Monday, July 8, 2013

For d hundred times, age is just a number.

Happy belated birthday to meeee!! Hehe thank God for making me alive, still, to this moment. I thank God for everything.. for d blessing, my family, my job,  everything.
Well on d day of I turned to 29 (too old. Age is just a number haha) husby sang a birthday song for me soon after I woke from sleep. He then asked our lil one to kiss me on d cheek saying it's mummy's birthday. Wt a confused face, Rayyan did what daddy told him to do. Haha *hugs
At d office, well nothing much happened earlier. No one wished. No one. Basically no one. Haha but Im okay wt that, they might be not knowing or forgotten about it. I did heard they whispered to each other but naahh, didnt bother about it. But after d clock strikes to 4 pm +, someone came in wt a hugeee bouquet of flowers on her hand. And they sang a birthday song for me.  Awww... I was truly shocked. Haha didnt expect it at all. I was really touched. 29 roses altogether. They even requested it to be wrapped wt pink cause they know I love pink. They shouldn't have to. I was touched. Thank you guys. *hugs
Soo, d evening. Husby brought us to dinner at my fav seafood restaurant. He let me ordered everything I wanted to eat of which I did haha.. but I guess my lil one enjoyed d meal more than I did. Haha hes a food monster u see, just like his mum. So husby bought me a chocolate cheese cake And sang a birthday song, again, for me. I enjoyed d entire evening. Thanks dear. *hugs* He already gave a birthday gift in advanced, when we're on our vacay. A levis jeans and a cr handbag (my bro choose it!)
D next morning, my sis in law baked a choco moist cake for my belated birthday. We went to my mil's house and was surprised to see d cake. Haha it taste yummy. Mil bought me a beautiful kain kurung.. aww.. I was really touched. :') *hugs
Too many to be thankful. I hope I can live a healthy life to accompany these wonderful persons as long as I can.
Thank you for all d birthday wishes. To my dearest mum, who called me to wish. I missssss herrr!! All d wishes in fb, whatsup, wechat (d accountancy group!) , text.. thank you!

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