Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dude, That's my parking!

sometimes i just dont get it, clearly the sign is there, my car number and even the house number is on the SIGNBOARD. 

and still, these morons choose to steal my parking. 
mustahil la klu tia pandai membaca ni. 

we blocked these cars, and sadly, the next day ada scratch suda di driver's seat's door. 
memang palui la ni org. shit btul. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Encik Suami dan Si Sang Isteri

Yesterday, Encik Suami was really busy filling the job application form. 

and at this one part, he whispered to himself..

'innovative? ..'

and he goes, 

him: 'innovasi? ada ni.. apa tu nama yang kita spray2, ukir2 tu?'
me: ah? apa tu?
him: yang time d belia dan sukan tu, da kan program innovasi yang spray2. 
me: blur*
him: apa nama kalau yg kita spray2 ukir di dinding tu?
me: vandalism. 

him: ......................


Monday, May 7, 2012

Future Talk

Waiting anxiously :) it's just about time! waiting for a miracle to happen, to brighten the days! yeah! =D

anyway, went to my mother-in-law's house yesterday and we sort of having a conversation about the future. Talked about the house. me and husband are planning to buy a new house actually, but we're still looking around to find which offers the best price with the best house. Marriage thing is a sweet thing but u have to give the best commits to it. It's no longer just me and me and me. it's me, my husband and my future kids. 

oh, yes. i am married already :)

and now officially a wife to someone .. special. aisey. 
tp masi mcm budak2 la kadang2 hahaha
sometimes i have to remind myself that i have committed myself in this marriage. 

and sometimes i will ask my husband
'kita suda kawin ka?'
he'll usually reply
'ntah, suda ka?'
and i goes
and we end up laughing together. 

and im thankful cause so far, he's being so considerate to me and we actually do the house chores together. when i do the laundry, he'll clean the house, when im cooking, he'll do the laundry and when im cleaning, he'll do the cooking. sometimes, he'll do both cleaning and laundry and leave the cooking things to me. 

hopefully, it'll continuously the same til the end.  

God bless this marriage :) amen.