, some has already found the one, and some still in the relationship (like, it's going to be 9 years now) - seriously jie, im dying to see you guys tie the knot. we barely have the time to chill out now, we have to plan over and over again to make sure everyone is there. girlfriends, is it really hard to find time for us now? like, really?

Oh, i also remember of me being the favorite child in class. 
i was awarded as his best pupil (which i thought was funny cause i seriously dont have the criteria for becoming so) 
man, i wonder where's Cikgu Fauzi is now? the last time i heard, he's moving back to peninsular. and that was in 1995.
those moments become memories. it's a good thought during the good time. 
but seriously, i have wrinkle in my eyes!!!! 

whatever. it's doesnt change a thing anyway. 
sooner or later, i will still going to have them. 

Oh, it's sunday and im craving for sundae ice cream. 

why Blackberry doesnt have any blogspot application? Boooo! i have to subscribed the internet just to blog. Im selling away my bb, anyone? 


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hush little baby, don't you cry :)

oh well, i wish im home so i can hug my dear little one. 
It's so nice to have him around, cuddling and laughing with him, 5 minutes spending with my son seriously does matter. it's kinda hard to kiss him good bye every morning, when his eyes looking at us til we closed the door!

he's the greatest gift ive ever have!

dont grow up too soon son.


Swiss Inn Hari Raya Open House

Me, Mikey and Boss received an invitation for a dinner at the Swiss Inn. 
the food was yummy esp the Chicken Curry, i kept looking at Mike wishing he could get me another plate of it. but we end up laughing cause our boss gave us this look, like 'okay... you guys, stop it' hahaha!!

thanks to the Hotel Manager who is indeed a friendly and a great man!

reached home exactly at 9pm, and my baby was awake as soon i step on the door! he knew his mummy was home :D it's so hard to be away from this boy, i just wish i can packed him inside my bag and bring him to work! haha 

anyways, thanks to the Hotel for the lovely evening. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Newly addicted ;)

Once Upon A Time ....


Who's watching The Glee Project 2?


My life, my everything.

wanting to hug him every single minute!

Love you, son


Hibur dan Labur

located at Kompleks Sukan, Sandakan. we held this ' Hibur & Labur' program, kids and parents were there an hour before the event starts. yeah. earlier than we expected them to be. basically, i was assigned at the 'Seminar' with Felix & the parents. The rest were at the hall for registration & drawing competition. 

it was really cute to see the kids' drawing. hehe

take a look at these ;

this is 4 year's drawing. really cute! hehe

anddd we lepak lepak di McD before went home.
that's how i spent my last Saturday, yours?


Friday, September 14, 2012

So much to share!

i misssssss u my dear bloggggggg!!
hug hug hug

been busy. with work, life and commitments. 
but still i miss uuuu, blogggggg
hug hug hug

will update later * :P

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Love looks not in the eyes, but in mind and heart :)

it's a rare chance for us to gather like this, everyone been busy with this and that lately. gladly, we gave ourselves a time to re unite last night. Once in a bluemoon, dont they say?

here's some snap of d day.

p/s: it's not being edited. just not downloaded completely. haha

so, what's next?