Thursday, July 30, 2009

Two days before July 2009 ended.

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y my dear mimie :)
I remember knowing you since kindergarten,
Now and then, you're still the same.
You like to laugh, any moment any where
You like to love, when you think it's worth to love
You love cooking, differently
You love singing, inside the car or bathroom
You like talking with the adults, esp when it comes about cooking
You loves us like you loves yourself
We've done so many crazy things together
but now you've been away for quite awhile from us,
and how we miss you alot.
Happy Birthday again my dear bestfriend ^^
30th July 2009

Morning Rain

The boss went our for awhile, for some kind of meeting.. It feels great whenever she's not around. haha yes, it's a cruel confession but at least im being truthful to myself and you, right? :P Anyway, it was raining heavily this morning, and it's really hard for me to move myself from bed, and how i wish i'll have more times to sleep, especially when the weather supports me to.. since the drenching rain continued beating against the window, i woke up with sighed and made myself to the bathroom. Minutes later, my man appeared on the door, which is a true blessing :P i don't have to wet my attire early in the morning and run in the rain =) he saves me from the rain :D As early as 9.30am, the sky finally stopped crying, the sun slowly make its moved to spread the light to the city. somehow, i still feel cold and it reminds me of the coldness at the mountain back then. I miss the place so badly. but life has to goes on even some of my part have been left behind at the paradise =) Maybe i can have a little visits to that place someday. Hopefully with God's will. or perhaps, with Sabahair Aviation helps. haha with a free helicopter rides. who knows. haha

well, guys.. happy thursday ^^

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Maybe For you, It's just a small matter, but for me?
It is something words cant describe how thanked i am for the care you showed me just now ^^

I h e a r t YOU!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Waiting for Miracle~

This is how my table looks at the moment.
Please Mr. Clock, move faster!!
. . . .
Drive Carefully everyone :)

The day she turned 16?

Friendship isn't a big thing
....,....It's a million little things.

Thanks for your friendship,
Happy Birthday Dato' Farah @ Ferry! :D on July 21st 2009 [ and 4 the previous years! ]

Went to BB Cafe last sunday to celebrate Farah's birthday
the birthday lady belanja us, eat til there's no space left. i was truly blessed that night since i can have any types of food i want! and i dont have to pay for it! whoaa! :P
anyway, to Farah.
Thank You So Much!

she didnt noticed the cake was there.. certainly because she was extremely busy with her darling pda.
The best thing about the whole hours was, we were entertained with love songs by the Tagalog singer and they are gifted to have such beautiful voices =)
well, will update again soonest!

Monday, July 27, 2009

The choosen Path

Where could i be now, if i hadn't decided to work? Pursuing studies with my old mates, opened a new boutique with my buddies, lying on bed at home, watching TV while eating Maggie, helping my mother doing the household chores.... the thought of my life draining into these moments. what if i choose to continue study? will the environment be different?
Ive seen some of friends struggle enough for their life, While i, simply take my days for granted, believing there's always tomorrow.. what if this is the last day? can i framed myself as successful person by that time? For a moment, i regret i did not take the chances as they were there.
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could

To where it bent in the undergrowth.
Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;

Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same.
And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.

Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.
I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

Grace MacLean ^^

Happy Birthday Darling..
May all your wish come true,
May you'll always get the happiness..
Friends Forever! :D
ur old mate^^

Sunday, July 26, 2009

For the man that changed my life completely.

"The Last Waltz should last forever"

loving you so dearly.

The wish!

It's 20 minutes before 3 in the morning, and im still awake 0_0 i was giggling myself with some mags and Jay's collection but it gets bored, so internet is the only thing lingering in my mind! Went out to beach today for dinner..bump into my ex-classmates and they're nice enough for offering us the pizza huahaha.. i always loves food! anyway, it's like a night market there, everyone gathered in the same place, the parking's space was almost occupied, then the rain forced some to leave, including me and my sister.

Actually, i want to share about my Phil Tour days before but ive lost words and basically, my mind was empty for the last couple of days. My head is spinning around, worst than a roller coaster and holiday is the only medicine can cure the disease! Nothing more exciting than a touring to the country you've never been before. Sadly, Jakarta seems to be loaded with bombers! .. and Australia is consumed more H1N1 cases. But whatever it is, It is not the right time to go for traveling. Money, Money come to me.. hehe

here's two of the pictures i managed to upload today.. Both were in Manila, where the city is loaded with illegal vendors in every part of the city. The traffic light seems to be invisible for them, green, orange or red dont make any difference. 2 ways become 3 ways. I dont think i can survive to drive here. haha

This is PUG: Public Utilities Gip
or known as the public transportation, it's so weird to see the people jumping out from it, or jumping in while the Gip still moving. hehe

This was taken at Rizal Memorial Park..the park full of revelers.. who frolicked each other and roamed with the nature.. enjoying the late May afternoon, perhaps, even now. It was an amazing to know that such beautiful place would be just across the ocean. The people are very helpful and friendly unlike the one we found in Sabah itself.

but if you wish to go out from the enormity man-made city for awhile, think about travelling, to the place u've never been. See how you will react to the difference.. I always wanted to go every part of the world, be unlimited with the desire.. but MONEY delays the plan. bagus kan. huhu

I hope i can make it someday. In my early 30's or 40's. who knows what to happen kan.. hehe well, i should be on my bed now.. till then, Tata! =)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

When your close friend happened to be someone's belonging!

I overheard my colleague talked about love and affairs and ive been in that shoes before, it's felt wrong and stupid. It was years before when i was still studying, i was officially not attached to anybody that moment, i was all by myself.. to see my friends were soo in love with their boyfriends, makes me longing for someone to lend me his arms. I felt so alone!
then, there was this man. My bestfriend gave him my number after we first met at this open space restaurant.. he kept texting me, everyday. We then agreed for a meeting at the campus' library which changed the circumstances from where it supposed to be! it was a mistake. He continued called me everyday after the meet.. and started to call me like i was his. I was in class when suddenly an unknown number text me:

" is this Jane? "

Me : em.. ya, but im not sure if im Jane u r looking for.

10 minutes [ or sort of ]

" Ohh.. ok! Do you know this number 016 - [ i forgot!] "
it was the guy's number.

Me: Why?

20+ Minutes later

" Is he your boyfriend?"

Me: Why?

The person replied

" Im asking you, is he your boyfriend? "

Oh, this person reminds me of the highschool moment! lol. seriously.

i goes " listen sweetheart, you suddenly SMS me without introducing yourself, and asking me this rubbish thing, how you expect me to reply you in a polite way?.. anyway, he is not "

The person replied
" Okay thanks. Wrong Number!"

But im pretty sure it was his girlfriend! and i assumed she was in class that takes time to reply me. or, maybe she was discussing with her friends what to say. I dunno. Dont even bothered to know. But.. well, how poor the girl. and i was indeed surprised to know this guy has a girlfriend. I forgot to ask him at the first place! I stopped contact the guy ever since eventho he kept calling me and texting me. Yes, i did almost fall for him but im glad it didnt happened. Im glad the Gf text me before i say YES to this guy. cause the outcomes might be worst!

Anyway, it was a lesson for me! lol.

I think that moment, i wasnt really into him. just that, i was jelous seeing my friends with their lovers.. :P hahaha I have to see the reality with the eye of my heart, not with the eye of my head. It might be a little bit sad but it's alright, it's not like i'll be spending the rest of my life alone. :P Thank God ive found my dear now :):)

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Boss' Birthday!

That's our managing director, a hardworking and independent woman! altho sometimes we seems very hard to get along.. hehehe

well..she didnt care about her age, but we do?! she's 56 this year! wohooo! lol.

to my boss,
Happy Birthday on 20th July 2009 :D

nothing much to say just wish for your happiness and success in your company :P


The memory that lasted forever~

With a little glimpse of the past, which im not normally doing, i thanked God for what i have now. I think it's sucks to still clinging with the past, wishing you could turn back the time and doing the right thing, to pretend " No, i wont changed anything if i have a chance to" and the fact, you're still swimming in the pool of histories. It's killing and personally, i think it is a stupid things to do. No matter how deep the pain might be, Let Go is the best we can do to move on.
Looking back to the yesteryear, im indeed thanked for the memories.. cause i tend to think of losing my loved ones anytime, anywhere and afraid of not having enough times to tell them how much i care. That is my greatest fear in life.

2 years ago, i was lying on the floor.. chit chat with my dear friend, bbey. we talked alot, we used to talked about loves, guys, foods or SOMETIMES, studies.
It was a day AFTER i sat at the side of the beach - nearly around 10pm to 3am with this guy ive known for like, several days.. that was actually our third time went out together! It's not the usual ME to go out with a stranger, foremost, MAN, when every body is bubbly-sleeping.... It's certainly not the usual me!
But this guy, is different! there's something about him that attracted me to get closer and i thought, why not spending some time together? My sister gave me a green light to have a time for myself and it had changed my life, for ever. I think im halfly losing my sanity that moment! haha we were randomly talked about life when i suddenly told him to give up since im not ready for any relationship, he goes
" why should i, if i have the chance? "..

i was like " PROVE ME!"

and without his knowing, he actually proved me he's for real. His face was on my mind the whole day and man, i wanna kill myself! Bbey was laughing seeing me that way, she said i was insanne, cause i rolled my body to the left and right.. just to make sure i was doing the right thing or not? to text him or not to?

and i did text him!
he replied:
"yes, hi.."
i straightly type:

" Do you know why God creates gaps between our finger? "

he goes;

"No, Why?"

I replied;

" Cause He creates someone to fill the gaps and holding your hand forever"

he said;

" Oh.. nice.."

i was like........

" Do you want to fill my gaps? " [*pengsan*]

and he replied:

" Really?"

That next morning, i woke up with smile when he text me;

" Good Morning Sunshine!"

A new chapter has begun! :D

" You will never know true love until you have truly loved "

Cheers! :D

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I remember the day clearly,
the day that changed my life forever..


He, is, yet proved me that guys can be different.
either to love endlessly, to love sincerely or to shows a fake love.
A guy can loves you to win the game with his male friend,
A guy can loves you because he want a girlfriend,
A guy can loves you because his surrounds ask him to,
he can loves you because he thinks he should.

oh well, you just cannot predict their mind.. AGREE! lol.

anyway, to my Bf.. thanks for everything.


U did it, Brother!

"As we grew up, my brothers acted like they didn't care,but I always knew they looked out for me and were there!"
~Catherine Pulsifer
and im so proud of you =)
i remember the moments you were there to supports me [ 2004 ]

Awards Received by 3 sabahans and 1 from Melaka.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Burfday and the feeling being OLDER!

No one gave me a cake on my birthday.
which cleary means, i didnt celebrate it in any way on that day.
harhar no hurt feeling!
But 2 days after the Quarantined over, [ days after my birthday ] my sister brought me to Kg. Nelayan for steamboat dinner. She want the party to be surprised actually, like, she told my Bf to zip his mouth, so i'll be surprised to see him joining the dinner.. which didnt turned out the way she wants it. harhar. It's complicated to explain but she blew out the truth, before we reached the place. cause i kept asking her alot of questions, and to stop me from talking, she broke the words and told me the supposedly-plan :P
Jeng!Jeng! This is my cake. Chocolate Cake
Oh, if you wondering why the smiley was on the cake, ask my sister.
another candles' blowing,
another wishes were made,
another number was added,
another feeling i have to bear..
feeling OLD?
i shoudlnt be.
Cause basically, Age is just a number.
and sometimes tend to forgot my age! seriously.
to my dear buddy Moi and Cousin Dodoy,
Happy Belated Birthday To you two on 04 and 05 July 2009.
I opened my eyes to see the world and but my view was blocked by both of you, cause you two crying so hard, breaking the silent in the entire wad, as a newborn baby i cant get mad nor i cant yelling cause that moment, i knew we'll going to be bestfriends forever :P

Monday, July 20, 2009

Awesome Weekend!

The heading tells the story :P
i did actually =), My younger/est brothers went back home, tho it was difficult for the youngest to make it home since his boss /MIL is the hardest person to communicate with. hahaha oh, i'll be suing for telling this. but she is. Im sure she have the other sides that will makes me like her someday. Anyway, my other brother went back from Johor, he thought he have a week off, but his in-charge asked him to work today -_- means, he have to go back to Johor 5 days early than expected!

Daddy's birthday was memorable.. at least, for me! cause it was my first time hugging him and said i love him. haha really, it was the first time. My dad is not the type of person who will hug you to comfort you, who will say daddy loves you when the children needed, who will tells bed tome stories.. No, he is not that type. I was raised with his garang attitude, but instead of seeing him that (garang) way, ive seen him as a scarifying father like, No matter what you have done, i'll be there for you. The way he express his action shows us that he do care :) i cannot remember when the last time he had a cake on his birthday, 5-7 years? i dont remember. We were too busy :'(

He told us not to sing a birthday song but we want to! You should see his smile. hehe
It's been times since the last time our family gathered.

You know like some people said, the childhood moment is the best part in your life's journey. Cause everything seems easy and you dont take things seriously like we do now. You dont cursed and you loved. Yes, Time went off so fast!

Anyway guys, have a great day!!

Friday, July 17, 2009


Boring! huhu im soo maddy bussy this morning, but soon after the Boss went out, we all jadi malar! hahaha one is sleeping, one is playing with the traditional wood game, one is playing internet game, and the one is busy doing his work! oh wait, does he? all i can see is he's busy writing on the vouchers. should be busy :P the rest went out for Huha.

I cannot wait to go home tomorrow.. will do a birthday party for my dad tomorrow with all the ballons and candies, tho he's too old for that hahaha it is a second birthday for him this year, he always have a second birthday! different month and date, i dunno which is the correct one. huhuhu

anyway, Happy friday everyone! :D

Thursday, July 16, 2009

To You, Dear Friend.

I didnt type your name but im sure, u'll eventually know it is you im talking about.
Im sorry i didnt spend most of my times with you and talk to the phone, like we used to do. I wish we could have the best moment together like what we used to do, eating together, share the stories before going on bed, guys, study again. been times since the last time we've shared the same food or shampoo or what so ever, right.

anyway, i found out today.... that you've been suffering for days, or maybe, months.. fighting with your own feeling and emotion..WHY YOU DIDNT LET ME KNOW? we're all know it's not easy. esp when you're on your own, without telling me, or anyone to figh with it. I cannot told you what to do and what not to, tho if i can, i wont. Cause the last time i advised you on this matter, it turns worst.. and the hurting actually continue, without my knowing.. until today.

Girl, dont be sad. Dont be anything that will hurt you and yourself. If you cannot decide, then let it. Sometimes, it's okay to let things happen - just happen like that. If you cannot carry the burden anymore, then let it go.. go with the flow, whatever happens -.. happen. If he's / it's meant to be with you, it wont go anywhere. No matter how far he has gone from you, remember.. if he's the one, the destiny will bring you two back together..

the world is full of surprises. We never know what will going to happen. But whatever it is, im sure it happen for the best reason. so my friend, free your mind. Dont hurt yourself while you, in the other hand, can make yourself happy.. why to worry? you still have a long journey to go .. and it's waiting for you to discover. after all, life must goes on.. so do love! If today, things didnt work out, try tomorrow .. if tomorrow didnt work out also, try the next day. Remember you once told me, God gives us 24 hours! :):):)

To be Happy or not to be? Your Choice!
Cheer Up Friend! Remember the good times and you'll realize that Life isnt that bad after all.

the pictures and the stories.

my boss had a meeting inside, so sa curi tulang dulu sikijap hehehe.. just to share what ive been up to recently.

I accompanied my childhood-buddy to Paris Bridal last sunday for gown fitting... she looks fab in those gorgeous wedding gowns.. i was like T.T, mcm mau nangis juga la haha i said to her
" moi, pengiring teda baju khas ka dari sini?"
and she goes " emmm...."
then we went to my buddy, beth's house.. to kacau dorang resting haha dis is her youngest daughter... besar sd ni

this is our new doggie, name " not-yet-have-a-name" hehehe..

this is the view i took myself on the way to Clark Airport. So beautiful!! :)

and this, the picture of myself staring at the sunset.. through the office's window.. hehehe
that's it for today, have to take my lunch now. The second floor food court officially open today, the decoration is fantastic!! beyond than what i had imagine it would be :)

Been Super Busy!

It's been weeks i didnt updated my blog, been BUSY.
busy with the ledgers' thing.
busy with Facebooking haha
will visits your blogs soonest :)
Take care :):)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Had just arrived yesterday, exhausted!
But, im having so much fun at these places, our Tour Guide cum driver was awesome! He's so kind and humble. Looking foward to meet him and the family again soonest!

Im still at home, quarantine myself altho it's not worst as we expected the place would be, everyone walking, laughing and eating freely without the mask on ^^ but just for prevention, i dont wanna be blamed for any bad happen. emm.. whatever.

Next Trip, im coming!


Rest In Peace MJ

I remember when i was 9 - 10 years old. I watched this Music Awards on TV where MJ and Mariah Carey won the Pop King and Queen Awards. MJ Looks so fantastic! I started to wait in the radio with my Dad's dusun tape, for his "black and white" song. I recorded the song in my dad's tape and hide it under the mattress. I would took it out everytime my dad went to work and started to imagine how great it would be to meet this guy in person!

Decades passed, i seemingly had forgotten about MJ existance. I had forgotten he once was my favourite back then. Until the death brought back the memories. Whatever sins he had done in ln Life, let God do the judge. Somehow, he contributes alot in the music industry and now, have becomes the legend.

I just feel that, he supposedly shouldnt change the way he used to be.