Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Day. First Week.

Doing great here. my cousins are very heavenly helpful and nice :) getting used to wake up as early as 6am - whether it's weekdays/ends, i have to open my eyes that early. huhu n still my nephew says "Aunty Ninie lambat bangun" . . since they start their days everydays at 5.00 AM! huh. anyways, the office environment are great too, the boss and the staff welcomed me with arms wide open :D they even held a meeting just to welcome me *shy* more staff will register this coming Oct 4th and actually, will move in with Yana, the new staff also, at Indah Jaya next Friday, we never met, and only talked on the phone. bet she's awesome. :)

ASNB will held a Hari Raya open house this coming 2nd, Oct Saturday.
come and have some kuih raya :)

din bring my lappy to here, cant blog through my hp and it's sucks. i have to curi2 keluar here d cc and blogging. HAHA well, next post. next post!


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