Thursday, January 2, 2014

The second day of the year

Oh gosh. It was a super tiring day today. I did expect it would be this tired but, i cant stop from telling everybody im having a hectic day. I wonder ;

Why some people willing to wait in d crowd, for hours, just to update their passbook. Seriously. They can always do it later. It's not like d money will be gone missing somewhere if they didnt updated it. If they wanna do other transactions like withdrawal, saving or such, i get it. But just to update? I dont get it. Hehe Prob seeing the dividend (lots of div maybe) cures d pain of waiting. See, i cant stop telling how tired i was/am.

Anyway, im having a severe headache lately. The last time i checked, the doctor said
1) lack of rest (obviously. I have a 2 months baby)
2) eyes condition (i need to go check up again and re do my spectacle)

Lets see how long will it last.

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