Monday, October 28, 2013

Movies baby

Since Im in my holidays now, has less thing to do.. Only babysits my son and Linda is here helping me to do all d housechores, i tend to get bored sometimes. Husby is busy wt his work and eldest son is with his grands.. so u see, I have much time to do things on my own (only if baby sleep la) luckily, my bff showed me a link that I can watch movies for freeeeee! Yeeha!

It's movies time baby. Here's d list of the series ive watched so farrrr

GLEE season 5 (ep 1 - 3)
Once upon a time season 3 (ep 1 - 4)
The walking dead season 4 (ep 1 - 2)
Korean running man, master's sun, my love mdm butterfly, the strange housekeeper,
The voice season 5
Antm season 20
The amazing race
And d list continue... Hehe

Pelihara lemakk kan. I just sits and watched. Diet starts right after d 44 days of confinement over. Jiayou!

Well. Til next post

Saturday, October 26, 2013

It's official. I am a mum of two.

Sounds really old is it? Ahaha but, it's official. I gave birth to my second son last week exactly at 2.22am Thank God baby is fine and getting healthier.. altho I had to bear d 10+ hours of labor pain. Ha! Seriously. I went to d labor room at 4pm and only went out from it at 4.30am. Seriously.
But thank God everything's finally okay.
2 lil bodyguards I have now =)
Anywayyyyyy, we're bringing the kids to the Disneyland next year! Yeeha! Husby thought of having a leisure vacay in Thai next week but he suddenly said 'why not hk'.. sa okayyy ja klu kna sponsor tiket. Ahaha so. Next thing to do is, renew our passport.
Im going back to d land of d mountain next week. Excited! Gonna spend d rest of my confinement days at home. Geez.
Thats it. Xx

Sunday, October 6, 2013

How long has it been?

Woot! Woot!
I am at my 38 weeks of pregnancy already. I seriously thought im going to give birth last week, wt all d ache I felt, turned out it's only a false alarm. Last august I got admitted and got 3 pine of water.. last sept I barely cant breathed and was admitted to the emergency wt oxygen. Thank God my colleagues are all awesome. They helped me alot. I cant remember how they managed to get me inside d car, but from the stories they told, it was really funny. Ahaha

Anyways, yeah. The typical malaysian. Or us. People tend to ask me how old my first son is when they know im expectating again. D sooner d better right. I aint going to be younger. Hehe son is sleeping already, n im just done doing d laundry n preparing son's stuff for tomorrow. Oh finally, Linda is here. My temporary maid is here. Shes working wt my sister actually but since Im in a big need now, to do all d chores, I borrowed her til d year end. It's really hard to find maid now. Sgt2 susah.

What else? Hurm. My encik suami havent confirm me yet, whether we are really going to travel this dec or not, altho I keep crossing fingers for it. It's my dream place. Im in love wt new zealand for ages. He havent gv me d final words yet. But lets just hope. Haha but, if we are not going then im going to make myself a free time for my dearest bff's engagement! Shes finally found d one. Ah. How sweet it is!

Well. Thats it for now.
Cheers! xx

Glee season 5 episode 3.

Yes. Im still feeling sad knowing my dearest finn has gone. I really cannot wait for season 5 3rd episode, a special contribution for him. Im sure it's going to be a really really sad one.