Friday, December 31, 2010

Let's Wrap the 2010's diary.

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. ~Oprah Winfrey

It's New Year Eve everybody! okay, it is really the time for us to bid GOODBYE to the dearest 2010 who had been with us for the past 365 days. How did Mr.2010 treat me over the year? It's been rough at the beginning indeed. but allow me to summarize them in a sentence, will ya? :D

: was a rough month in history. i mean like seriously rough. i only can picture a dead end ahead.

: went to Perth, Australia with my sister & her two friends. it was a dream come true. Aussie has been my dream place for centuries.

: My sister's wedding at Groom's side. I seriously feel of losing her, but.. to someone better (:

: I missed the day. tho i remembered it so perfectly clear

: My sister's wedding at Our side! :D
: First Reunion of ex- Dip Of Accountancy Student in UiTM at Tang Dynasty Park Hotel.
which i personally organized it. oh, with Sharon's help also.

: Went for an interview at ASNB,Sandakan with my bros.

: My birthday.

: Worked in Tang Dynasty Park, Hotel as Reservation, back office.
: The TDPH's manager offered me to be his secretary but due to the lack chemistry among the female workers, i lost my interest and i resigned.
: A day after my last day in TDPH, Dad called me with a GOOD NEWS. i got the offer letter from PNB :D

: Report duty in ASNB, Sandakan
: Get in touch with my LONG-LOST Cousins in Sandakan.

: Move in to new house and met Yana & Tisha, my housemates
: Hospitalized for a week.

: Suddenly, saw what im actually heading to in life. and surprisingly, i even started to plan for my future. i mean, like, planning with commitment.

: My dearest bff got married (': glad she has found her soul mate already.
: After years, i join the crowd for the new year's countdown this year.

It's a year to remember


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