Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bubbly Sunday

rewrite on sunday 15:02
i miss home.

wish im home!

i spent my Saturday and my current (which is now, at this moment) Sunday resting at home. whatta wonderful world! at some point, i seriously thought i had over-rested but that's okay. i dont always get this chance :)) I first thinking of spending my weekdays wt baby kon-kon actually, but thanks to my clumsiness : I FORGOT MY MEMORY CARD in dad's laptop. and left my baby with no memory. sigh.sigh

more reason to be home, right?

my brother will back to Johor today, and i havent seen him since im home last 2 weeks!
my current diseases : h o m e s i c k :( sigh.

song mode: Micheal Buble - Home

to cure my boredom, i had decorated my room again. moved stuff from here to there, and do d spring cleaning excitedly. the result? .. look pretty weird than before =P hahahaha!

anyhoo, let's face this sunday with a smile. shall we?

Happy Sunday all :))


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