Thursday, October 29, 2009

Karnival RMWD Etnik Desa

Phew! Penat! baru balik from Kg. Bayangan, Keningau.
Depart from the town around 10 something, singgah Gunung Emas for pictures+ session hehe arrived safely at home 15 minutes before 1pm! It was really2 fun to be there for 3 days! Ive met our youth & sports minister (altho im not that excited :P), Ebi af, C ampal urang kita ( for few times suda) and new people, new boss, new friends - i just love it!!
Will upload more pictures soonest!
Oh, why Rakan Muda?
cause im Part of it already! :D
Gotta go - Take Care guys!
cheers! xoxo

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nc said...

hi :)

you ar part of rakan muda? that is soo cool..what do u guys do? :)