Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ninie Jane

i should have pack my bags now for my cousin's wedding ( seeee u soon cheng2).. but u see, i cant stay focus. i literally cant get this phone out of my hand haha so, i came accross with this topic. a little details about Ninie Jane, no one even really care anyway but to keep my blog updated, i say, why not? 

i am a pure Dusun of which u can tell from my look. some times i wish my nose will be a little bit mancung but my face surely cant handle that. so yes. i am fine with my Dusun Look. i am more to Daddys face. 

Mummy (and i) were struggled to let me see d world, i was told that i nearly couldnt make it cause the tali pusat wrapped tightly around my neck but Thank God, He gave me a chance to feel d world (basically seeing how dramatic our pm is! haha) & d rest of d good reasons i couldnt be thanked enough. 

I was d youngest sister in d family & i had a cat-dog relationship with my sister (i was d cat!! haha) but as i grew up and learn theres so much more to explore, i realized shes d greatest blessing i have to guide, support, love me in time of bad and good. now i cant imagined myself living in d world without her ❤️ hugs*

Traveling & seeing a new places is everyones favourite! so do me! i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee traveling but i hate d plane. i have a big issue with height so yes. u know why. I wish i can see Europe, New Zealand & Korea soonest. I wanted to find d perfect time to see Korea in person. last two years, my husband asked i can pick any Asian place for us to travel & he suggested Korea but i choose Hong Kong instead. now im asking myself, why. 

i have no super natural power. i am just an ordinary lady who loves to hug & laugh so hard. But. but. but. theres a limit for my kindness (aisey) i am truly madly deeply HATE (& sometimes, keep d hatred last) for a person who do not understand d meaning of Limit. if it's too much, you'll get to see d evil side of me 😤 general la. 

i love shopping. i really really love shopping. but haha i dont spend my money at d Very high class boutique mcm LV. basically i dont (yet) like their designs sama sebab saya tidak mampu hahahahahaha

okay, maybe i should start packing my stuff now. til then, churrosss nyummm❤️

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