Saturday, December 4, 2010


my FIMM examination's date has been finally confirmed by the HQ today. after a long wait actually -_- both me and yana will sit the exam on the SAME DATE, hurray! :D i need to STUDY now! but i cant find the mood to do the revision thing.. tomorrow, perhaps. do it the same just like 2 years back then - stay up, nescafe and revision papers.. rindu o mau jadi student ni :P gladly, PNB benefits us with ONE DAY OFF for study :D i just cant say in words how thankful i am to be part of them :)

with hopes and prayers, i hope i pass the exam!


and thus, i can communicate freely and widely on how investment is the best way to save your money :) will off to kl again this coming week, 14 till 18th for a course. im not going with Yana this time, with Kak Valerie instead. so, hopefully it'll be a fun course :P

off to bed guys :D
nitey nite

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