Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Phone, training, randomly talk

Osonong kosuabon kuma id tompinai ngawi! 
=) this week moves quite slower than last week. I woke up and realize it's still NOT friday T___T i hate how it tortures me mentally. anyway, we had this kind of training name 'UTO Roadshow' which define Unit Trust Operation. well, the training was a bit boring actually, not because the speaker talks real slow or giving that serious face, but because it was held after work and all i had in mind was 'is my Rayyan sleeping by the time i reach home?'

i cant concentrate to be short. 

well, i sat at the back with the guys. one of them suddenly took my bb and started to unlock it. he pressed the answer/stop button, still locked. he then touch the screen but then, still locked. he started to unlock it with soooo many way! but because he's a Samsung Galaxy's user, he started to rub my bb's screen and done these figures wishing it could unlocked it. 

i cant stop laughing! i seriously think the speaker heard us.
with this give-up face, he returned me the phone. haha!

well it didnt end there actually. we started to pass notes to each of us, the bapa2 budak joined in. it seriously felt like high school. haha Thank God the training didnt last til midnight, like some branches. our branch might be the earliest to finish the training i guess. we bid goodbye to the speaker few minutes before 8pm, which 1 1/2 hours earlier than scheduled.

one of the reason because we were text by one of the bapa budak saying 'Untuk mempercepatkan lg taklimat, tiada sesiapa dibenarkan untuk membuat pertanyaan!!'

that's it for today.

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