Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Time flies! 🎈

and it is already 2016! my, where d year have been? I miss blogging. it's reallllly been awhile, just updated my app & finally retrieved my password, so yes. im going to blog every sec of d way. 

tho, no one really read this anyway 😋

so basically how my 2016 have gone so far? life treated me good these days. hopefully i have to deal no more drama or bitches cause those really aint my way. i am just too old for that. but what can u say, some times they just popped without warning or sometimes, without reason at all. alright, back to how my life has been. i am conciving my 3rd baby at the moment, alhamdulillah. it is already going to be second trimester. Thankfully i suffered no more sickness, just those early trimester. and i lost few kilos. but just in 2 weeks, i gained 3 kilos 😂 Rayyan enrolled to Chinese kindergarten here in mile 8, but just after the cny 1 week school holiday, he refused to go already. i tried, i mean we all tried really hard to make him to go to school but all he did was giving 1000 excuses, crying & u know d rest. im bit dissapointed, sad & literally feel like a failed mummy. but husband said, let him. let him be. and it's not my fault. but u see, i still sometimes feel like a failed mummy to him. Oh rayyan, why u have to be so stubborn?

Carl, d other hand, loves to wear his bro's school things. the bag, the shoes, the uniforms. i reallllly hope he'll do okay in his kindergarten soon. by d way, he gained few kilos too after losing his weight to high fever.

alright. those for now. 
until next post, xoxo! 

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