Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mixing Up like a cake.

la la la la..
okay, im totally ran out of idea to blog already. I love blogging but i'm not good in expressing words, a good execuse of why i rather love talking! cause it doesnt require me to fill the blanks to people read it through, memorize each words but still, dont get the idea. haha And good thing about talking is that sometimes they will simply forgot of what you had been said earlier altho they did have a laugh on it. nah, bingung suda sa ni. haha ba iyala, i will go straight to the point.

Hurm. first of all, i hate my work! but well, not exactly 100% hatred but at times, i get too annoyed by its surroundings. They're so freaking mean. I mean, one or two of them! A person who ask for your help but not asking in a proper way is a jerk. like, " Ninie, buat ini, buat itu!! " - tulungla, ingat sa ni officegirl? ingat kaki sa teda tol mau suruh? - hehe ba, even teda tol pun tapi shouldnt be like that la ba kan. Iyala, sa pun panas juga pigi hempas tu barang depan ko tapi sepa duluan? wakaka, mcm budak2 ni. haha but, i have to live with it. Nasib i want to gain experience. :P

Next, -_- My buddies are in Jakarta at the moment and they promised to sms me, but they didnt. Sa risau ni :P hehehe mestila, they supposedly go to Jogjakarta today for mountain climbing - yang masi aktif volcano lagi tu - and im still patiently waiting next to my phone. Siok suda kali dorang sana ni [ padahal jeles ni :P hehehe ] .. and i cancelled my trip to go visit Jkrta this coming saturday. Buli postponed ka tiket AAsia? tunggu sampai aman dulu sana. tapi sampai bila?

Oh, here's the picture of me and my buddies trying to catch the bride's flower. Thank you my uncle for this snap ^^ hehehe Semua semangat tau! semua mau kawin ni hahaha and can u guess who got the flower?

it landed right in front of my forehead!

my make up cair terus sebab the white roses were wet. Tapi tia kisah la kan, yang penting dapat bunga :P hahaha

Don't ask me when will be my turn. cause it will be
lamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lagi!
for real!

me and the buddies will be re-united again this coming Deevapali, 17th October in Marina Court ^^ tia sabar!!

That's it for now.. will kurik2 lagi idea baru dapat blogging ni hehe

Hi to you too for NC, Annie and Oscar. ^^ nanti sa melawat kamurang punya blog aa..^^


nc said...

keep on blogging.. :)
ur doing great

have a nice evening ya ;)

Mama Mia said...

nah, jaga la ko,Ninie..urang bilang sepa dapat tu bunga, misti dia yg akan menyusul tu.. hehe..