Thursday, September 22, 2011


It feels really good to be in my own bedroom!!

i had the longest journey today, depart from Darby Park to Klia just before rising of the sun. Reached KK around 10.30am and waited for almost 3 hours to catch the next flight to Sandakan. i almost missed the flight fyi, i was sleeping on the waiting hall, being a half deaf, and  Thanks to Uncle-i-forgot-to-ask-name for waking me up.

Reached Sandakan, went home, showered and go back to the office. 

my head was covered with the image of my bed. 
i cant help but imagining myself resting on it. 

It's a rough day. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Home Sweet Home.

i am supposed to be on my bed nowwww, revising and noting all those notes. but help me!!  i just cant concentrate! im thinking of playing the games, downloading songs.. haiyerr, im not good in memorizing anymore ! =( 

i am home now, i was at my dearly hometown last 3 days. leaving home isnt my favorite, knowing the fact that i have to be miles away from my dearly Mum and Dad, i cant taste my mum's best meals and to see my dad talking about his studies. 

being here can be so lonely, sometimes. 

it was a heartbreak. 

Cut the emo thing! i should get back to my files. 


Friday, September 16, 2011

16, 17, 18, 19, 20.

wait, i have five more days to do the revision? Time flies soooooooooooooo fast!! 

the date confirmed!
i'll be leaving to KL this coming Tuesday and having the test & interview the next morning. 

all i have in mind ...    is   shopping. 

someone, please, brainwashed me. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Awwwwwwwwwww :')

Just a quick glimpse

quite fat, is the best words to describes me here. trust me, you dont wanna see me without the censored things. LOL! you might even congratulate me! haha

but hell yesh! it just moves me to keep on exercising and losing more weights! 



p:s i passed the Friday's exam! next, Confirmation Interview! =D

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dance Dance Dance Fitness guys!


my corner of inspirations and loves.

We were a strange little band of characters trudging through life sharing diseases and toothpaste, coveting one another's desserts, hiding shampoo, borrowing money, locking each other out of our rooms, inflicting pain and kissing to heal it in the same instant, loving, laughing, defending, and trying to figure out the common thread that bound us all together. 

 ~Erma Bombeck


Soft Purple or Soft Pink?

i think i wanna go with Soft Purple! 
i just love this idea =D

yesh, more things to servay. 

Raya @ the office.

some snaps to share! :D 

p:s i seriously feels i gained weight alot in just a day !

Friday, September 9, 2011

friday, im in love :-D

everybody loves weekend! 

rise your hands up and dance on the floor, people! where ever you can be! just dance :D

anyhoooo, i tried to share pics from my konkon, but shiutt! the memory cant be read T.T let's see what i can do next. 


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nescafe, anyone?

I ammmmmmm really full! i feel fat, but in a good way =P 

We brought foods to the office today! 
I made Puding Jagung, Yana PECAL, Kak Jo KUIH MUIH & fruits, Kak Vel bought cake, Kak Dyg with Rendang Daging, Kak Daisy bought plates and cake (too), Azman brought Ketupat & Ikan Asam Pedas, Asli cooked Rendang Ayam (I finished everything!) & Sambal Udang, Mike sponsored canned drinks, Boss had Kari Kerbau and Taib gave money =P ahaha, it was just so watering! i think i had more than 4 dished? or could be more. 

it was a day of craziness and really really really fun! 
Mr. Big Boss even said,

'aii, kalau saya retire suda, memang saya ingat ni gaya kamu semua' 

:') awwww .. so sad! knowing the fact that he'll be retired next July. He's been really down to earth man. He'll be always remembered :) pictures will be posted, justtt soo sooon! in actuality, i need to focus and concentrate on my exam tomorrow! i literally forget most of what ive studied sooooo many freaking years ago! 8 years was the years to grow both mentally and emotionally. i wont cry, like i did.  I am going to give the best shot! =D i sounds intense, i know. haha

I'll fly to KL anytime now (might be next week) .. i havent get the exact date yet but my Head Of Branch said it'll be just around the corner (he's anxious just deeply like me!) 
. It's been almost 1 YEAR ive been in the PNB's family!! so, yes, my next concentration is the Confirmation Interview! Oh God, grants me strength, extra strength! :D 



Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kendal Jenner

A day to remember :)

wee.. It's a cold night. 

weird cause i am basically not in Ranau, my dearly hometown. AND we only had a stand fan right now. but the cold strikes deeply to all over my body, and i have a sense that my leg is going to cramp anytime soon! im liking it anyway! :D reminds me so much of home, I am going backkkk again next week! but this time, it gets my nerve. let's see if i can deal with this feeling. 


Today's way better than yesterday. inside the office, it's way better. me & Mike dont have to navigate 200+ investors, like we did previously. well, in fact the number didnt even reached 180 =) i was online most of times. i seriously cannot concentrate on my works with the internet around. i just cant get my eyes off from the screen. i mean, i did tried. but i just loves these multimedia things more than doing the paper works. i hates doing those works SOME TIMES, doing other's works to be specifically. I cannot say No cause they helps me once. i mean, twice. i am okay doing the Counters and Admins, helping them. but i just hates going to Maybank almost every day to do the cheque things. i tried to console him about this, but he just ignored. now that i know lots of unexpected things currently happened, the hatred just increased.

just like today, i asked my executive to walk with me to the bank. he's tall and i think, people would think twice to do bad things to us =D Good job, Mike! keep on growing!

Outside things, went .. not so okay. 
there's an accident involved Lorry and Wira just right next to our office. pretty scary, but Thank God no one is badly injured. they speculated that the Lorry hit the Red Light and bump into the Wira. some said the Wira trying to over take and missed. we're not sure which is the truth, but i think the Lorry get the blame. Check on tomorrow's newspaper. i snapped the incident, will share it soon. 

anyway, we ran out of cooking tank gas for 2 days already. we've been trying to call the gas supplier for hours but they wont make it, im not sure why, but might be because we need to them to send it to 3rd floor! (physically, 4th floor) =D we can bring the tank downstairs, but we cannot guaranteed we'll be successful carrying it upstairs -_- so, i called Pizza Delivery, we ordered the PIzza Ramadhan, and man, it was soooo cheap! with RM22.15 only, you can actually have 3 kind of topping. Hawaian Chicken, Hawaian Tuna & Spicy Lasagna (no clue, but it sounds like it) Me, Yana & Chriss had the Pizza's moment right-away! 

here, just in case :) 1300 88 2525

during dinner i tried to take revenge (of what Yana had previously done to me). Revenge time baby! after dinner, Yana went out to the corridor, trying to connect the broadband. Her room located just next to the corridor, so her window is just meters away from the corridor. 

but wait, lemme summarized of WHY, yesterday as i intense blogging at the corridor, i heard someone calling me from the back, in a spooky way. i ignored the voice, but it kept calling me. so, i slowly looked back and there was Yana's head from the window, her hair was such a mess and she's wearing black. and it's dark. i was screamed real hard and just, almost people, ALMOST, threw the lappy downstairs.  

and she & Chris laughed pretty badly. 
she said she went to bed an hour ago, how can i expect she was still awake! 
but she's got the kicked on her ass. huahahaha! nahh, buat lagi. 

okay, so i tried to scare her like the way she did. 
i slowly moved up and walked to her room, wishing she didnt hear my footstep. so, i messed my hair and slowly pulled the curtain the best i could. 
i tried to make this scary face and suddenly, BUKK!! 

shit!!!! i hit my forehead on the window!! it was closed!! 
OH MY GOSH, i cannot stand the laugh, i laughed really really bad, lying on the floor. we were almost dead to laugh so badly. my gosh. 

Yana said 'Niat tu ba tia bagus..'

haha! there's always timeeee.. more timeeeee ! :D 
we ended the day with Vampire Diaries & Gossip Girl. 

A day to remember :) 

It's a wrap for the day, let's see what i have tomorrow. 
Later ~

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

Finally, my wish comes true!!

yeshh! will fly to New York City Next week ! and to Seoul, Korea the following week! And it's all sponsored!!! how awesome ! :D

naaah, only if these wishes come true. haha

Actually, i finally ate the nicest Rendang last night!! it melted in my mouth soo juicy and spicy. i ate it like it was my first time, but seriously guys, it was sooooooo damn delicious! Daging masak Kurma, Terung (i think they cooked it with Santan) .. everything just so delly!

(saya masak Tauhu Sumbat, Ayam Goreng & Telur Sos seja :P maluuuu... )

i wanted to share some Raya pics here, but since all those pics are saved in my lappy and im currently borrowing Ms. Yana's lap .. will share it later. Oh, only if Mr. Celcom allow me to do, we have a rough relationship these few days. i wanna break up with him, but ive been faithful to him for soo many years..... it makes me think twice.


waiting to go home. see ya later.

later dudeeeeee.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

“You need not wrestle for your good. Your good flows to you most easily when you are relaxed, open, and trusting.” - Alan Cohen

sunday afternoon at my home's corridor. (it's so freaking hot, dude!)
Thanks to our dearest Celcom, i had to move from left to right just to make sure my broadband works. Oh, gladly to tell, it keeps on disconnecting. i just love the way you disconnected. i had to sit here just for you, celcom! just for you baby!

anyhoooooo, we ran out of gas. i am so dead hungry, and the only options we have is KEROPOK! hahaha. yeah, think i can work with that, im on diet people! :D i wanted to eat Rendang so bad, ive been thinking of it for the past two days. i cant find it yesterday, the three houses we went served us Nasi Beriyani, Kari and such (sedap tho!) .. so, Rendang, dimana kah engkau berada? my sister cooked it once, and i wanted the same like that.

shiutt, hope i can find it later. we'll be leaving to Along & Dadyn's house this eve! :D rayaaa lagiii..


selamat hari raya guys!



oh gosh,
so emotionally intense in connecting the line.

 Celcom, wtf? like, oh gosh! i paid for nothing! it's been two freaking days i cannot connect to you! are u kidding me, like for real? what happened to the 'Celcom, the widest coverage?'


Be nice to me, or i'll leave you!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

He listen, like He always do.

I am so dead sleepy T.T

but something bothering me from the moment i decided to let the water just running from the taps. i dont think im ready for any changes, yet. i am just too reluctant to leave things behind, of what i have been carried with me for the past 27 years.