Friday, March 7, 2014


I wanted to post about d day 3rd in hong kong but i still cant find any times. As works in d office get a bit busier these days. Plus, with all the activities we need to attend, and course.  Some times i think no one really care about d stuff i shared here anyway, Yet, it's d only way for me to express things i feel or seen. Some things are better to be shared with words than talking. It's going to be almost 4 years i resides in sandakan, which i had never expected before ;) God's plan can be a bit tricky i must say. With d road ahead, we'll never get to expect what is going to happen.

I read this somewhere before
"If u see a dead end ahead, remember there is hope in d corner"

Yes. Hope is a magical word and feeling. If we get lost, whatever d situation it is, hope indeed is a very good buddy to help us get through d day, or days :) if there is hope, there is will. D question is, how long can we keep on hoping?

I have to live with it.
I hope d road im taking now is leading me to d right path...

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