Monday, September 6, 2010


Howie guys.

Ive been hanging around for more than half a year already. caught myself looking at past most of the time. Life? it's been really roller coaster for me these few months. it really tested me to its maximum, where sometimes i feels like giving up. and asking God - why. Trying to comfort myself each and every second: i can passed this stage. this is just a small challenge tho it broke my whole body into pieces, tho all i see is a dead end in front of me but i can go through this phase.

sometimes it works, sometime not.

but life is not all about a garden of roses ya. there's many obstacles along the way to make it to the end. Junctions. Junctions and Junctions.

life is all about making a choice.
which i hates doing the most. what if i choose the wrong path? i did MANY times and yet, i cant differentiate between the right and the wrong.

. . . .

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