Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy first February guys. Kinda moody actually,

One, heard my buddy's dad passing this morning. Her family has been close to me for centuries and yes, it's such a heartbreaking to hear it. Rest in peace uncle :(

Two, i supposed to be in Ranau since yesterday of which, i am not. I miss home really bad. Husby had been busy with his programmes, he cant drive us home :(

Third, i might be carried away of all the songs in i miss home. I miss my mum & Dad, I miss meeting my sister n my buddies. I miss going shopping - no. Not online shopping ( the real reason why i received many parcels these days) 

Anyways. Good stuff to heal d days.
Passport renewal done. 
Rayyan's ticket done.
Assign hot seats done.
In flight meals done.
Accomodations done.
Winter jackets for husby me n son, checked.

:) baby carl is sleeping already (he's fall asleep in my arms while i was busy blogging) now mummy pun mau tidur juga haha

Til then. Adios

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