Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

Geez, how time flies.
It is already 24th, a day before Christmas Day. Normally, at this hour, my cousins, sister & 1 would spend times together, decorating the house, cleaning the front door - dusk were everywhere - and cam whore! but not this year, Daddy had retired and we moved to a temporary gov house now. Guess it will takes quite awhile to wait for the house to finally rebuild. So, we will stay at kk only. I miss those days :( Raining in December has been a favorite for ages.

I wanna experience SNOW! but hopefully, some day.

Anyway, some things have changed since i am a mother now. More commitments, more responsibilities, more to think and more to experience. 2014 has been a great journey for me. Thank God, Our little company has slowly grown & earned more. Husby really did work hard. Our kids makes the journey more worth to ride, i learn alot from them indeed. How i see the world through their eyes & how they see things differently. you see, i cant described it in words and you'll only get what i means if you become a parent yourself :)

what else 2014?
Experienced winter in Hong Kong :D Im so in love with the place. I am making my second plan to visit HK again. but this time, im tagging my kids along. Traveled to kl & Kuching with my family in law. Of course, my kids enjoyed it d most more than mummy did. Anddd for the first time, i got to see the real maple foliage right in front my eyes! and it's in JAPAN. It was so amazingly beautiful. I am more than in love with Kyoto. Luckily, we survived in japan. Eventho we had a difficult in communication esp asking for direction :p And i got advanced birthday giftss, loveeee everything he surprised me esp the iphone6+ :)

alright, im signing off now.
i will see you again xx