Saturday, November 7, 2009

RMWD Oct 2009

Hello Sunday :)
1 hour to go, time flies so damn fast huh? it's going to Christmas soon! and we're thinking of celebrating it at Kota Marudu!! haha it's always nice to your loved ones around ya. but anyway, been quite busy with my new works recently, i miss blogging! for real :D

well, here's some pictures of me and the other Penggeraks @ Kgau.

looking foward for another assignment with these lads pretty soon ^^ they're awesome! Oh, i met my cousin, Cado on the 2nd day, been AGES!! and he recognized. hehehe that means, i changed nothing and am still the same :D

been a fan with indon's tracks nowadays haha! my dearest downloaded some for me, and he's kinda into it also hahaha i think it's funny when you know he's totally not that type :P oh, and i have my shoes repaired!

I have to starts JOG, again.
i, seriously, need a new body!
i think i gained more than 4 kg these 2 months.

what else? what else?
my youngest brother are here, and he's sleeping on the floor at this moment, waiting for his turn to online. huhuhu gotta go =) oh, just for information, Guys who think they can simply have any girl he wants when he already have one, are sucks! Booo!


" you will never know what love is, until you are loved one in return "


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