Saturday, May 31, 2008

Missing you...

Tomorrow will back to kk oredi oooo, got the first quiz on monday at 8am.. huhu should held that quiz on tuesday!! ( can, mdm?? ) .. sad leaving dad and mum here at home.. huhu... but will balik again next week... *Wink.. and wanna meet hubby dear... hehe.. kinda miss him!! :(... it's been 7 months i haven't seen him around :P.. feels like.... hehehe....

\(^_^)/ He promised me to bawa me jalan2 at 1Borneo (just open for public today).. and i'm looking for that.. hehe he's been complaining how i become so skinny, that the tulang2 in my face pun nampak suda... and he again, promised to bawa me go eat until i become fatty... huhu... i'd prefer skinny :P.. hehehe but sure, wont reject the offer to eat anyway :) hehe...

kinda miss you :)


When a friend being so bitchy ...

I went out with my parents today.. and in sudden, i met my very old-long ex classmate at pasar.. but she pretend not seeing me..... cause i stand just in front of her. And she just walk passed by and looking to the other side. Funny, cause we once were so closed and now she don't even have time to say hi. but who cares, hehe people change.. everyday. Luckily, she was not in my friend list cause if she is, she'll pay for that.

Things happen the same on the night me and Jenny went to KFC .. she met her old bestfriend but that friend was pretending not knowing her.. with a blurry face, Jenny asked me " Did i changed a lot? "..... hehe.. maybe...

I met my old friend also today, we're in the same karate team in secondary school :) We talked a lot and I asked him whether he still remember my name, confidently he said " who can forget u, Helda... ".. Sure, he forgot me.. hehehe... he type H instead of R in saving my number... waaaaaaa.....

But, thats not the point. I read an article in CLEO magazine this afternoon ( old issue ) talking about a friend being a "fire-stone" and "two-face" person. I experienced some but there's one i never forget.

When i was a receptionist in Kinabalu Park, i knew a girl by the name of F.. she was so nice to me, even offer a help whenever i needed. Sounds lucky, huh?.. One day, my two close buddies were suddenly hated each other, refused to talk and i was trapped in that situation. I tried to be a peacemaker but it ended the same ~ so sad.

After awhile, we finally knew that actually the slutty F was the reason they argued. Because of the jealousy of us being so close together, she became batu api and spread different bad stories to each of them. stupid girl. She even asked my buddy " ko ma ninie blum perna gaduh lagi kannnn.." I almost terpedaya with her konon nice attitude.. We were told that, it was not the first time she became batu api.. she even talked bad things about her own close friends. She's a real slutty bitch. I wonder if she has any friends now??..

The reason I've never forget about this, because my buddies still SMS her marah2 her about that matter. Although it has been 4 years since the incident. hehe...

In life, we may face many types of friends.. some will help you get through with your life and some will help you destroyed your own life.. Whenever anyone being so bitchy to me, I'll try my best to adapt the ignorance. Cause for me, they are just a bunch of dumb ass whom full of jealousy, lack of knowledge that trying to let me down... kunun hehe

There's gotta be more to life :)

Cheers \(^_^)/

Friday, May 30, 2008

How to survive in this situation??

I checked my mail this evening and a friend that i met years before, Leong sent me this... i had a big thought on how to survive myself in this case.. check this out.

well, lets see.. we have a tinny rope with a candle burning, a lion waiting with the "nice" teeth... and you hanging there...... how to survive eh???....


Let the candle burned till you fall on the lion??.. must be dead meat then huhu..

Think again....

Got the answer eh??..

Ok, so you giving up?.. Here's the answer..

well, the lion blew up the candle.. and there you are smiling for being rescued by a happy lion.... dont make sense huh? but, whatever! .. Leong really got me this time!.. and Kobie, my sister sent the same mail hours after.. hehe

Just something to cheer you up! \(^_^)/


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kotobian Tadau Kaamatan!!

I'm glad it's end of the month.. hehe .. cause it's holiday and i can lay all day long with... sleeping.. *wink.. hehe.. and i'm glad i'm HOME!!.. after tired of waiting the taxi for almost 2 hours and the ride for another 2 hours.. finally i'm home.. huhu... although Mum is not here and only my younger brother, Roy welcoming me.. with the empty dinner table, messy living room... still glad somehow :p it takes some times before you really appreciate your own place hehe no other sweet home than my own.....sometimes (^_^)

When i was a child, my Dad used to bring us goin' back kampung to celebrate this harvest festival and nothing compare the excitement and thrill we felt that moment, but seems like the tradition of meeting the relatives, sharing the good times during this harvest festival now is slowly gone by times... i dont even know my own close cousins.. ~ so sad. Some rather spend their times at home ( like me.. ) than celebrate their own culture celebration.. .... what happen? i dont know.... :)

but hey,
It's tadau kaamatan.. and manganu ziau kosivatan diti, papazon doi tompinai ngavi.. kotobian tadau do kaamatan... Arramai tih!! hehe...

Cheers \(^_^)/

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fixing a broken heart..

Years before, me and buddy, Betharia used to write this song in our own diary.. but it's only ended the first part..

There was nothing to say the day he left..
I just filled a suitcase full of regrets..
I hailed a taxi in the rain..
Looking for some place to ease the pain.............

and then, we looked at each other, asking " when do we'll continue this song ? "....
if u know the lyric, then u'll get what i mean :)

years after that, she's married with her lifetime lover, Allan.. and she's smiling said to me " Now, i can finally continue the song!! "

Really glad she's now found her soulmate, and sharing the rest of her life with that lucky man.. :) foremost, she had finally continue that song :)

it took me years before i finally had my own full lyric either :) i was unsure at the beginning, but my sister kept on telling me, that i should take the chance or else i'll regret it later.. :) and i thanked her for the advise hehe.. i'm glad i choose the right one :)

Now, i can finally complete this lyric...

There was nothing to say the day he left..
I just filled a suitcase full of regrets..
I hailed a taxi in the rain..
Looking for some place to ease the pain,..

Then like an answered prayer..
I turned around and found you there... :)

You really know where to start..
Fixing a broken heart..
You really know what to do..
Your emotional tools can't cure any fool..
Whose dreams have fallen apart..
Fixing a broken heart..

Ever could understand what ..
I'm going through..
There must be a plan that led me to you..
Cause of the hurt just disappears..
In every moment you are near..

Just like an answered prayer..
You make the loneliness easy to bear*

Soon the rain will stop falling baby..
Let's I'll forget the past'cause here we are at last...

.. i'm being too emotional here i think hahaa.. (^_^).. but i luv this song, so much!! Broken heart are one of the biggest pain you could bear in life.. not until someone or anyone help you get through it :)

..Thanks Dear (^_^)


Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Blues

A week had passed and now, it's Monday!! huhu.. Goin back to KK today, so much things to do.. my class will starts tomorrow but still, i dun have the clue about our new schedule.. hehehe... guess another reason to escape the class.. ~ whoaaa!! ... ( what happen to the new resolution to struggle hard in studies?? :P )..

I'm supposed to have this semester break in fact, but.. my mistakes i admit.. i have to repeat one paper ( sorry dad ).. the one i took in my previous final exam and i decided to take its continuos paper during this break.. after all, lying at home for 2 months will only make me FAT!! hehe.. as usual, hope the best, beat the rest and kick their asses :P ( taken from dear runcie ) hehe...

New Rules for myself..

Commenced Date : May, 20th 2008 ( which is Tomorrow :P )
Completion Date : Unspecified

- No more "Last Minute" in completing the given assignments

- No more "Copy and Paste" the tutorial given :P

- Ask the lecturer more often... ( so, she'll notice i am there, at least a bonus mark for the participation :P )

- Extra effort for sure ... huhu..

>>going to pack my things now.. urgh, why i'm always doing the last minute job??.. huhu


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Going back Kampung for 3 days!! :P ..

Finally, after a single SMS from my grandpa.. we balik kampung for 3 days.. hehe.. i had my final exam that monday but Mum still insists me to go with them... ( she's not the one who'll take the paper anyway, so who cares.. ) huhu.. Surprisingly, Dad even asked us to go a day early than the planned day.. ( My Dad is a real creepy in going back kampung! even his own kampung.. so, i wonder what's attracted him :P )..

We reached Kota Marudu in 6.00 sharp in the evening. and yesh2.. i'm goin to see my grandpa... :).. but My Dad wasn't heading to grandpa's... i'm puzzling myself ~ oh, Dad is goin to buy something in the nearest shop... but nope. We even passed the shops. Where he's heading to?..

Then we reached this restaurant " Chien Kong Restaurant ", a chinese but halal restaurant.. and i can saw clearly my uncle and aunt waited there with the biggest smile upon their faces...Geee, they welcoming us ~ nice... :) and guess what? the second thing i noticed was these BEERs bottles "unopened" on the table...huhu (now i know why Dad being so excited balik kampung ) .. huhu.. and the yamcha activity continue until 3 am.. huhu..

The next day, we went to Kudat... :) and me, the only teen, single but not available, joined them jalan-jalan.. hehe.. and of course, i got to meet my Grandparents and my youngest sisters that day.. Finally :)..

Sunday afternoon, Dad and Mum sent me to hostel before they went back home (^_^).. My youngest aunt will get engaged this May, 28th.. so will back again to meet them :)..

A pic of myself and Dad.. :)

A candid pic of me and Mum taken by Dad.. shampoo commercial :P

Me .. \(^_^)/

Me with sweet aunt Molen..

Goin' Back.. :)

>> i really had a great time there :)..

well, surely will be back again..

cheers :)

~.. :) nuting really matter ...

hey... it's kaamatan here in my kampung.. but here i am, lying at home.. huhu.. i wish my buddies were here so we can hang out.. goin sumwhere... at least, sumthing to cheer my day.. hehe.. it's boring here.. really am boring... :)

i had downloaded the old songs from Busted yesterday.. i used to listen to 'em back at the mountain.. eating cookies, with the hot chocolate milk ( my fave dat time! ) and listen to this song.... :)

there's this time, my boss came up to us, turn the volume down and said " ini la ni yang bikin rusak kamu ni.. " (^_^).. hehe.. it wasnt Busted we played in fact, it was Green Day's. . i should give a copy to my Boss perhaps.. :P ... hurm, so much fun back then..

Here's a pic of the group.. i'm not really a fan but i love their music :)

here's the lyric one of their track "Over now "... i used to dedicate it to one person years before, hehe he deserved the second part of this song.. :) but nothing really matter now.. hehe altho sometimes i wish he knew it :P

Here we go
Take a bow
Because we're over now
You were not There for me When I needed you
and honestly
I think I loved you more
If that's possible I think I loved you more

It's over now and I can't save you

Some things are better left unsaid
And all the promises I made were so stupid
Maybe we'll be able to be friends

If that's possible

Two days gone I'm alright

But you can't sleep at night

What is it you don't like
Are I'm happy now
I was playing with your head
And I close the door I was kidding when I said I love you more, yeah

It's over now

and here's another "without you".. I'm in love with this wonderful man now ( hope he'll be the LAST, i prayed.. ) and he's the first person i think when this song was played in my list... :) wo de ai ren, "payau" \(^_^)/

The way you always made me look at you
With all the simple things you said
The way so many things surrounded you
And all the tears it seemed to make

And now I'm falling

There's nothing left to say

And I can't break free
Out from in me there

And I can't breathe without you

I can't breathe without you
I can't breathe without you
Without you, without you, without you

The way I never thought
I'd leave this place

The way you made it seem so real
Cause you have faith and you had empathy

And all I needed was this
And now we're falling
Got nothing left to say?

And I can't break free
Out from in me there

And I can't breathe without you
I can't breathe without you
I can't breathe without you

Without you, without you, without you

How can I let you leave this way?
Without you I'm not at all
And I see things now in these memories
Just to see you...again

sweet lyrics for a sweet man :P.. if sum1 would sing dat to me.. hehehe.. surely, sa blanja KFC tu hehehe:).. luv dat song anyway.. and here's another creepy one, " Britney "..

your face is everywhere i go now
and you're on every television show now,

Baby i need you you're everything i want in someone,
but you don't even know who i am,

Baby why should you.
sweating all over your video,
watching every single scene in slow mo
Trackin' you down on the internet,
coz i ain't seen you naked yet...

I want you Britney.
i need you here with... me.

you know that i wont stop untill ive got you.
i want you Britney.
i even know the place that you live.

and i don't care who your boyfriend is,
cos one day it's gonna be me.
and i think that i'm obsessed with you girl.
cos i copy everythin you do now,
and pepsi let me taste you.

god must of spent a little more time on you,
in school uniform you look so good.

and you say that your not a girl,
i'll make you a woman.

I want you Britney.
i need you here with... me.
you know that i wont stop untill i've got you.
i want you Britney.

every single thing you do, every time i look at you,
i become a slave for you, you drive me crazy.
you know that i won't stop untill i've got you,
i want you Britney.

what the hell can i do,
to get closer to you.
you can run you can't hide i'll make you feel good inside,
what the hell can i do
to get closer to you.
you can run you can't hide i'll make you feel good inside...

hehe... hey... u can download the song by yourself.. :) i'm a new blogger so still trying to figure out how to upload the You tube video and stuff lyk dat.. hehe.. :)

~ Cheers for the day

~ Catch up later ....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why some married men cant just stay Loyal to their wives????

I dun understand why some husband cant stay loyal with his wife?.. What happen with the promises to stay loyal, trust, love and till death do them part??? Sumhow, the promises remain meaningless..

What happen??.. does love cost that cheap until you can simply give it other person after you promised your love with this woman?? will it be that simple?.. she's your wife mannn!!.. she's no Robot or Equipment!! She do has heart and feeling ...

Most cases, the husband will blame the wife for the mistakes. without knowing how much she's sacrifices.. how much she has cries.. pretending to be alright.. manage the marriage eventho she cant stand the pain... but she still trying to save the marriage..

If your Love has gone, fineeee.. then settle it down.. discuss nicely with your wife..... find another girl without her knowing is a nonsense reason. You'll hurt her even more.

To all husbands out there. Love your wife.. not just by words. She needs you. God made us in pair.. not in triple. Cherish her for you'll never know she might be gone one day.. Cause Life is too short to live with regrets. Appreciate Her.

~Still Dun understand..



HWK or Hari Warga Kampus is actually a christian gathering for catholic students of IPTA/S held annually.. and i'm glad i've been part of it... YIPEE!! \(^_^)/.. altho it was my first time ( hehe..) but.. still glad anyway hehe.. it was held last year in catholic church St. Simon, Likas.. 3 days, 2 nights! awesome! :) organized by UMS Catholic Student Group ( CSG )..

Here we are, representing CSG UiTM, Sabah.. wt the smiley!! \(^_^)/
The guys really work hard in painting that banner! Good job guys!!

The first day, as usual was a registration day.. Groups were given and i'm lucky group number 1! it's Ice Breaking.. n stuff like that!

the second day, was a praise and worship day.. and the ceramah slot.. it's about " I Love Myself" by Brother Dom.. He even played the song by Whitney Houston, Greatest Love Of All and This is our prayer, Josh Groband and Charlotte Church.. i liked this slot cause both are my fave songs and sumhow, it taught me to appreciate and love myself even more :)

and of course, that's not the only activity that day.. hehe.. that night, we need to perform our performance and once again, CSG UiTM was the lucky number one! we were the first to perform! hehe.. yepp.. each of us brought candles to the stage and it's felt like Christmas in September! hehe.. thanks to the guys from UNITAR who played the instruments for us.. altho it was a bit sumbang mula-mula hahaha... tia masuk tune with the voice baaa.. hehe but hey, they did a great job!! we sang 3 songs.. and i have the microphone my own hehe.. i even said " are you ready guys?? " and it goes twice hahaha.. then, i even miscount the step before it began haha.. suppose, 1 2 3 .. n start singing.. but wat i've done was... " 1 2 3 4 and 4.." hahahhaa.. i can heard my friends tahan ketawa at the back dis hahaha.... but, we've done a great job anyway :P hehe...

with the UNITAR guys who played the instrument :)

The last Day was exchanging book marks and photography.. it was fine, cause i didnt see anyone crying.. hehe.. i cant wait to get back to hostel that moment.. too exhausted!! before go back hostel, me, Sharon, Oshea, Elsie and Ptot sempat singgah at Bristo for beverages! hehe..

The girls from CSG UiTM .. Oshea tsesat joined these gurls..


me, Isaac ( CSG UMS ) and Sharon

the Ladies... Me, Sharon, Elsie and Ptot..

All CSG with the banners.. with Bapa Uskup John Lee

"In Jesus, We Unite"

I'm having a great time there healing and sharing... and looking for the next gathering this september!!

See U in HWK-12!!


Weird + Funny pics!!

hey there... i'm on my way to turn off this pc when suddenly i found dis in my bro's folder.. it's weird but yet, fun to see.. (^_^).. check dis out..

la kissing monster! * duh

not the sky to blame... hehe

yuhuuu.... hehe

Doplhin! and it's not man-made.. not the land, i mean..


My hubby sure gonna luv dis!.. hehehe

better get one!

bravo for the bag designer!.. lets see if it'll suit to men..

a piece of the land!

* Time to bed now... Nite2!! and sweet dreamss ( for me ) :P

Monday, May 12, 2008

Memory In Laban Rata Mount Kinabalu :)

Mount Kinabalu

~ Anyone who don’t have the idea what it is, well… u can simply search in Google.. basically, it is a mountain :P hehe...

South peak :)

the Gorilla look alike peak :)

Stayed and Experienced the mountain life is really a lifetime opportunity.. trust me, it is. Mostly, people will only get a chance to stay there for at least 4 days, obviously because of the limited available rooms… it is fully occupied EVERYDAY..

Laban Rata Resthouse :) with the fabulous view at the back :)

It took me 5 hours to reach Laban Rata on the very first day I climbed it ( Thank God ) :P.. I’m toooo exhausted, tired, excited but the curiousity took me over than my nerve ..

The sweat just worth it!! Trust me, I was breathless with the extremely beautiful view I saw… View on the fine afternoon on the plane?? Four times beautiful!! I managed to snap few shots before I stepped on d building n report my duty to the resident manager there.. ~ Mr Freddie Jude. Luckily, my chief cook cousin was there n I had the first meal in Laban Rata, Fried Chicken Rice.. ~ not bad though ~ hehe

I’m a nature lover, I love nature n the nature loves me (perhaps).. hehe I really do into nature so much.. There was this day, me and my other 3 friends went discovered the “Virgin” Forest at the back of the LR building with wearing a black toilet slipper only :P we crossed the stream which I was convinced by my friend that the stream actually was part of the waterfall that we normally will seen along KK-Ranau road.. so, quite lucky for me 2 saw it J it was freaking cold!! Then, we saw this really unique cave with another stream in the middle of it, surrounded with many types of beautiful flowers.. well, we assumed there a bunch of orchids there… it should be the cave of the Golden Rose.. :P

Meters ahead, we found this steep place where we can witness the most2 beautiful view of Sabah … it was damn beautiful!! 4 of us sat there for a couple of hours.. Sharing stories, ate cookies, laughing n went back before sunset.. hurmm, now I miss the place.. huhu

And yep, we even climbed to the peak for few times whenever we feel wanna to.. ~ it’s a bonus for working there.. without need to pay extra ringgit ~ and of course, u can see part of sabah there.. and there’s a “wishing pool” where some peoples believed it is a pool for wishes granted.. u can even see some coins were sleeping there.. hehe and the most popular view u can see is the beautiful sunset..

The wishing Pool... u can even swim in it ... and fishing... hehe yup, i'm Kidding! :P

This is the wishing Pool i'm talking about :) if u watch it closely, u can see pieces of ice there..

it's freaking cold that turn the pool into ice!!

The sunset from Gunting Lagadan Hut

The sunset view from Gunting Lagadan Hut again :)

Meeting various kind of people from all over the world is one of the reason I love my job so much!! I even met some celebrities.. some were so nice while the rest were just a bunch of dumb ass hahaha… oya, we went crazy when we met these Hong Kong celebrities.. haha they happen to be my favourite actor/ess.. and trust me, they smelled soooo sweet…. I was blushed the moment I approached them asking for couple snaps.. sorry 2 disturb your dinner Samuel n charles … and also “wei wei” and the bulum kanal Miss Hong Kong hehehe… even the leader of the tour, Jackie asked me whether I’m ok or not.. hehe by the way, Jackie is really a nice guy.. he even handed me the picture of his Korean tourist took months before… compared to the rest, he’s the best la… not that sombong type..

But hey, I’m having the BEST and FABULOUS time there in Laban Rata, Resthouse Mount Kinabalu.

~ although I felt like a bit Like New Zealand but I managed to cope with the freaking coldness.. practice makes perfect hehe… and honestly, I even dream I’m still there hanging with Cely, Eil, Mr Lawrence Soon, the crazy employees there like Dickson for sure, the gila2 mountain guides n met new foreign tourists like the Australian Benjamin Kelly Taylor, the Swedish Caroline…now, I miss the place badly huhu..

The best time was when me, Cherye, Betharia and Betly were posted there ~~… having the great time ever!! Karina, no worries.. with U , Teffany and the Chef Ismail Look alike, our naturalist, Zul.. was the best too~~..

The journey to the peak :) holding to the white rope :)

me and Buddy, Beth chillin' out at the top :P

Us against the coldness!! hehe Buddy Cely, me and Buddy Beth :)

New one!! i havent tried it yet! Via Ferrata Rock Climbing.. pic taken by Eil.

The highest public Phone in Asia! hehe... u can found these two just nearby Sayat-Sayat hut.

With the RM Mr Lawrence Soon :) I miss U guys!

I learnt a lot from there..

~ Open your mind for possibilities as nothing is impossible, for sure..

~ Always be ready to try new things as you’ll never know how worthy the outcomes may

be.. Don’t think negatives cause it will ruined your chances before even it started..

~ Enjoy every second of living and..

~ Love nature … they’ll love you in returns..

I’m treasured every moment I was there ~

To be continued….. XOXO

That's all for today!! \(^_^)/

Chapter 1 : A New Beginning

it's May, 12th 2008 and it's Monday. well, hey there... hehe.. first blog for today!! yipee.. finally, i started my ownnn blog.. and thanks to myself for giving myself a time to do dis!! yessshh!! hehehe...

well, theres no specific topic for today cause i'm not good in writing.. i mean, typing.. what's sure, my mind cant work right recently ( the weather effect i suppose :P ).. haha....

well.. cheers for today!
i'll be back wt sum goodies soon.. hehe